8th Jan 2004, 19:01

It is certainly *NOT* the radiator or the heater core! I have a 95 Grand AM GT and have had a water leak on the Drivers side for the past 3 months. There is no loss of radiator fluid at all, and besides... you know radiator fluid by the smell.

You pull back the carpet, and there is a rubber / plastic shield between the upper carpet and the firewall, and when I reach up between this the firewall and this shield I can feel the water and moisture. This is draining down into the drivers side floorboard, and it only happens when it rains hard.

The only thing I have found so far is under the black plastic piece that sits right under the wipers. There appear to be a point there where the two body points have been connected and sealant placed at the joints. Some of the sealant has eroded away, and it looks like its gonna be a monster to correct. I have used some silicon already, and that has slowed things down, but not completely resolved the issue. Cold weather has set in good now, and the only way to really do what I need to would be to strip the wipers and molding completely away, clean and silicon the whole bloody area.

I sure would appreciate any more insight into this if we get any GM body people reading this. All the tips and comments so far have been helpful, but I discovered most of it already. I love the car overall, but this leakage is about to make me trade the thing off for good.

Good luck people.

Robert Sutherland

East Tennessee.

31st Mar 2005, 16:49

I have the same water problem could someone please tell me how to take off the windsheild wipers off? thanks.

23rd Jul 2005, 08:48

I too have water Leaks. I first thought it was my Heater core on my 98 Pontiac Grand am SE. I changed the heater core, after several hours of hard work I finally got it in there. But there was still a leak somewhere that was running under the carpet on the passenger side and soaking upwards through the carpet.

The mechanics at the place I worked, told me that I probably had an air pocket in my heater core. So after hours of squeezing the hoses (Burping) to the heater core, I still had the same problem.

I decided to explore the problem. I took up the carpet and traced the water trails back. Only to find out that it wasn't my heater core at all. Its coming from the A/C. So if anyone knows what could be causing the AC to leak under the dash and soak my floor on the p- side. Please let me know.

28th Jun 2006, 17:06

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2nd Nov 2016, 01:46

1997 Grand Prix rear passenger side door has unexpectedly become a reservoir... advice... help??? Thanks.

3rd Nov 2016, 09:45

Go under the car and clear the drain tube to the A/C with a coat hangar or compressed air. The blocked tube is backing up under the passenger side and allowing water to back up and drip under the dash. Simple fix. You will get more water entering in hot weather. You can smell a bad leaking heater core; a sweet sickening smell.