1999 Pontiac Grand Am 4 from North America


Just as of yesterday I have spent 1094.00 for the compressor went out and there wee shavings all over. my belts broke. the left rear tail light was cracked and let water into the tail light shorting out the automatic lights and door locks. new lens cost 300.00 I did not spend that much on my old ranger truck. other than that it has been a OK car. it makes me mad that I have not even finished paying for it. another 3 years.

General Comments:

The brakes went out at 66,000 miles. the altenator went out at 77,000. all have life time warranties, but will not buy another car.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 cylinder from North America


Very nice first car


Front end grinding noise. (Taken care of with new front brakes.)

The vinyl around the window in the rear is coming loose.

Volume knob turns up the volume as you turn it down.

Windows have scratches running up them. (All Grand Ams have this problem.) Passenger window has started to squeak. in the hot summer weather.

General Comments:

Very sporty looking and it is gonna be a great first car. It is my mom's now, but in a year it will be mine. The other reviews on this site have scared me a little, but all the bad reviews seem to be about Grand Ams with v6 engines and the car has a four. It is a very safe model of a car. I was involved an accident involving a 2001 Grand am and a Toyota Tundra. The tundra (doing 35 mph) slammed into our rear. We were stopped and she didn't brake, so we stopped her. However, my sister who was sitting in the rear as well as everyone else in the car at the time were unharmed. The car on the other hand was damaged beyond repair.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2002

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L V 6 from North America


The 1999 Pontiac Grand Am is the worst car I have ever owned


The vehicle was delivered with numerous fit and finish flaws.

The dash was installed twisted, crooked side to side, and top to bottom, the result being a persistent squeak that service has been unable to find and correct.

The steering wheel hub was covered in adhesive.

The rubber moulding on the A-pillars was installed half in and half out of the plastic trim.

The trim in the trunk fell off.

The mechanicals are even worse.

In the first 10 months of ownership, the vehicle was in for engine stumbling, stalling problems 7 times.

The engine management software has been replaced.

The fuel pump has been replaced.

4 injectors have been replaced.

The EGR valve has been replaced numerous times.

The oxygen sensor in the exhaust system has been replaced twice.

The entire windshield wiper/washer and turn signal unit on the steering wheel has been replaced. The turn signals would turn themselves on for no apparent reason.

The electrical system failed while the dealer had the vehicle fixing the engine management problems.

The rear bumper mounted back-up lights constantly fill with water and short out.

General Comments:

I can only assume that there was no quality checking done on this vehicle before it left the Lansing Penn. assembly site.

I complained about the problems directly to GM Canada, but was given no help whatsoever.

The 3.4L V6 seems to make more noise than power.

I will never buy another GM product, they are shoddily built and the company doesn't stand behind the product.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

30th Sep 2002, 13:57

Gm makes the best car I don't believe whatever you said.

30th May 2003, 16:37

I am an owner of a '95 Pontiac Grand Am SE, and I also suffer from many of the same problems that you do. I don't think I would ever buy a GM car again.

8th Apr 2004, 08:07

I agree. I own a 1999 grand am, and have taken it in so many times for repairs mr. good wrench, who seems to make everything even worse. I have had many of the same problems, and have owned a grand am prior to the 99, which did not have the same problems.

7th May 2004, 19:50

I totally agree. My '99 Pontiac has been nothing, but trouble. The rack n pinion steering failed at 30,000 miles. The turn signal mechanism has failed twice. The gasket leaked so coolant went into the engine and had to be repaired. The back up lights fill with water and short out. The water pump has been replaced. The brakes have been redone 5 times. Now the pass-lock system has malfunctioned and my car randomly starts. All together I have put over 3,000 dollars in repairs. I can't afford to trade in and I can't afford to keep. Every time I ask what else can go wrong, I find out. Never again.

19th Sep 2004, 05:40

I also own a 1999 Grand Am and am very dissatisfied. It has been towed to the shop three times. After the warranty expired I had to replace the head gasket, wheel bearings, transmission bearing, heater motor and the list goes on. Paid 14,000.00 for the car and have put another $8000.00 into it. Never again.

7th Oct 2004, 00:58

My Ex-Fiance' owned one. Well the engine did have get up and go with the "ETS" off it has been nothing, but trouble... it has died on her at stop lights and has had to have frequent injector cleanings. The Air Conditioner decided to stop working recently as well. All and all not worth the amount you will spend on it DOWN WITH THE "99 Grand Am. I myself drive a 2004 Dodge Stratus and I love it.