2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT/SC-T 3.4 Ram Air V6 from North America


Fun at a cost


Front brake rotors/pads at 24,000 miles.

Many trouble codes (Misfires, Oil pressure sensor, Fuel problems)

Sometimes has difficulty starting, engine will "search" when idling.

Lower rear reverse lights fishbowl constantly.

Exhaust pipes gather surface rust easily, however is remedied by lightly sanding them down.

Lower Intake Manifold gasket leaking at 27,932 Miles.

Driven aggressively, gas mileage plunges very quickly (have recorded numbers as low as 10 MPG).

General Comments:

This particular Grand Am GT is a dark forest green and has the SC/T appearance package.

The composite ram-air hood makes the car look fierce, even while standing still.

The 3.4 OHV V6 engine has the Ram-Air package, and different final drive gearing than the non-GT Grand Am's, this car gets up and goes like no other, but runs out of steam up top.

I don't like the fact that you can't turn off all of the exterior lights while you are sitting in a parking lot, etc.

Chrome factory wheels made by Enkei are very sharp looking, but get dirty and pitted quickly.

The factory exhaust sounds just right, with a nice low tone rumble at low engine speed and idle.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

2003 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4 Liter V6 from North America


Best car to own


My fuel pump went out at 89500 miles.

General Comments:

This car is very quick, reliable, and gets great gas mileage.

The stereo is clear and loud.

This car is definitely great for an American car, or any car for that matter.

It handles like it is on rails.

The A/C is really cold.

The seats are comfortable.

Every time I raced a Honda, or whatever has a wide exhaust, my car made it looks as if the other car was going backwards.

I would highly recommend this car for anyone.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2007

2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 from North America


My Grand Am GT; what a disappointment


Rack and pinion gear had to be changed after 2 weeks of purchasing the vehicle.

Fishbowl effect in both rear reverse lights.

Parking brake light will come on and stay on when it's raining or wet outside.

Very loud howling noise coming from front driver's side; replaced the wheel bearing 3 times within a month, and the problem is still there.

Sometimes the car will not start on the first try.

General Comments:

I always wanted to own one of these cars, but now that I have one, it seems it's just one problem after another.

For me, I didn't think I would be investing more money in repairs than the car payments. The extended warranty hasn't been helpful at this point.

It looks good and it's fast, and doesn't hold back on the options.

But it's just too much money on the repairs, having to take it to the shop as much as I have and wait around until it's done, what an inconvenience.

After this car, it has changed my opinion on Pontiacs, and it's safe to say I won't be purchasing another Pontiac in my lifetime.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2007

8th Sep 2007, 11:58

Hi, I live in Florida and just purchased a used Grand Am GT 1. I absolutely love this car in almost every aspect. The problems you and other people have had do scare me. My last car was a 04 Grand Am SE and I had put 50,000 miles on it with no problems whatsoever. Any suggestions or ideas about the car would be helpful. Thanks.

30th Oct 2008, 17:54

Hi guys, after reading this and having my own Grand Am, yeah strange things happen with the car. I bought it used at 70,000k, and now have 98,000 k on it.

My check engine light comes on because my coolant temp is not at the optimal temperature for optimal performance..

OK, I tested the coolant, it was fine. Now, dex cool will corrode your cooling system and that will cause other problems. That's always been a issue. However, if you find that you are replacing the same thing over and over again in one month, and still having the same problem, get a new mechanic LOL.

My radiator fan fell off my Grand Am when I first got it. Thankfully it did not go through my radiator. However the dealership swore up and down that it was the alternator. OK, replaced the alternator even though mine tested fine. Then lo and behold, my car had sparks flying out from under it and it was the radiator fan. So something that would have cost me maybe 150.00, they got me for 600. Now I stick to my gut, and know how and diagnose it myself, then take it in. Just be careful with some dealerships.

Also with the high price of gas, some gas stations have mixed water in with their gas, and that can cause some major problems. I only use petro 94 oct. And the car seems great. Next is to get dex cool out of there. LOL.