1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 Liter V^ from North America


Performs great, but cheaply constructed


Driver side power window motor burned out- 20,000 miles.

Plastic clips on passenger window broke at 50,000 miles- dealership wanted to replace the entire power window assembly.

Radio display occasionally goes haywire.

Molding around all the windows have been coming loose for about a year.

General Comments:

This car looks and performs great, but has numerous annoying electrical problems.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2002

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE from North America


Awesome looking, but starting to scare me


The front right wheel bearing went bad and had to be replaced at a cost of 450 dollars.

I had to replace one front headlight two days after taking the car home.

General Comments:

I love the way the car looks. The color, interior and sleekness are great. It reminds me of my Bonneville, but smaller and I loved that car. Unfortunately, the radio display often shorts out or displays the wrong information. There's a loud squeaking noise coming from the right rear side. Anyone else have problems with that? Suspension? Brakes? Shocks?

The cup-holders are awkward. I slam my fingers into my coffee cup every time I put the car in park. The dome light shorts out or does not come on at all.

I wanted this to be a car I could keep for a long time. A good buy for a single mom, but now I'm getting scared. I feel like there are electrical problems with it as well.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002

31st May 2002, 19:15

I also had the same problem with my 2001 Grandam. I've was hearing a popping sound whenever I would brake and whenever I would turn the corner on my vehicle. I took it to the dealer and they replaced by front brake pads, readjusted and cleaned my back brakes and put new brake fluid on my vehicle. They also replaced my front right hub bearing. Luckily, I had an extended warranty on it so I didn't have to pay for the bearing. I was told by another mechanic that I would need them both replaced. But anyway, I had all of that done, and the problem still exists. When I took it back to the dealer, they couldn't hear the noise. I don't know what to do. Is anyone else having this problem?

22nd Sep 2002, 00:29

This may be getting a bit off topic, but I too just purchased a second hand 2002 Grand Am and I love it, but... Can anyone tell me if the steering wheel is supposed to lock once you turn of the ignition and put the car in park with the parking break on?

Mine doesn't and I just had to have the iginition switch changed as the origninal one was faulty and I could turn my key at all in the ignition switch. It had to be towed to the Dealership. They've fixed it, but the steering wheel still doesn't lock.

They've now told me it's not supposed. They said the models 2001 and up have an anti-locking devise so there no need to lock the steering wheel.

I look in my manual, but can find nothing on it.


15th Sep 2003, 09:16

I have the same popping sound when I turn left with my car or go over a bump while turning left. They have messed with the strut and fixed all kinds of things and they still can't figure it out. I've now come to the conclusion that my Grand AM 2001 was put together by a group of monkeys with parts older then my mom.

10th Jul 2004, 22:13

I Just bought a 2001 grandam se, and I too have electrical probems, me turn signals seem to be shorting out.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE V6 from North America




Both front end Hub Bearings had to be replaced.

Security light is still on and the dealer told me it had something to do with a security system, but there is none on the car. I called the GM dealer and he said the car must be difficult to start, but it's not.

When driving over the speed of 95 km/hr, the wind vibrates around the front windshield and side mirrors causing unpleasant highway driving.

The steering wheel makes a noise when turning or hitting a bump.

General Comments:

Although I have been driving for 14 years, this is my first time purchasing a new car. I was so excited about my purchase 4 months ago, but my smile soon disappeared. Many of my friends own a Grand AM and are very pleased with its performance, which leads me to believe that I just happened to get the "bad one". I got rid of my old car because it was starting to cost me money, but then again it was an '86. I have spent more money on this car and I just bought it.

There have been a few other problems which will be checked out by a mechanic tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the end!

Overall I love the look and feel of the car, but seriously doubt its future as being my one reliable car that I can depend on to get me front point A to point B.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002