1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 from North America


Fairly good for it's price


I had to rebuild the transmission twice. Thanks to Amoco and it's Warranty. Amoco rebuild my transmission at 81000 mile and I purchased a lifetime warranty on transmission, which paid off at 110000 mile when they rebuild it again. My head gasket blew at 120000 and it cost me $800 to fix it. I changed the alternator and battery once. Other than this occasional problem I did not have any frequent problem with this car. I took it for really long drive (over 1000 miles at a time) many times and the car was fine.

General Comments:

This car is really fun to drive and got lot of power. If you know a little bit about the cars and can do minor maintenance by yourself this is a great cheap car.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2002

1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 4D Sedan V6 3.1 Liter from North America


Overall Bad Investment


Worst electrical system known to man. I've had it tested by numerous mechanics and mechanically inclined friends, and know this to be true. Pontiac seems to be well known for electrical problems, especially with the Grand Am.

To date I have had 5 alternators replaced, with the newest AC Delco top of the line still holding up, for now.

Battery life is somewhat saddening, now with the failure of the best Interstate battery I could get installed adding to the total of 5 batteries as well since 1994.

Car began to poorly idle and stall with acceleration at 63,000 miles, spark plugs were replaced along with all new cables.

Automatic door locks are a disgrace, I've had the door locks replaced on the front doors twice, with continued failure and have just given up now on them ever properly working.

The driver side power window likes to burn up motors, I'm on my third with it, and overall I don't remember it taking nearly a minute for all of the windows throughout to ascend back up.

A car alarm would be nice, if it would ever stay functioning. I've had three alarms installed 2 black widow systems and a sidewinder, all have failed in properly working with various installers around trying to figure out what is making the system trip on and off, randomly locking and unlocking the few functioning door locks while driving.

A/C compressors bearings went out and the a/c locked up at around 85,000 miles.

A clogged EGR valve has now permanently affixed the "service engine soon" light on. Not really essential to fix it, just another 200 to 300 dollars. (Around 79,000 miles)

Car seems to be almost 90% plastic, my dashboard will never stay upright, the hunk of plastic pops and creeks constantly, and has fallen off of its secured brackets, rattling all the time, only loud music will fix it.

There was also a nation wide recall on a part I believe located in the steering column. I had to take the car to the dealership to get the part replaced, for it was known to have caused fires in the car and apparently it had affected some people in some disastrous ways.

General Comments:

A few good things, car is still running and I have a little money left after repairs. Few problems with the transmission and overall the engine, besides transmission fluid leaks and a nice fuel line leak in traffic. Gas was spilling all over the road and a nice guy behind me ran out of his car to inform me.

Overall I would never buy one again, even if Pontiac were to give me one for free I would send it back or give it away. I do not recommend the car, except for the person who is bold enough to take my car from me. I will just continue waiting the day I buy a new car.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2002

4th Oct 2002, 10:14

I was reading about the problems you have had with your Grand am, and if you would really like to get rid of it I am willing to buy it off you. My email address is:


Please feel free to email me with a response, because a Grand Am is the kind of car that I am looking to buy. Thank you very much.

Rob Reid.