1996 Pontiac Grand Am 1996 V6 from North America




Valve body needs replacing on the transmission, no help from Pontiac or the dealership where I purchased it even with such low miles on the car.

General Comments:

It still looks good and runs good except when the transmission starts to slip in drive. They know there is a problem but there is no recall.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2000

19th Mar 2001, 18:47

I Agree. I hate Pontiac. I have had similar problems.

3rd May 2001, 23:39

4 out of 10 mechanics will not work on the quad 4 engine. It should be illegal to sell them. Don't get caught in this money pit.

22nd Jun 2001, 18:56

I agree as well. My car had been through 2 alternators within the 5 years that I have owned it. Not only that but my nephew has a Pontiac Grand Am as well and he has replaced his alternator twice. Never again will I buy a Pontiac. Do not make the same mistake we did!

22nd Aug 2002, 13:52

I've purchased a 2000 Grand Am 4cyl and my transmission is slipping as well as noise from rear when I go 75-80 mph

I think they know these cars are no good that's why they only offer a 36000 mile warranty,I think that's when all the problems started after my warranty was up. I will never purchase a Pontiac again.

2nd May 2005, 07:56

With regard to the above comment about the Quad 4 engine:

The 1996 Grand Am has what is called a "Twin-Cam" engine. It is similar to the Q4, but different in that it (1) has counter-rotating shafts to reduce vibration, (2) was stroked, and (3) changes were made to the design to solve the head gasket problems.

The water pump for both the 3.1 V6 and the TC have problems and are difficult to replace because of their proximity to the exhaust manifold and because of how they are driven. Ditto with the alternators. Other than those items, the TC engine is actually quite reliable... more so than the 3.1. Check the reviews and see for yourself.

5th May 2008, 22:08

I owned a 1996 grand am, with the quad 4 motor. I loved my car until the water pump went out twice, at about 125,000 miles. I had no choice than to get rid of it. That was years ago, but that car will still always be my favorite car, it handled great and looked great. But watch out for those quad 4 motors.

1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4L twin cam from North America


Grand Am.... what more can I say?


Besides the history of terrible brakes with the Pontiac Grand Am, the only other problem I have is with my horn sometimes. The horn works about 75 percent of the time, reason for it not working the other 25 percent is unknown. I was told by a mechanic that it has something to do with the air bag in the steering wheel, and the button that works the horn. Some confusing stuff, but to me anyway, it is not worth spending $49 dollars and an hour to tell me what's wrong with it.

I am not planning on keeping the car long anyway, if it lasts me another 35 thousand miles, I am going to retire it and get a new Grand Am GT. I know they have crummy brakes also, but for the looks, style, speed, and price, it's worth dealing with. I don't know what it is about the fog lights, fancy styling, nice premium wheels and that little GT sticker that get my blood boiling, but whatever it is, it truly gets me going. But besides that horn problem, I think it is a truly great car.

General Comments:

The Pontiac Grand Ams are nice cars, truly reliable, dependable, fast, fancy designed cars.

The only car I will ever buy is a Pontiac Grand Am. I am going to set a trend in my family for the only one crazy enough to keep buying the exact same car (different years....) over and over again. I am truly a die heart Pontiac Grand Am fan!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

15th Oct 2002, 21:03

Your comment on Grand Am's is at the very least interesting. However, I must ask why you are so closed minded of every other make and model? I have worked ant many different dealerships (including a Pontiac dealership) as a car salesman. I have had the opportunity to drive and own many different makes and models including your own. My suggestion to you is to look elsewhere. Before you decide to purchase another Grand Am you might just want to test drive its competitors. If you have an open mind, I assure that you will find superior performance, value and reliability at a dealer other than your Pontiac store.