12th May 2005, 20:14

This sounds like what happened to my car today... but it was the alternator that fried... but I haven't had any problems with my car other than the usual maintenance issues...

I love my GA (blue also)


16th May 2005, 13:09

Hi. I also have a 1999 Grand Am (White). I love it. When I had that problem, it was the alternator. No problems since. Good luck!

7th Nov 2005, 13:24

Sounds like we all have the same problem. All of my lights came on, the gauges stopped, my husband who was driving behind me told me that my lights on the outside weren't working and in no time, the car stopped. It was the alternator. I bought this car with 60,000 miles and already have had the alternator replaced, the window (regulator failed) replaced, the water pump replaced and the ignition lock switch replaced. Very unhappy with this car, I should have gotten another Honda. ;)

12th Dec 2005, 10:12

I am having the same problem. It started last November (2004) I had my car to two shops and no one could figure out what was wrong. (put on computer and computer said car was fine) My battery light would come on and go off, than my track light and ABS light would come on... this would happen intermittently for a couple of months and than finally one by one all my dash lights came on. My speedometer, fuel gauge etc... went to 0 and finally my car just stopped. When you tried to turn it over it sounded as if the battery was dead. They finally replace my fuse box, it had corroded due to a leak that no one can find. This seemed to fix my car for about 6 months and than Friday 12-9-2005 my car did this again only this time it did not give me any warning, all the lights came on one at a time, the gages stopped and the car died. It is now at the GMC dealership and they have had it on their computer and nothing is showing up as wrong. I have also had the problem with the brakes and the radio knob that I have read about. It would appear that GMC/Pontiac would realize that something is radically wrong particularly with the electrical system. I replaced my alternator when I first bought the car and just figured that was a flux. My husband has gone today, armed with these postings to see if it is the alternator. The when it runs handles great, but if it is not reliable it is of no use to me.

23rd Dec 2005, 17:45

12/23/2005. Having same problem... 1999 Grand Am GT. I will change alternator tomorrow and repost if that fixes the problem. My daughter loves the car.

1st Oct 2006, 11:43

Wow. Same here. I bought my 1999 Grand am (Chameleon paint) SE used at a dealership for $3400. I've put a lot of money into this car, and I'm not even finished yet. I had the same problem involving the Alternator. I drove it for a week, and the battery light and ABS light came on. So about $70 for the battery, $120 for the alternator, I was good for right now.

Unfortunately, the transmission is catching at the transition from first to second, and I have to let go of the gas for it to switch. It only happens after I hit past 5000 RPM's. And today, I'm having to put new brake pads on it, which is only a small fee of $20. But either way, This car is definitely going to be costly.

14th Oct 2006, 21:07

I also had alternator problems. but now my car is shaking when I drive and the "service engine soon" light is on. I'm afraid it's a transmission problem. anybody know what might be wrong?

13th Jun 2007, 19:21

My daughter just bought a 1999 Grand Am SE. In a whole day the ABS lights came on, her battery light came on, and her service engine light also.

Wow, all she wanted is to establish some credit, but they really got her. Is there a law that prevents dealers from selling these pieces of crap?

She also paid 5900.00. Wow, she got ripped after seeing these prices.

I wish I would have done my own research on this car before she bought it.

10th Jan 2008, 20:07

Need a good link for taking apart my window and door panel. for my 1999 grand am coupe window

Many thanks.

10th Jan 2008, 20:57

I had a similar kind of problem last summer with my 97 GA. I guess this could be with because of Alternator. If you have recently replace the alternator, then you might want to get the wiring checked... specially the junction box underneath the radiator... this is the place which distributes power to charging system and other engine area. As far as changing the alternator, it can be replaced at home provided that you have a serpentine belt tensioner... enough muscle power.. and of course you need to be quick.. to put the belt on the pulley. Life will become real easy if you can find an extra pair of hands... Hope you guys find this information useful.

28th Jan 2008, 09:30

I have a white 99 GA and have had nothing, but problems with it. Just starting a week ago, my Airbag light goes off while driving and blinks, but doesn't go back off. In addition, my ABS light will stay on and the headlights and fan seem to get a sudden surge of power. After this surge, the car nearly stalls out, then it'll do it again. Yesterday, I lost my power steering (thank goodness I was only going 15 mph), and my battery light came on even though I just had the battery replaced a few days ago. After turning the car off, it seems to be fine again. No clue as to what's going on and Sears claimed that they checked my alternator two days ago and said it was fine... Grrrrr... My 91 Ford Tempo was better than this car...

21st Feb 2008, 20:10

Why Does The ABS light And Trac Off Light Stay on all the time, even if I shut the car off and restart it there right back on? Why is this?

1st Jul 2008, 18:00

I bought my 99 Grand AM SE about 2 years ago. When I first got it, randomly, the ABS and Brake lights would come on (causing cruise control not to work). Now it happens most every time I turn on the car.

I had it plugged in and it came back as nothing wrong with my brakes but with the car's computer.

Anyone have anything similar or know anything more about it?

11th Jul 2008, 20:11

I have a black 4door 99 grand am. I bought it at 60 thousand miles. in two years I have replaced my alternator twice. my car will rev and randomly lose power, my ABS light constantly goes on and off. ABS also does not stick in really wet weather. Breaks are a horror I have replaced them 3 times. my driver side window motor gave out and feels like its happening again. all my lights have also come on and car stop I let it sit for a sec and it started back up. my heat/air doesn't kick in till after 3 on the knob. sometimes locks lock and unlock themselves. I am at 100k miles now I bought the car for 500 dollars and have put the same into it in only two years with a long way to go. is there any suit that can be filed for these issues?