10th Dec 2002, 21:16

Just a quick Thanks for the reviews. I just bought a 2001 Grand Am SE last night and will be calling about getting the brakes looked at tomorrow. So far, (a whole 24 hours later) I am still in love with this car!

I agree 100% about the blind spots. I am a shorty and thought that was why I couldn't see over the spoiler when backing up.

15th Mar 2004, 11:18

Bought a 2001 Grand Am SE Sedan and love it. The small 15.2 gallon tank will lead you to think the MPG is not good, but it is. Power is excellent. So many gagets don't know what they are all about yet.

1st Jul 2005, 19:24

I own a 2001 Grand Am, and I am absolutely in love with it. It does get good gas mileage, despite what you may think. My tank is only 12 gallons, so it does feel like you fill up a lot, but it gets good mileage, trust me. It also packs quite the punch in the performance section. I assumed that this car would be like most others and a little sluggish to accelerate, but when I first drove it and opened it up, it just took off from under me! It really surprised me, and I haven't ridden in a non-performance car that has that much getup-n-go. A solid purchase for hauling the kids or hauling donkey, (if you get my drift.) All around a great car. I love the 2001 Grand Am!

6th Feb 2011, 15:14

I wasn't a fan of the Grand Am, but I recently inherited a 2001 Grand Am GT Coupe, I love it! I'm getting 30 mpg and it has all the options I like, and the power is there when I need it.

It has the 3400 V6, which from what I hear from mechanics is a weak motor as far as durability, but for 80k miles it seems to be doing just great..