22nd Sep 2003, 10:41

I had bought a '99 grand am and I have had nothing, but problems. my intake gasket, head gasket, rotors, wheel bearings, interior lights along with some minor things have gone bad. the way I see it is that G.M. stands for got to have money to buy this car.

24th Sep 2003, 20:02

I, too, have experienced similar problems with my 99 Grand Am. The first one I had, had problems with the rotors at 12,000 miles. I fought and got those replaced for free. Then, they needed to be replaced again at 24,000. I traded it in for another (a GT/1), and just yesterday, I put the car in park with the engine running (and it was on level ground), and as I walked up a walkway, I heard my car--it was driving itself! Of course I could not get in it, as the doors automatically locked, so all I could do was watch it slam into a tree. Please e-mail me if anything like this has happened to you. Azureeyes51@hotmail.com. The auto doorlocks are unsafe--what if there was someone in the car?!?

30th Jan 2004, 09:55

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am that I'm about to trade in for a few hundred dollars. It's been leaking coolant for a few months - but the estimate on it was pushing $1500, so I just kept filling it up until I had the money to get it fixed. About a month ago it overheated and left me stranded on the highway. So I took it to the garage to finally get it fixed. Turns out there was a LOT more wrong with it than I thought: Both head gaskets are leaking, water pump was cracked and the intake gasket also leaking. Not to mention it is also leaking power steering fluid, brake fluid and fuel. The radiator hoses all need to be replaced, the thermostat/gasket - leaking. The mechanic also said my throttle was gummed and was amazed I hadn't been in an accident. Grand total: $3500.

I've been looking around on-line and seems like there are a lot of 99 Grand Am's with the coolant system/head gasket problems. Did I miss the recall? This will be my last GM vehicle.

10th Mar 2004, 07:13

I bought my grand am from a shady dealership I found out after the purchase was made. First problem I had was a dead battery due to the alternator. It was covered under warranty. Front end wheel bearings not covered under warranty, costing me $600.00 (Canadian) at Midas. The G. M dealer wanted to charge me $1 200.00. There is a miss fire or engine stumble that mechanics cannot find. Mostly happens between 60-80kmh or 2000-3000rpms sometimes not always. Back reverse lights fill with water floor becomes wet during the winter and will not evaporate. Front rotors are pulsating, but will be replace with performance ones. If anything else goes I will replace it with performance parts not factory.

17th May 2004, 13:49

I have owned my '99 Grand Am GT for almost 2 years now and have had all these same problems. It hit 50,000 miles and fell apart. I have replaced the brakes/rotors 3 times, the intake gasket actually melted which caused pieced to get into my coolant, causing a coolant flush, my tie rods both cracked, the tires make a awful sound when you drive and I was told that this is due to the tires not being rated for the rims, however these are the factory tires. Wheel bearings were shot, need I go on?! This was a very poorly built car and I will never own a Grand AM again. I have shoved so much money into this car for the little enjoyment I have received.

15th Jul 2004, 11:11

I bought my Grand Am GT new in 1999. Straight off of the showroom floor the radio could not pick up a radio station next to the tower. It was replaced 2 times by warranty before they figured out the short with the cigarette lighter connection. 12,000 miles into the enjoyment, the rotors needed replaced. 20,000 miles the passenger side window (power) falls into the door in middle of winter. Warranty covered repair. 50,000 water pump went out, 60,000 head gasket went out 2 times within 2500 miles, 70,000 passenger window fell into door, and currently 75,000 the turn signals work sometimes, usually fixed by turning on the flashers and then releasing them. The doors don't lock automatically with the button anymore so they are useless, and I'm just so happy to have owned such a gem... never again!

2nd Sep 2005, 22:41

I have just bought a '99 Pontiac Grand Am GT. I wish I have done some research before I purchased the car. You have to be a million-air to own one. I have had trouble with the signal ticking in my car, but the signal does not light up. Also the car is over heating at around 220-230 degrees. I will be replacing the coolent with Dex-Cool tomorrow. I hope that works. I will also be flushing out the radiator with a chemical that Prestone recommends. If this car keeps over-heating then I'll be getting rid of the car before any other issues appear and I only had the car for 4 months now.

8th Oct 2005, 17:34

I have a 1999 Grand Am and don't for-see ever buying another Pontiac again. If you have extra money you feel you need to throw away, this is the car for you. I on the other hand do not have that luxury. I thought I had a problem a few months after I bought it used at 31000 miles. The low coolant light would come and I would put more coolant in. I had taken my car in for other things and asked about the low coolant light, they said it was normal to add coolant every now and then. I'm not a mechanic so I believed what they told me. I will now be replacing the intake gasket and I was told by my mechanic it would be a good idea to have the head gaskets replaced as well. He told me the price around $700 for the intake and approx. $1000 for both the intake and the head gaskets. I will only be replacing the intake and take a chance that the head gaskets will be OK. I'm so thankful I have a job that allows me to work overtime, I will need it as long as I own this car. I am looking forward to next year when I am able to afford a "reliable car". It is ashame that I have been so let down by this car. My family has owned many Pontiac's since I was little, and that was the name I grew up on and trusted. I don't ever for-see owning another Pontiac in my lifetime. I hope others have had better luck than I have.

15th Oct 2006, 05:41

I bought my 2001 Grand AM GT brand and I have had to replace my intake gaskets two time thus far. A couple of weeks ago I smelled coolant and realized I had a whole in my radiator pump. After I got that replaced I continued to smell coolant. I first thought it was the coolant residue from the previous problem, but decided to have a professional opinion.

After the mechanic looked at my car, he informed me that my intake gaskets are the problem. He let me know that I need to have this problem fixed ASAP to avoid more serious problems. As of 10/14/06 my intake gaskets for this car has failed me three times.

This is an EXPENSIVE car problem. I am thinking about just trading the car in for another. I don't have time to worry and spend money on the same problem.