13th Sep 2003, 16:42

My 2001 Grand Am GT has been towed 3 times due to not starting after very short shopping trips. The problem never happens after the car has sat for longer periods of time, only when I have parked it for a few minutes while running into a store for a quick purchase. The current mechanic is investigating the possibility that an anti-theft mechanism in the computer may be engaging. When he by-passes the computer, the car starts right up. I have spent over $1500.00 so far because of this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

21st Mar 2004, 11:47

Do you know which chip they replaced? I had a problem with my FOB not working, security system locking down, etc. It got some better after the ECU was replaced, but still does it (so far much more rarely). If I leave it sitting overnight, it seems to "reset" itself and work again. Sounds kind of similar.

19th Oct 2004, 09:34

I had the same problem with my Grand Am GT with the security system. The next time it will not start check the dash if the security light is soild (not flashing) it means the pass-lock system is engaged. Turn the key at the on position for 10-15 minutes, the security light will be begin to flash and it will start after that. Is what it does is a bypass of the security system and will allow you to start the car. If this does work then you need to replace the ignition. Hope this helps.

1st Nov 2004, 22:16

I have been working on this 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and I have been having the same problems with the security system locking up on me. I have replaced the Ignition and I have the service manual which gives me a procedure on resetting the security learn mode without using a scanner. You are supposed to be able to reset the security within 30 minutes. You turn the key to the on position then you crank, but not start it. After that leave it on the on position for about 10 minutes according to the service manual. After that the security light should go off and then your turn the key to the off position for 5 seconds. Then you repeat this procedure 2 more times and according to the book it should start. After the third cycle you turn the key to the off postion and then to the start position and it should start up. The only problem is the security light is staying on and it is not going out after 10 minutes. Should I try waiting longer for the security light to go out before continuing the next two cycles? Should I disconnect the battery first to maybe reset the computer and then try cycling. Anyone have any answers?

25th Mar 2005, 23:01

I just purchased a 2001 GT and it was taking 15-20 seconds of turn over before it would start. The dealer was able to fix it by replacing the MAF. Hope this helps.