26th Feb 2005, 10:13

I also own a 1997 Pontiac grand am SE sedan, and I just bought it used and now I regret buying it after I've seen the problems listed on this site and they're just like mine. All of my motor mounts and transmission mounts needs to be replaced, my water pump is leaking, my A/C compressor is burning and really needs to be replaced, my window (driver side) won't go down, but if you do it -won't go up, the drivers side floor, under the mat, always seem to be wet, my drivers side door is all busted up -if you pull on it it'll come off... yeah, it's that bad. So far, I've not had a radio problem; other than the speaker for the drivers side won't work, I now fear my head gasket will go out after I've read all of this; I'm now saving to fix that for when it does fail... thanks guy's. I'm trying to be a mechanic and this car will really make that a reality in no time at all. You'd think Pontiac would have reliable cars, but I guess not.

Good luck everyone

~ Jason ~

27th Apr 2005, 10:14

I have owned my 1997 Grand Am for almost two years now, and I have had to replace mostly minor parts aside form a few major parts like the heating core. Which isn't bad considering it's history. It was in at least one major accident that I'm aware of, plus it was at one time a rental car, then it was used to deliver newspapers for almost three years. Both of those jobs put a lot of strain on a car, but the Grand Am still runs beatuifully. I love my car, it runs great just about all the time, it is just to fun to drive, to sell for just a few minor problems.

24th Jun 2005, 20:37

Hello I have a question. My Pontiac has been giving me some small problems until the last couple of days. I put it in "Park" or "Drive" and it is like someone is pushing down on the gas pedal. Very scary. This has happened 3 times, and also it stalls soon after this. When it dosn't do this and just in "Park" or "drive it jerks around almost like its gonna die at anytime. Thought first it was the oil, but my husband changed it and some plugs, but that didn't help. Also If one dosn't have a gas gap can this be the cause of this current problem I'm having. I heard that if there was no gas cap there is no compression and dust and such can get in the engine and parts. Please give me some I deal of what this could be and even if I should be driving it. :)

3rd Sep 2005, 18:47

I to have a 1997 Grand Am SE 2.4L Four Cylinder. When I first bought the car the check engine light was on, and it would stall till the engine warmed up. The dealer said they would fix it. It went to their shop, another dealers shop, and two independent shops and NO ONE could figure it out. Finally the third shop got it to work, but never really told me what was wrong with it. Currently only two window motors work. My radio volume knob only works when pulled on. The water pump has been leaking for quite a while, so much that I don't put coolant in it anymore because it was costing me about $80.00 a month in coolant! The engine burns oil like an oil lamp! This week my oil light came on when I stopped, and within 2 minutes the lifters started clicking. I am told that I need a new engine. ($1000.00) The brakes and rotors need to be replaced more often then they ought. I've gone through three alternators and two batteries. After reading the posts on this site I am glad to know I am not the only one with these issues. If it weren't for the cars handiling and sporty performance as well as MPG the decision to get a new car as opposed to replacing the engine a lot easier.

17th Sep 2005, 13:29

97 Grand Am GT, 3100 V6, 102k miles.

I totally agree with everyone on this site. I love my car, it's great looking, performs well (when it wants to), and gets decent mileage. What I do not like about it, my CE light is almost always on, I've gone through 3 alternators, 2 sunroof motors (currently is stuck closed), 2 batteries, a water pump, and 5 brake jobs in 3 years, and my power windows suck. The wiring in these cars is horrible, and it sounds like my engine is struggling. Just recently, my idle started jumping and slowing, until I put it in drive, where it levelled off at about 650-700.

As far as routine maintenance being the problem, I say "Nay". I have taken great care of this car during its career under my ownership.

If you have not had major problems with your GA, consider yourself lucky. But, it looks nice.

26th Oct 2005, 23:12

So as I glanced over all of the comments... I started to think how lucky I must be. I have had my 1997 Grand Am SE for almost a year now, and the previous owner, my neighbor, bought it new. The car has over 200,000 miles on it! It has had some minor problems that were easy to fix, like changing the spark plugs. That is pretty normal with a car, especially with so many miles. Last week, though, I got my oil changed... and I also had the coolant system flushed out... and I believe that they may have busted the water hose or one of the radiator hoses in the process... not good. Other than these things though, that are very fixable with out a large amount of money, I have really enjoyed this car. It runs very well... if you take good care of it.

16th Nov 2005, 11:29

I have a 97 Grand Am and am experiencing the same problems as everyone else: passenger window motor not working, CE light constantly on, just had the brakes replaced and now hearing a thumping sound in rear axle, no heat and the heater core was just replaced. I hate this car, but can't put myself into another five years of car payments. I will never buy another Pontiac product again. I would love for the CEO of GM to read this web site, but that is highly unlikely. Unsatisfied Consumer.

12th Dec 2005, 15:18

1996 grand Am. I have been having problems with the Pass Lock feature. I have reset the computer every time, But it keeps coming back. The original keys are long gone. I would like to know if there is a way to get rid of the Pass lock feature forever. I know there are bypass kits for remote starting, but I am looking for a bypass forever thanks. Answers would be appreciated. Delousa@yahoo.com.

25th Mar 2006, 12:52

I wish I had never bought my 1997 Grand AM. 2.4L

I have had to replace both window motors and regulators, multiple brake and rotor changes, I have gone through 2 batteries and 3 alternators. And now it is sitting at the shop right now with a bad water pump, which I am told is so difficult to change that is should be done by a GM dealer. And it should cost about $600 to replace. I will never buy another Pontiac. I think I am going car shopping next week.