8th Feb 2002, 12:01

Brakes fixed twice within first 18 months... rotors warp easily... paint chips easily... radio volume knob almost inoperative... fabric sucks... dash rattles that I can't locate or stop... water heater out at 45,000... ALTHOUGH, it still runs great... 21MPG city; 30 highway... no leaks of any kind... A/C is still cold... it's paid off!!

10th Dec 2002, 15:56

I have all of the same problems that you are describing. My rear windows stick, my radio has a mind of it's own, and I recently found out that the Camshaft is bad. My mechanic contacted GM, and they have had numerous reports of these problems and have yet to put a recall for the problems into effect. I think that something has to be done about the problems with our vehicles. If they will not take responsibility for their vehicles than we need to take actions.

1st Jan 2003, 21:06

I was almost glad to see we weren't the only ones having these problems. The driver side window motor goes in and out, water pump went out ($600), starter locked up and caught on fire ($400) and now the motor has a cracked head ($1200).

We did find out of a recall on the starter and I got a refund on this, but I had to worry the dealer and dealership to get it. This is the second Grand AM we've had to get a cracked head. I'll never buy another car from Pontiac again.

28th May 2003, 15:54

I am surprised at how accurate some of these posts are. I bought a 1997 SE early that year and I have had numerous problems with it since about it's 2nd birthday. First, my horn broke. I took it to the dealer (Indianapolis) and they fixed it for free as it was covered under warranty. My brakes had to be replaced at about 25k, and again around 47k, though I do mostly city driving. The front rotors had to be replaced each time as well due to warping and bent pins. I had to have the water pump replaced sometime right after my warranty ran out. Just last weak, my heater core broke. My radio volume will only work if I pull the knob while turning. I will never buy a Pontiac again.

18th Jun 2003, 08:50

I have a 1997 Grand Am GT, it has been a problem from day 1. It is in the shop right now, I have had 2 water-pumps, 3 alternators, intake gaskets, now head gaskets, the glove box is broke, motor in passengers window has been replaced, interior panels falling off, brakes rotors have been replaced so many times. Fuel pump went bad and was replaced. I will never buy a Pontiac in my life time. I can only hope they will see that the trouble these cars are and correct the problems.

28th Jul 2003, 21:09

I too had a 98 pontiac and I would not own another. Now the lady that I am married too has a pontiac, and it too is nothing but trouble. The system theft light will blink and the car won't start. Pontiac will not help you with the problem. That is why I or my wife will never own another pontiac.

13th Aug 2003, 12:01

I can only laugh when I read these comments, because I have been having the EXACT same problems with my 1997 Pontiac Grand AM. In fact, my car is at the shop as we speak because of a leak in the head gasket ($500.00 to fix). I just had the heater core replaced last month ($175.00). None of my power windows work, and two are stuck open. My radio knob has to be pulled out in order to adjust the volume. My carpet is VERY worn. My dad bought the car from a rental company, so I assumed that the carpet was cheap, because it was a rental. My car is also making a knocking noise when I back up. I have also had to replace my brakes on numerous occasions. I owned a 1990 Mazda 626, and I never had any of the problems I am having with this car. It has been very dependable, as far as not leaving me stranded on the side of the road, but I am finding that I am putting too much money into the car. I was debating as to whether or not to spend the $500.00 to get the head gaskets fixed, but after reading these emails, I am convinced that I don't need to put any more money into this car.

9th Dec 2003, 19:37

I have had my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am for about three years now. For the first year and a half it was a great car. In the next year I spent $500 on a new water pump, $1200 for new head gaskets, $60 three different times for front and rear brakes, and $1000 for a new heating core. My "great car" is now, once again in the shop. I have my choice of new pistons and camshaft, or an entirely new engine. ($2700 and $3500) respectively. I am not surprised to hear so many stories with such stark similarities. And like most of you, I will never buy a vehicle from Pontiac again.


23rd Aug 2004, 04:02

I bought a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am SE sedan in February 2004, it only had 84,000 miles on it. From owning other cars with power windows i could tell that the driver window was about to die soon. I've since replaced it. I got new motor and transmission mounts replaced, flushed the coolant, and got my recall fixed. Ever since I replaced the motor and transmission mounts my "check engine" light keeps coming on. I had it checked, and apparently it's a misfire in cylinder 2. I replaced the spark plugs and both coils. The car seems to be running better. One thing though, every time i go through a really bumpy entrance near my apartment and then downhill, the car dies out. Why is this?

Overall, this car has been great. I love it, that's probably why I keep putting money into it. I just hope nothing else goes wrong.

10th Jan 2005, 19:27

I have a 1994 Grand AM SE. I purchased it new in July 1994. The cost, a little under $17K. I've put about $10K in repairs over the last 11 year, just nickel-and-diming it. These repairs have nothing to do with accidents either, just "routine" stuff. In the end, I would never buy or recommend a Pontiac to anyone, ever. The Grand Am is simply one of the poorest built cars of all time. Thank God it is almost out of production.

12th Jan 2005, 15:03

I have a 97 Grand Am SE. Just like most of the comments I've read on this site, all of my windows are stuck. the driver side comes down and stay down. The passenger side take two days to go up. My carpet is worn completely to the floor that you can see the wires. I've replace the heater core, front and back brakes twice with in a year, the radiator. My speakers are shorted out except one. The clock on the radio doesn't show anymore. The air conditioner doesn't get as cold as it use to. There's got to be something we can do.

17th Jan 2005, 12:05

I own a 97 Pontiac Grand Am GT... I also have replaced the driver's window control arms twice... (motors run great)...One was replaced just inside the warranty, lasted about 2 years, then replaced same part on my own dime. A friend who looked into fixing it instead of replacing the part again said that the real problem is the weather stripping around the window... it is too tight and makes the control arm bend out and wear... the rear of the window will go up, but not the front. If you put two hands on either side of the window to "assist" it will work. I have also had lower intake manifold gasket replaced twice, power steering pump and water pump. I have a squealing noise which I am told is the air conditioner clutch (air works great though!) and ever since day one, there has been a "rapid clicking noise" that sounds like its coming from the front tires. Also have replaced the rod end control arms and they are slipping again which causes excessive wear on the tires (which never seem to hold the proper pressure). Radio control on dash quit working right away, only the steering wheel control will work. The gas gauge has stopped working... motor runs great, but my Check Engine light has been on for about three years... take it in get work, it clears than comes back on... last mechanic said it's probably emissions control failing. I attested a lot of the problems to "maintenance" as currently, I have 143,000.00 miles on the car, but I think and feel differently after reading the comments on this site. I wonder if anybody at GM reads this site... they need to.