1997 Pontiac Grand Am Grand AM GT V6 3.1L from North America


It is the worst car that Pontiac ever designed


Replaced alternator 3 times.

Driver side window motor.

Passenger side window motor.

Fuel injectors.

Water pump.


Ignition module 2 times.

Ignition coils 2 times.

Oil pump failure.

Engine replacement.

General Comments:

This car is a money pit, if you have money to blow buy a Grand AM.

I have replaced more parts in this car than I like to admit.

The oil pump on the V6 3.1L is unreliable, you will lose a camshaft one day.

The window motors are a pain in the butt to replace by yourself.

You need to be born inside the car to replace the alternator for the first time.

The radio volume knob is the least of your problems if you own this beast.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2008

1997 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


The car has been very reliable, and has run well for the last ten years


Carpet has started to wear.

Radio had to be replaced

General Comments:

The car is very reliable, and has never broke down.

I have had no problems with this car.

It does handle well.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2008

1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 from North America


Runs great, but not according to the car's computer


We bought two of the same year and make. One has had new battery, new starter, new alternator, new ground wires, new spark plugs, new brakes, new muffler, new gas tank, all fluids changed, new serpentine belt, and needs painted again. The other has had new battery, new spark plugs, knock sensor, fluids changed, gas tank, new muffler, front brakes (still needs back brakes), and still the check engine light comes on for EGOR valve (was knock sensor).

General Comments:

The car actually drives and handles great. We haven't had huge repair issues, just replacing small parts that we can do ourselves. The problem is the check engine light seems to have a mind of its own. In the state of New York you have to have the car inspected, but this cannot be done if the engine light is on. So far we have not been able to get one of the cars to turn over (we need the ignition switch replaced) and the other cannot be legally driven due to the inspection. It's very upsetting that we have no mechanical problems with this car and cannot seem to actually find why the EGOR code comes up other than maybe the intake needs to be cleaned out. We are just worried that once this problem is fixed, the check engine light will come on and the computer will find another mystery issue with our car. I don't know if I can justify all the money we have put into these cars, but we are not credit worthy of a new car yet. Guess we are just stuck for now.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2008

29th Jul 2008, 18:00

You know I've had that same problem with a Buick. Everything was fine but the check engine light stayed on.

Here's a tip before getting it inspected disconnect the battery because it will take a while for the computer to register that there's something wrong. So you should have at least a couple of hours after disconnect before the check engine light comes on.

29th Jul 2008, 20:23

Unhook the "check engine" light.

18th Jun 2011, 06:19

My check engine light also stays on... So glad that it's not just me.

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT 5 Speed 2.4L Twin Cam from North America


Awesome car; would have been better if past owner had been caring


O2 sensor - 30 bucks (GM employee discount).

Window molding (someone broke the clips).

Head bolt stripped (once again, someone before me managed it).

CE light and check oil light are inoperable (someone tampered with them, I do believe).

Otherwise, nothing more than catching up on normal maintenance.

No window problems (not power). Minimal electronics; a basic car.

No A/C, but I'm on that bad compressor.

As long as the engine holds out, it's strong now, but the twin cam makes maintenance a time-consuming nightmare, but nothing a week and some wrenches couldn't fix; I'd just rather not have to.

General Comments:

It's a relatively quick car; fun to drive with the 5 speed, and also rather fuel efficient; I get 27 mpg trolling around town. The interior design is good, but could use better coloring instead of dull gray.

Keep up on your maintenance and take care of your car, and it will do the same. Don't bash something when you don't take care of it.

Oil change every 3k (a lot of internal failures happen because people neglect this). Tranny flush at every 50-80k, fuel filter every 40k (cheap insurance for the fuel pump).

Most normal maintenance can be done by an average person. Spend the extra time on the weekend, and your car will take you well beyond 200k.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2008