30th Sep 2002, 11:48

I also have the same problem with my 2002 Grand AM SE. The car has been in the shop 3 times, in 2 months with gringing/scraping problems. The repairs last 2-3 weeks and the problems start all over.

21st Dec 2002, 12:25

I have found that the only way to correct the problem with braking system is to replace the rotors with aftermarket slotted rotors. This is fairly expensive, but does correct the problem. It will save money in the long run after the warranty is up.

30th Apr 2003, 11:42

Our 2000 Pontiac Grand Am (26 thousand miles) went into the dealer today because there was a crunching noise up front. My wife heard the brake sensor noise before this crunching, but it is a frequency I do not hear. They said that we would have been able to get away with just pads if we had brought it in sooner. It cost a little over $300 with the new rotors, etc. I never have had a car which went thru brakes this quickly, which is why I did not take it in sooner - I thought something more benign was making the first noise my wife heard. We usually get 40,000 or more on a set of brakes. Not very happy, hope not more trouble ahead.

5th May 2003, 09:06

I have a 2000 Grand Am and the brakes have been a problem from day 1. They grind, pulsate, squeal, and takes a lot of force to come to a complete stop. I am now past my warranty (37,000) and the dealership has told me there is nothing more they can do and to take it to another dealership. How do I pursue the Lemon Law? Are my miles too high to do that, any suggestions please.

17th Aug 2003, 17:37

I own a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, my car has 54,000 miles, I am the only driver and passenger. So far, I have had to replace both back rear power window motors. The dealership claims that it is natural wear and tear on the car. I never even use the back windows, one day they just fell down and would no longer go back up. I have also replaced the cruise control, CD player and water pump, to name just a few things! I will never buy another Pontiac as long as I live...


18th Aug 2003, 06:09

I purchased my 2001 Grand AM at 28,000 miles. After about a month I notice steering problems, and my car was tracking on the cemented freeway only. I previously read in another article the way to fix that is to check and tighten a bolt on the steering column. Tomorrow morning that will be first on the list. I took my car in for an alignment, I had the brake pads replace, at that time I had started getting a grind sound as I came to a stop. I will get after market slotted disks and hope that works. It makes sense, I think it will work. Otherwise, I love my car... it is definitely a mans car. I like the way it handles on the turns, and it should be even better after I trick it out some. I plan on thicker stabilizer bars, computer chips for the trans and the motor, and upgrade the intake flow...and...who knows what else. After I pay it off, by then, Pontiac may have a fine tuned vehicle for me to purchase. I go American.

27th May 2004, 12:07

I bought a 2000 Grand AM SE with 27,000 miles in April 2003. It now has 42,500 miles and it looks like I'll need to replace both sets of rotors-- apparently this is a typically problem? About a month after I bought the car, I started experiencing the grinding/scraping noise described by others, so every time the car was at the dealer for an oil change, I had them check my brakes. They never found a problem until this time, telling me that the rotors are "rusted" and too thin to turn, so they'll need to be replaced when I have my brakes done (still have 60% left on the pads).

I purchased the extended warranty-- does anyone know if this would be the type of repaired covered?

Also, the mechanism for the "flashers" (directional signals) -- not the actual lights-- also just went and need to be replaced. Never heard of that one before-- the lights themselves thankfully still work when needed...

27th Jun 2004, 04:23

Do not buy or keep the 2000 SE model. I had mine for 6 payments, it visited the shop twice. They fixed the coolant hose that " just seemed to pop ", a power steering blowout that expelled ALL of the steering fluid while driving, a broken motor mount, and most importantly a leaking fuel injector. The car just burned to the ground yesterday while my wife and I were driving it. From what I was told by my friend, who is a mechanic, that he was 99% sure that the fire was caused by a leaking fuel injector.

Has anyone else heard of this problem with the injectors? The fire department seemed to act like they had seen this happen to this model before.

17th Jul 2004, 21:21

I have a 2000 Grand Am Se. I've had problems with my brakes grinding and squeaking. I've also had to buy rotors 1 month after I purchased the car. My windows get stuck, I can't roll my windows down because of fear that they won't roll back up. In a year my car will be paid for and I will never purchase another grand am again. I wonder is there any recalls on this car?

25th Aug 2004, 18:54

Well, let's see, yes to one question, the flasher switch is under a recall notice; see your Pontiac dealer for that.

The display in the radio has a replaceable bulb (found online for $15.00).

The strut bearings are just a pain, salt & mud bind them. I'm in Canada, winter and salt are bad on them; had to replace them in my old 90 Grand Prix, same thing.

The blower fan resistor was no good on 1 or 2. The new replacements are much higher in quality (so they say); $28 Can.

The window on passenger side was doing nothing, but felt and heard a click in that door, all worked well, but noticed that it was tight when I took it apart (under too much tension). I wonder if this is the case for others, and the dealers are making a mint for nothing; seems to work good for now??

Now for the brakes; I feel a slight pulsation when going 80km/h, but at 100 & up, HOLD ON. I must admit that the strut bearings are toast (fixing next week). If it continues I will replace the calipers & rotors myself, and see what's up. Winter & salt also likes to seize calipers, causing them to stay tight on the rotor, thus causing friction and as a result.. heat, that causes the rotor to warp. I was quoted $36 & 28 Can. per side for aftermarket brakes; they look new now, but I will replace the strut bearing first and see what happens.

I believe that if 25% of vehicles have the same problems, it should be covered under a recall. With all the testing and technology, there is no reason that these problems should happen, but it makes you wonder if that's their guarantee of making more money in the future; they know how long parts will last and how much revenue these parts will generate in the years to come. It's all about $$$$. If they made great cars like the old days, you'd only need one every 15-20 years; no money in that.

My 90 Grand Prix was a money pit, spending usually $600 per month on one thing or another. I hope that the same thing doesn't happen here. You see, I just bought it a week ago, and I think now that I made a mistake... (again)?!?

I'm a do it yourselfer, and these to me are annoying, but easily fixed, but if the motor or transmission goes, that's another issue; but if I had to pay $50-80/hr, then annoying is not the word I'd be using. It is a sharp looking car; we'll see what the future (and winter) will bring.