2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 Ram Air from North America


This car is a lemon


I heard a squeaking noise at approximately 25 miles in the passenger side roof area every time the body would flex. The driver's side window creaks when going up or down. The steering wheel does not lock properly. The sunroof clicks when opening and closing. The lights behind the numbers 3&4 on the tachometer go on and off while driving. The car had a pull to the right after about 25 miles as well. The exhaust pipes in the back are uneven. The trunk is also uneven. There is a "bump" on each side of the quarter panel seams near the back of rear window. Found fish eyes on the passenger side of hood.

General Comments:

The car is not worth the price I paid for it.

I am quite unhappy with my purchase of my first new vehicle.

The Pontiac manufacturer representative considered my problems "cosmetic" and that they could be fixed without a problem.

I was looking for a dependable and safe new vehicle, not something that had to be in the shop every other week.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 18th August, 2003

15th May 2005, 00:45

Thanks for the above information. That is the most useful advice I have aquired in a long while. I will be sure to run the VIN #. Thanks for probably saving me a lot of time and money!

3rd Mar 2006, 20:51

You talk as if it is wrong to complain about a car in which you spend thousands of dollars on and the exhaust pipes don't line up. I think that is a legitament complaint. If I paid 20K + dollars for a car I would expect my pipes to be in alignment also. Would you buy a dining room table with 1 leg shorter than the other 3. Don't be so harsh to say that these people shouldn't complain. And as for being a service writer, all these guys to is try to make you out to be a liar when you complain about anything on your car as long as it is within manufacturers warranty. However, the minute you step out of the 36K mile warranty... they are more than happy to hear your complaint and charge you loads of money to fix, what they once said, was a ridiculous complaint!