1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT from North America


From the week we brought the car home we noticed that the interior paneling was bubbling and needed replacing.

At 38,000 the water pump blew and the dealer wouldn't touch it.

The Manifold intake gasket has started leaking at 40,000.

The radio has been replaced twice because of malfunctions.

The power steering fluid restrictor and pump has been an on going concern because of squealing.

General Comments:

The GT model is quick and fairly comfortable to drive long distances.

But it is disappointing to have to do engine repair on a vehicle at 40,000 miles.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

29th May 2003, 09:21

I have a 99 Pontiac Grand Am, and I am having the manifold intake gasket replaced now, I only have 47,000 miles on it.


1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE V6 from North America


Big time lemon


CD Car stereo broke four times in 2 years. The last time it broke GM would not replace the unit for free because it was over the 60k warranty. I found out later that they had been replacing the stereo each time with refurbished ones. They offered to sell me another one for half price, but I refused to pay any more money for a GM endorsed stereo. I had paid a premium of 400 dollars for a CD player in my car so this left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Short circuit in the blinkers. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Haven't fixed yet.

Springs in the driver seat have broken twice. Fixed once at a cost of 50 dollars. It's going to cost me 120 dollars to fix it again which I'll have to do because if I don't it will wreck the upholstery.

Shiny paneling along the doors have flaked off on both sides. Not fixed yet.

And finally the head gasket blew costing me 1500 dollars to repair after only 130 000 km.

General Comments:

Avoid this car like the plague. It's obvious from my dealings with the customer service people at head office that General Motors does not car about the quality of the products that they manufacture.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.4 from North America


I have been very blessed that I have not had any real problems.

I replaced brakes about 6 mos after I first got the car, which again, I bought it with 8,500 miles on it.

My heater control knob broke and I replaced it, $7.00. A tail light blew out.

There was a recall for the console latch & the Dealer took care of that.

Oh, and my ignition cylinder got clogged and I could not turn my key to start the car. I had to pay a locksmith $100 to basically clean out some microscopic debris.

I have had basically all the requiredmaintenance including the Engine Blisten Flush.

But I just cannot even sit here and try and come with a list of what I consider to be problems.

Oh, wait, I lied, I just looked over my service invoices, I had a power steering pressure hose go bad, which the Dealer had informed me of about (2) visits earlier, but said that it was just like a "pin" hole and I could go a bit before changing it, but advised me to check the fluid here and there. My steering-- when turning hard left/right did start to feel weird after a while, so I had them replace it. $59.00.

The (3) times my check "Engine Light" came on was because twice I did not replace my gas cap correctly and then when the tail light blew out. I don't know why the dash light could not just have a symbol of a gas cap or a light to indicate this problems. I mean, the check engine light seems a bit dramatic for minor things, but that is my only complaint.

General Comments:

I first fell in "like" with the Grand am when I saw a commercial of it sliding and spinning through water. It made no difference to me that I bought a used one. It's 4-door, silvermist metallic color, with dash cover & rear spoiler.

The car handles just so perfect for "me". I can feel like I am driving a sports car at times and at other times, I feel like it's just a cruiser. It just kinda of handles the way I want it to when I want it to.

Sometimes I laugh at myself when the "Low Trac" (Enhanced Traction System) light comes on just because I hang a corner turn too fast. But hey, at least I know it is working.

Okay, so the back seats are not the most comfortable, but I ain't gotta sit back there, so what do I care...

And yes, I would have loved a customized order GT, but as my son always says, I drive the darn car like it is a GT, so just imagine, I would probably kill us in a GT.

I am curious to see what the new breed of Grand Am will look like in 2005 with the new body and all. And my car will probably go to my son who is just starting high school. But I will tell you this, my 2000 is the last year of the side body extra molding which I still like although a lot of people despised it.

With Grand AM's, either you luv um or hate um.

My car has been real good to me, and hat's off to Superior Pontiac in Ontario, CA.. they are good people.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

5th May 2003, 09:42

I am very interrested in buying a new 2002 Ponyiac Grand Am, I read your article and it sounds like a good idea.

14th Jun 2004, 15:37

2002 was the last year for side body moldings, not 2000. I could be wrong, but as far as I know the 2005 models will remain unchanged. The are said to be a continuance of the 2004-99 models.

5th Nov 2009, 17:59

I got my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE about 6 months ago. It is a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder 2 door. I got the car for nothing cuz it needed an engine, but it has been the best car I have ever owned and the most economical. I love my Grand Am, the only real bad things that have broke were the rear suspension, but the body does have 267,000 kms on it and a power steering pump. Other than that this has been a beautiful car. My new engine has 64,000 kms on it.