1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 Door 2.4L DOHC from North America


Rank on the road, but electrical problems are terrible!


Since purchase, a few things have gone wrong. The fuel pump went at 99,000 km, luckily I purchased the extended warranty. The dealer did not want to do the warranty work, saying that it was not part of the "power train", as I had only purchased a power train warranty. It specifically states in the warranty agreement that all parts of the "fuel system" are covered. Needless to say, I fought that one and got it under warranty after knocking a few heads.

Lately, little things have been going wrong with the electrical system. The cruise works for the most part, but sometimes decides not too. Also, the stereo clock light went on and off, depending on the day. I just finished taking out the stereo and checking the wires, and they looked fine, but now the stereo has no power at all! The theft lock light just flashes, even when the car is running. These kind of things really bother me!

General Comments:

On the other hand, the car is very rank on the road, you can corner hard (if you've got the tires), and it has a lot of jam for a 4 cylinder. It also looks deadly when it's cleaned up and the tires are shined. If not for the little things, I would love this car even more. If you are looking for a cheap used car that is sharp looking and good on fuel, than this is the car for you!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE V6 from North America


The Grand Am may be "driving excitment", but it is "pocketbook disaster".


36K, when I drove the car home the first day, the coolant light came on. There was no coolant in the reservoir. Dealer "fixed" it, stating that it "should not need service until 75K miles, it's a 'sealed system'."

The tires needed replaced immediately. Dealer replaced them.

Headlamps were mis-aimed and one lamp was on bright all the time. The dealer replaced the one headlamp and re-aimed both.

At 38K mileage, I was experiencing bad grinding sound from brakes. The rotors were grooved and pitted. Dealer said they could be turned, but Midas said they were below spec. Dealer replaced rotors and adjusted calipers on back.

56K, the compressor went out. This cost me $800.

The coolant system continues to leak. I have used "Stop Leak" gunk in a bottle with some success.

My airbag light is on since 83K miles. My mechanic neighbor says that means the airbag will not work in an accident. Great. Now I'm gambling my life versus another $800 (estimated) repair bill.

85K: Brakes again. Rotors were turned this time, drums resurfaced, back calipers adjusted again. Two new tires. (Two had been replaced last year due to nails in sidewall-can't blame manufacturer for that.) $391.

Now the ABS light and the ETS tracking system lights are on. The ABS and the ETS have periodically gone off-line for the last 20K miles. Midas mechanic said today that "oh that's a problem with Grand Am's"

Here's what I hear from mechanics:The brakes are a problem on Grand Am's. Now I hear ETS is problem. Why does GM make consistently bad rotors? Why do they not fix continued and recognized problems?

General Comments:

I was in the market for a reliable import. But when I drove it, the Grand Am wowed me. It looks awesome, drives great, holds the road well, the V6 is peppy, but it is rife with mechanical problems. The Grand Am may be "driving excitement", but it is "pocketbook disaster". Next time I buy a car, I'm using my head, and not my heart.

Thanks for breaking my budget, GM. You got me this time, but Mazda or Toyota will likely keep my business next time.

Oh, yes, I am "upside down" in the car with with three years payments to go.

This car has been a mechanical disappointment and I urge anyone considering a Grand Am to grill the dealer over brakes, ABS, ETS, coolant systems, compressors. I don't know if there have been improvements since I bought my Grand Am, but from the comments of mechanics outside the dealership (and inside too!) GM is careless and unresponsive at least about the brakes on these cars. How difficult or much more expensive can it be to make the rotors out of a better grade of metal? Or does GM just not give a hoot? How silly of them. It's made them lose one customer. I bet I'm not the only one!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

24th Sep 2003, 20:10

The rotors have definately been a problem for me, as I owned 2 99's. And, you would think the manufacturer would take responsibility for the defects, as so many people have complained--even part stores know it is a chronic problem. My driver window sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. My car was in "Park" yesterday and took off by itself. The auto door locks engaged, so I couldn't get in it to save it before it rolled down an enbankment and hit a tree.