1996 Pontiac Grand Am LE Quad 4 from North America


Major thing is the water pump went dead after only 2 years. Of course, the car was past the 36,000 mile warranty by 3,000 miles. Pontiac didn't do anything; they just stated they were sorry I was unhappy. Thanks for nothing. The dealership went 50/50 with me on the cost.

Also, the check engine light has come on 3 times. Nothing was wrong, the gas cap had not been put on very tightly two times & water had gotten on the engine once. In all 3 cases, I had to go to the dealership to have them reset the computer.

Brakes had to be replaced as well.

General Comments:

I will NEVER buy another Pontiac. If the water pump goes out after 2 years, what else will go wrong in the future?

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

24th Dec 2000, 22:13

I don't think you should be getting so down on Pontiac over a water pump. Wait another 30,000 miles, and then you will have something to complain about.

You should have checked into the car before you bought it. The "Quad 4" engine is prone to all sorts of problems, mainly the head gasket goes out and people don't fix the problem, causing the head to warp and the car is never the same. Maybe you should have spent a little more money and gotten the more reliable 3.1L V-6. You would have been much more happy.

14th Feb 2001, 09:34

How do you know when the head gasket is going?

My 1996 Grand Am water pump went after 4 years and it cost 600 dollars to fix. But otherwise I love the car.

3rd May 2001, 23:50

If you have a quad 4 get rid of the car. Call around and get some estimates to replace the head gasket, --IF-- a mechanic will work on it at all it is expensive. My fiance got hers fixed by the dealership and the car broke agian after 5 days of babying it.