1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE2 3.4L V6 High Output from North America


Excellent car with amazing performance!


Nothing so far except the spark plugs wore out, so I had to put new ones in; and the belt was cracked.

General Comments:

This car will literally fly! From 0-60 I clocked it about 7 seconds.

Its very comfortable and the dash lights are red-yellow and its so easy on your eyes at night.

The trunk is very spacious so you won't have any problems hauling stuff.

The four door coupe has rear vents under the seats for heat and air.

It will straighten curves like no car I have ever seen.

Towing is perfect! I have towed a big U-Haul trailer over 250 with no problem, and got about 20mpg.

It will get right at 281 miles in the city. I found out the hard way.

The speed limiter is set at 112mph and that really bites. Trust me, I tried it.

It will keep up with a 3.8L V6 Camaro with no problem whatsoever! Until (that is) you get to 112mph (limiter).

Give it a test drive; you'll love it!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2002

7th Mar 2005, 10:06

The only problem so far has been the brakes, but they have to replaced on any car, but no complaints other than the speed limiter, but I'm at 90,000 miles so we will see how it holds up.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE II 3.4 from North America


A good looking piece of junk!@-.$#$%


Right from day one I have had the rotars cut, replaced as well as the brakes 3 times, until a mechanical bulletin came out that required upgraded rotars and pads that are $150 more than the standard ones and only have a 1 year warranty and aren't made by Good Wrench.

General Comments:

This car is a piece of junk. GM has had a know rotor and brake problem for over a decade. Everyone in the industry would tell you about GM's poor brakes. The drivers car seat has fallen apart over 5 times and been replace. I have replaced the passanger window 2x and in needs to be replaced again as it becomes miss aligned and then gets hugh gauges into the window pane. I have had the radio replaced and most recently a new Rack Pinion Steering replaced. I have lost coolant completely over 4x times now until GM Dealership admitted a problem and tried to replace the intake gasket kit 3x until they finally got it right. I have also had my reverse right light replaced 3x times and I am putting off getting it fixed again. I have also gone through brake lights prematurely. I am know on my 4 or fifth rear brake light. The car looks nice, drives okay, but is poorly made. Also it is a beast on gas I am lucky to get 350km to a 48-50 liter tank, very poor. I recommend staying away from all North American cars as you get better value and reliability from a Japanese recommend, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry. I have read reports and reviews that state no known problems at all!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4.0 from North America


Over priced money sucker


When I first bought the vehicle, there were some problems with the security system. The ignition would not recognize the key to allow the gas to flow. The dealership "fixed" the problem and six months later, it was doing the same thing. The service vehicle soon light, and service engine soon light remain on with no visible problems from the dealer. I also had to replace the fuel sending unit after theree months of ownership.

General Comments:

I like the way the car handles, but it appears to have some serious electrical problems. The gas tank doesn't hold very much either. My car will randomly not start, and then work fine 20 minutes after trying to start it again. I think it is comfortable, and really like it other than the problems.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2002

6th Dec 2002, 13:48

I hope you come back and review your comments because it sounds very much like your intermittent no start problem is the TDC sensor. (Top Dead Center sensor) It is located on the front crankshaft pulley and tells the computer when the crankshaft is turning and at what rate. You cannot start your car without this sensor working properly.

Repair is to replace the sensor.

Hope this helps you.

Remember, verify this is the problem by checking for error codes when the car will not start.

Steve h.