3rd Jan 2003, 09:34

I own a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am SE, and also had a problem with the power door locks as many Grand Am owners seem to. My problem was fixed very easily by replacing the "Accessory" fuse in the fuse box located between the driver side door and the dash on that side. This also fixed a malfunctioning cigarette lighter. I also experienced the problem with the EGR valve you have. I bought the part for $75 at a local parts store and installed it my self saving hundreds of dollars. Virtually anyone can replace this part, if they know how to operate a screwdriver. Three screws hold the EGR valve in place, and three clips hold the sensor on the top. The new EGR valve screws right in no problem. Without the EGR valve working, you will have that annoying Service Engine Soon light on, and you won't be able to pass emissions. I love my Grand Am, and also would be willing to take yours off of your hands. I can be emailed at AHSPATCH@yahoo.com, please write me on how I can obtain yours. If you don't sell it to me I hope these solutions I had can help you or anyone else with a 92-95 Grand Am.

3rd Jan 2003, 19:59

I bought a 1994 Grand Am Gt about 2 years ago. When I bought it, it had 64,000 miles on it. It now has 130,000 and still is so quiet, and runs so well, that most of the time I can barely tell its running. It has been a great car, and has lots of power, especially the 3.1 V6. I just put brand new tires on a couple weeks ago and it will still roast the tires.:) There are such a great looking car that I have had a lot of people come up to me and say, " Is that a 2000". This car was also my first car, and will probably keep it forever. When I get some money saved up, I will probably put a lot of money into it, just redo the whole thing. Very pretty car.:)

25th Mar 2003, 09:24

Bought my 1994 Grand Am GT in 2000 with 116,000 miles on it. 1 year later at 136,000 miles, the transmission went that cost me $1800. According to my brother and the mechanic...that's pretty good to get 136,000 on a trans. The recall on the Ignition Switch was replaced after the wires started burning. This recall caused an additional problem with my turn switch wires catching on fire as well. General Motors told me they need so many thousands of complaints before they can call it a recall. A friend was able to buy a new turn switch from the junk yard to put it in for me. Other than that, just regular maintenance on the car like any other. I'm now at 178,000 miles and just had my tensioner bust and replaced that myself. AC doesn't work. Sounds like the compressor is bad. Also have problems with the power windows burning out on the drivers and passengers side door. Replaced the window motor and it went out again in just 6 months. No matter how many problems I have with that car, it still starts and keeps on running! I love my car and would never get rid of it. I'll drive it till its death! I know friends that have more problems with their 2000+ vehicles.

Just my thoughts!


18th Apr 2006, 16:18

I read your comments about the 1994 Grand AM and I agree on most of them.

I am an owner of the 1996 model and it seems they didn't change much except adding more plastic parts and getting rid of the long lasting ones.

I have problems with all my windows, I have to push the switch every 5 minutes or so to roll the window about one inch and the motor will stop.

The power locks switch button is defective too, I replaced it twice.

Every thing is starting to vibrate due to plastic parts cracking and screws coming off of everywhere.

I drove a 1991 Honda accord the other day and was surprised the way it looks inside, I thought the car was newer than mine.

I did end up to the same conclusion which is not to buy any GM product for the rest of my life.

Back when I had my warranty, the serpentine belt broke off, and when I took it to the dealer they charged me $50 to replace it even though the car had a bumper to bumper warranty on it.

I paid them and decided not to buy ever again their product. Even like he said, if they give me a car for free I will return that junk, it will cost me more to keep it running anyway.

These days Made in USA is a warning label that means bad Quality, look elsewhere.

26th Apr 2006, 15:26

I have a 94 Pontiac Grand Am Se and have 78,000 miles on it.

I have replaced the driver side window motor three times. The first one lasted forever, and the last two, just a couple months each. A whole lot of plastic pieces are just breaking off and disintegrating.

I have developed a standing water problem on both the passenger and driver sides, no matter whether it's raining, snowing, or dry out??? I love the car, but it's eating my bank account out of house and home.

17th Dec 2006, 10:22

I also Have a Pontiac Grand Am SE. It runs really good, but like said in other comments. It has had all kinds of electrical problems. I am at 145,000mi. My battery is forever draining. I Have had tons of electrical problems from blinkers to doors. The power door locks have just died out on me. It is still a good car despite the electrical errors. And yes you have to put a bit of money in it to keep maintained. I still like the power and style of Pontiac. But unless you have ppatience it is not the car for you.