9th Dec 2004, 06:31

Purchasing my 2000 Pontiac grand am was the worst thing I could do. I have problems with my check engine light, service engine soon and track off lights coming on whenever they want to. I have taken it to the dealer and also a repair guy to have it evaluated and no problems were found. I spent over $200 for them to tell me they can't find anything wrong with it. When I turn my radio up it goes down and vice versa, this happens from time to time. They is clicking somewhere in the dash area or steering colon as if my signal is on and it is not. My car jerks when I am sitting still and sometimes when I try to pick up speed. I wish I had mad another choice!

3rd Feb 2005, 08:20

Many of the same problems with a 2002 Grand Am SE.

1. Brakes have been replaced twice in 60,000 miles... grinding noise and squeaking noise.

2. Traction control problems (Low Trac light comes on numerous times in dry conditions)

3. Piece of plastic shield under the front of the car broke off early on.

4. Motor controlling the sunroof/moonroof busted at 70,000 and had to be replaced for about $400.

5. Radio/antenna shorted out at about 60,000 and had to be replaced.

6. Fuel gauge light doesn't come on when tank close to empty... resulting in me running out of gas just 100 yards short of the gas station I was trying to get to.

Why anyone would ever buy a Pontiac again is beyond me.

19th Mar 2005, 11:59

I have a 2000 Grand Am. For the clicking sound on the dashboard, it's the hazard light switch which most of the times comes broken from the factory or so (Pontiac fixes it for free). Also, there is another problem with clicking sounds on the dashboard. The problem is the "turn signal" lever on the steering wheel. I had to pay like $80 on the part and got it fixed for free from a friend that used to work at a Pontiac dealership (he's a mechanic). Also, on some GA models, the left taillight panel burns out. You may have it replaced like for $40. The rotor problem I have no clue what to do, but I'll think I'll go with new rotors. The TRAC OFF light comes on when a vaccum line of a sensor near the battery is disconnected. It also may come up when the handbrake is up and you shift to DRIVE. If you don't fix the TRAC OFF feature, the car will act weird and might turn of on YOU. For more, send email to fabg999@hotmail.com.

5th Aug 2005, 11:54

I have 2001 Grand Am that leaks in the front window in heavy rain which resulted in to frying our computer. We think it is a relay switch, has anyone had this problem.