1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 3.4L from Japan


Too many problems with the same things and Pontiac isn't fixing them


I have had problems with the front brakes since 6,000 miles and had to turn the rotors three times.

Replaced front driver side window regulator/motor at 20,000 miles.

Replaced alternator at 18,000 miles. It seems to be a problem due to the location of the alternator, which is burning it out due to a ventalation problem.

With only 21,000 miles on my car, I had to get it aligned twice.

With hot weather, the rear doors leather/vinyl is bulging out and coming out of the window frame area.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

12th Apr 2005, 08:17


I am a 17 year old female in Ohio, I have a 1999 blue grand am. I have had so many problems with this car it is unbelievable, today I was leaving for school, and my brake light came on inside the car and and then all my gages went down to zero, and stayed there even while I was driving it. Then it started to putter, then it stalled. I really love this car, I would love to keep it for a while, all the light on the dash came on saying that everything was wrong with my car, someone please help me, I really love my car.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4L V6 H.O. from North America


We love it - a better car for our low-end market


It had a leak in the water pump.

The battery was weak.

The drive belt needed replaced.

The front spoiler was cracked.

General Comments:

Granted, we haven't had this car very long. But we love it, especially compared to the Dodge Neon we traded in. It seemed to be "beefier" than what I would have expected.

The dealer had gotten it in on trade just the same day we bought it, so they didn't have time to check it out. Since we had already sealed the deal, they fixed all of the problems it had at no charge. I have a feeling that if we had waited to buy it, they would have figured those repairs into the price.

The dealer replaced the battery, the serpentine belt, the front spoiler and the water pump. It's good to go.

We bought it for about $500 less than the Kelley Blue Book retail value, and got about three times the average trade-in value for our Dodge. So, we came out pretty good.

The car is quick and just fun to drive. Since it seemed so meaty, I had my mechanic son look it over. He pointed out the "high output" label, then popped the hood and pointed out the Ram Air and the sequential firing.

I've heard from others who have said they had owned or driven Grand Ams and were not impressed. I think the high output seems to make a difference. My son drove it, and he was duly impressed with the pick up it had.

I've only had it up to 95 mph, and it handled really well at that speed.

The interior is like sitting in a cockpit. We like the way the controls are laid out. It has a lot of extras we weren't used to, like CD player, electric windows and locks, etc. This is like a Cadillac for us poor folks. My wife and I have a standing wager as to who will be the first to be ticketed in it.

It's red, which we refer to as "Ticket-Me-Red."

After reading some poor reviews, I thought it would be prudent to let people know that we're very happy with ours.

It did have some problems at 44,000 miles, which is probably why it was traded in, but they were easily fixed.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2003

23rd Feb 2004, 20:07

I have to agree with you, my boyfriend just bought one (at my urging cause I loved it :-) this car is absolutly amazing at its price, we only paid 9,000 for ours. I am already looking to buy one for me.