2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 3.4L from North America


A good car for a very reasonable price


Well, I have replace my brakes three times. They go get wasted pretty fast. I also keep hearing a rubbing noise when I am braking and dealer doesn't find anything.

My right-rear speaker blow out twice. I guess speakers can't stand the monsoon.

My rear lamp kept burning out my bulbs, Replace the rear lamp board.

At 34,500 intake gasket had a oil leak.

At 35,200 my radiator fan broke and my car started heating up.

General Comments:

I use to work at a dealership and I saw Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus come in with almost the same problems as my car.

So every car has their defect.

This car has a very beautiful look and it makes heads turn.

The seats are very comfortable.

The illumination inside, which is red, looks very cool.

The performance is great and it handles very good.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

14th May 2003, 09:53

I have a GT1, 2002, with the same exact rubbing problem and the dealer cannot find the problem.

16th Jul 2003, 11:17

I also had the same rubbing noise and dealer said it is due to the tires/wheels. There is a service notice from the factory that recommends replacing the tires. Ask your dealer about it. They didn't want to replace my tires and tried over inflation and talcum powder, which didn't work, but new tires are on order right now. Also very annoying grinding noise from the brakes that dealer says is normal. Don't know if it is.

4th Feb 2004, 11:13

I've heard that the rotors on Grand Am's especially like to get a fine layer of surface rust on them if they get wet, and sit for a day or two without driving. This causes slight rotor wobbles and grinding noises when braking. (wobble is caused because the caliper is closed when parked, and rust does not form there, so once rust builds up, the rotor is no longer smooth) Hope this helps some people. :)

2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 from North America


OK, but had mechanical problems at 35,000


The Pontiac GrandAm GT was leaking oil at 35,000. There was always a burning smell under the hood when you left it running with the heat on. Also when you braked real hard, the front rotors would shake REALLY bad!!!

General Comments:

Overall the car would run. The pick-up was great and the Monsoon stereo system would BUMP!!! But, the gray coating on the stereo tuner was coming off so it left a black "bare" mark on the knob. The leather seats were comfortable and the interior was very sporty. I love the orange lights in the dashboard!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2003

21st Jul 2004, 13:08

Good Car no problem with this car and I did 200,000KM in 4 years.

2001 Pontiac Grand Am 4.0 from North America




Well for beginners, I bought my Grand Am based on looks and how much room it had. My first problem began about six months after purchasing my vehicle, I was on a highway heading to work when my steering column froze forcing me to the side of the road. I had to have my vehicle towed to the dealership where they said I had a cracked steering column.

About6 ths later I noticed a faint gas smell in the car every time I turned on the heat. That was a concern so I brought it in where they proceeded to tell me I had a crack in my gas tank, that is on order and will be fixed soon.

I have had several brake repairs due to failure in brake lines and such.

I don't recommend this car to any one looking for a long lasting reliable vehicle. Looks nice, rides nice, but it won't live up to your expectations for a reliable vehicle.

General Comments:

Good for a sporty beach car!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

18th Dec 2003, 18:29

A Pontiac Grand Am with 4.0 automatic? I assume he meant the 4 cylinder engine since there doesn't seem to be a 4.0 liter engine in the Pontiac Grand Am that I can locate.