10th Mar 2006, 22:41

Yes I do agree with these complaints! I have had my brake pads and rotors checked in january... actually changed..it is now march and the pads had to be replaced again!The dealership says that they think the rotors will probably have to be replaced next service visit. This is ridiculas. I am a woman and have the right to speak my mind about this car I am about to own. It is very sad that this is happening. What is wrong with these vehicle builders. Is it their way of soaking people for more money?

26th Jan 2007, 00:02

I bought a 2003 Grand Am GT1 in 2005 at about 30,000 miles, becoming the car's second owner. I really love the cars style, options and power, but am disappointed with all of the little problems.

My car seems to have the majority of its faults within the electrical system. Just after I got it I had to replace a window switch and the cruise control switch (under warranty). I was fine for a few months until at about 45,000 miles it left me stranded on the side of the road as the fuel pump went out with out any warning. I have also had to replace the driver's seat power switch. At about 50,000 miles my check engine light came on; when I took it to the dealership they said it was my catalytic converter, which thank god was covered by the 80,000 mile emissions warranty. At the present time, my cruise control goes off at random, my floor vents to not work, and lots of weatherstripping is coming loose and needs replaced.

I really love this car and admire its speed, power, and design, but I am fed up with all the problems.

27th Mar 2007, 14:33

Is there any way I can get more info on the symptoms you had when the ignition switch went out? I am having a problem now with my 2003 Grand Am. 75K miles. I'll go to start the car and the engine will turn over, but will not fire. If I pump the gas pedal it will eventually fire. Sounds sort of like a problem with the fuel pump, but the dealership can't figure it out. This is the first problem we've had with the car so I can't complain. Until now it has all been Preventive Maintenance.

2nd May 2007, 10:56

Car is not worth the price - Within 44,000 miles I've had the intake manifold gaskets replaced twice - Both front hub bearings failed around 30,000 miles (vehicle was out of warranty time-wise) - Right front strut failed under warranty - Alternator failed around 37,000 miles - Body control module failed at 39,000 miles - Driver's window seal leaks - Trunk leaks - Right front spring is broken - Right rear ABS sensor failed recently - HVAC control knob broke - Front and rear rotors needed replacing around 25,000 miles - Both front lower control arm bushings worn out at 44,000 miles - Air conditioning high pressure liquid line leaked at around 32,000 miles - Very poor fuel mileage ( (15 MPG) - Vehicle would be hard to start when hot due to leaking fuel injector (34K) - This car is very disappointing!

23rd Jan 2008, 22:01

I am another owner of a 2003 Grand Am GT1. I bought it brand new in april 2003.

I do not want to get my file out with the long list of things that I have replaced, but I can honestly say that I have put at least $4500 since the warranty expired into this car to keep it running. All in the last 28,000 miles.

I now have 68,000 miles and the car is paid off, but I think I should dump it before something else happens.

I owned a 2001 with no problems, but totalled it and thought why not get another.

I have replaced the window brackets several times on both windows, plus the radiator, the air conditioning, the ignition system, and the fuel pump.

I have completely replaced the transmission about 4,000 miles out of the warranty, and bearings, sunroof, and most recently the catalytic converter. Thank God I bought the extended warranty on the transmission; which is good until July 2009 or 100,000 miles.

This car has been one nightmare after another. It is running great now, but for how long?

I love how it looks and it is very comfortable to drive for a GM. Plus I have put thousands into entertainment system, rims and a system. I just feel like the car was built to break after the warranty period.

I would like to run it into the ground until I get out of college and buy something else, but how much more will this car cost me. Any one have any other problems with it after 70,000 miles?

I bought it for 24,000, put 5 years of insurance and gas, and over 4,500 in repairs and thousands more in upgrades. Maybe I should of bought a European or Japanese car for more at purchase and less in repairs.

13th Oct 2009, 11:01

Agreed this car is a lemon. I can't tell you how disappointed and frustrated I am with it. I purchased a 2003 Grand Am GT Sedan in April of 2007 used with 100,000km. Since then (2.5yrs) I now have 180,000km and have paid out $7,000 in repairs (excluding expected maintenance such as brakes, rotors, oil) :

- 2 catalytic converters

- Oxygen Sensor

- Mass Air Flow Sensor

- 2 Front ABS/Bearing assemblies

- Intake Manifold gaskets

- 2 ceased brake cylinders

- Fuel Pump and Filter

- Left front axle (rusted into hub)

- Blower Motor Resistor

- Strut Mounts

- 2 Flush and fills to remove OEM coolant

- Windshield.

The driver's side window is all scratched (common with this model), and it appears the strut mounts are going again. The computer module also may be going as it is periodically flashing Service Engine Soon with codes for the oxygen sensor, low coolant and low oil pressure.

In snow, this car is terrible on traction!!! It runs better with the ETS turned off... had to buy snow tires.

An unbelievably terrible car, despite a nice look, nice interior and decent ride. Buyer beware!!