2001 Pontiac Grand Am 2002 V6 from North America


A piece of junk


At 8,000 miles they had to install a new rack and pinon in my car. Of course they had to put new brake shoes and rotors on it before that. I have this continuous popping noise in my front end of my car that I can feel up in my steering wheel and the dealer says it is my wheel bearings.

General Comments:

This car is the worst investment I have ever made and to thing it my first new car. Whenever I go around curves the steering wheel wants to do its own thing. I love the looks of this car. I get all kinds of comments that it is a beautiful car, and believe me IT IS. I rides really smooth and you can't hardly hear it running. However, I will never buy another one I will convert to fords. I was raised in a Chevrolet family, but I will have to go against it.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2002

5th Aug 2006, 11:46

First of all, don't blame a good car for a crummy dealership service department. I've had exactly the OPPOSITE problem. FORD would not or could not get my Mustang V-8 to run right. In frustration I traded it for (guess what??) a 2001 Grand Am SE-1 with the very reliable and powerful 2.4 twin-cam 4. This is the best car I've ever owned, and after 6 years I've not had one single problem with it. It is VERY CLOSE to being as fast as the V-8 Mustang, and gets exactly TWICE the mileage (30 versus 15). The ride is like a luxury car and it is smooth as silk. As a result of our satisfaction with this GM car, we traded our Ford Explorer in on a GMC Envoy in early 2003. It has been totally trouble-free for 50,000 miles.

I do own a Ford truck, but I will NEVER take it to the local Ford service department for anything...EVER.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 from North America


A great deal


The starter does not always turn over right away.

General Comments:

The car handles great and has a good amount of power for the price I paid.

It looks great and feels great.

It has great potential for after market upgrades.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT V6 Ram Air from North America


The car is definitely not worth the high price I paid for it.


At approximately 10,000 miles the car failed to start on three separate occasions. After almost three weeks in the service department and two towing bills the dealership finally determined that there was a leak in the windshield near the A-post. This was causing water to drain into the main computer.

I have had the car aligned twice in six months. I have not struck anything which would lead to this problem. It appears to be another defect.

General Comments:

The car handles very smoothly.

I enjoy all of the extra options.

The stereo has great sound quality and I love the automatic volume adjuster as you slow and speed up.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2002

2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE2 3.4L V6 from North America


Sporty, stylish, and affordable!


Some water got sucked into the EGR valve when I was on the highway in a storm. This made the check engine light come on and the engine stalled a few times. Got a new EGR valve (under warranty) and it's fine now.

Something related to the gas tank was messed up (the repair shop was vague on the details). I think they said it was an O-ring. It's fixed now (also under warranty).

General Comments:

In the past I owned an '87 Grand AM with a 4 cylinder engine. It was a solid car despite some electrical problems.

I like the way Pontiac designs their vehicles. It seems as if they give their designers more creative freedom. The bright red instrument lights are great and they really add to the overall attitude of the car. I also like the alloy rims that you can choose from.

The engine is great. It pumps out a hearty 170HP and sounds really great when you're winding up through the gears (as long as you fill it up with premium, otherwise you will hear some valve rattling). I am going to get a performance exhaust system and some other mods for it, to try and get the horsepower past 200.

The transmission is the best out of every vehicle I have owned. It shifts very smooth, even when you are racing, and the gear ratios are pretty good. My only gripe is that it won't let you go past 110MPH unless you get some performance chips. That is very irritating.

It handles very well for a car of its weight, but it will sometimes try to "dart" when you are trying to just casually change lanes because the steering is a little weird like that. No big deal though, it corners well and you have a good feel of the road.

The anti-lock brakes are good but a tad bit noisy. They have saved me from wrecking it 2 times already. The traction control seems unnessesary. All it does is cut back on the throttle if you spin out. It is on by default, so you have to "plan your peel-outs" and turn it off first. The stock tires are GoodYear and they have good traction.

As far as temperature, the engine stays at a constant 200F, but I haven't driven it in the hot Texas summer yet.

The interior is comfortable and functional. I really like the vents, because they are the way vents SHOULD be. Some people diss the dash styling, but I like it. All of the instruments are angled at the driver, which I like.

Be careful when switching lanes though, because it has some big blind spots when you are looking back.

It gets very good fuel economy. I'm not sure of the exact MPG but I'll just say it is on par with the 1.9L 4 cylinder Saturn I used to have!

I originally though the keyless entry system wasn't necessary, but now I love it. Worth the price.

If you are considering getting one of these, GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. It is definitely worth it. Buy the car. If you love driving, you won't regret it.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

22nd Jan 2002, 16:06

You have no idea about performance cars, give your head a shake and try something like a 4.5 TVR Cerbera with 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, then talk about performance.

23rd Oct 2002, 22:00

I don't think it gets great gas mileage at all. Of course, I had a 92 Cavalier before this which was excellent on mileage. Compared to the Cavalier, this one's a gas guzzler. It seems like I'm always at the station.