29th Dec 2000, 16:56

I think the crummy brake problems are present on all Grand Ams from 1996 when they changed the body style to the current one. I have a '96 Pontiac Grand Am and the same problems that you are describing are the same problems I have always had.

My car has been to the dealer several times and yet they can't find a reason why the noise is coming back. I did what the other writer said, I changed my tires and the problem went away forever.

The entire brake system still sucks...I have to replace pads like every 12K miles, and the rotors like every 17K miles. Pontiac cannot give me a reason why there is a problem. I talked with them and they said that it was not a recurring problem with other drivers, but as I search the Internet more and more I find that I am not the only Grand Am driver that has experienced this problem. The sad part is that Pontiac will not recall any of the cars for the brake problem.

I was talking with a friend the other day and he gave me a good suggestion. Instead of contacting the dealer themselves (because they are not going to give you any satisfaction) call the department of Transportation. And I heard that if they get enough complaints on specific vehicles having the same problems that they can force the dealer to do a safety recall. That is my next goal. I will post additional information about my findings that I get from the Department of Transportation.

4th Jan 2001, 16:54

I have a 1999 Grand Am GT. With the exception of new rotors and all of the inside window mouldings being replaced it has been a good car for the money.

In fact we take it on long trips and leave our 1998 Pontiac GTP parked. It is more comfortable on long distances. The gas mileage on the GTP is a little better on the road.

4th Jan 2001, 21:03

It's hard to believe that all these problems are all the car's fault... when the person who owns it does not even know what kind of engine is in the car... there is no 3.0 6 cylinder in the Grand Ams!!

14th Apr 2001, 15:26

In response to the last comment... Not everyone knows who cares what kind of engine is located under the hood. All they care about is that the vehicle is reliable and safe. From the posts throughout the net, it would appear that Pontiac still has a real quality control problem, despite their fire breathing television image. Yes, there are those who abuse or neglect their rides, but most people do have their cars maintained with regular fluid changes. It is more important that the mechanic knows the size and shape of the engine than the owner.

Personally, I feel that Generous Motors is canceling the wrong nameplate.

17th Oct 2001, 12:16

Let's see, me and my brother have owned a 1986 GA, a 1994 GA, and currently we have a 1998 GAGT and a 1999 GAGT. All have been EXCELLENT cars. You cannot find a car on the market in the same price range that can beat a GAGT. My 1999 is fast and fun to drive. The handling is stiff and it sticks to the road.

As for not knowing what kind of engine you have, how the heck do you buy a car and not know what is under the hood? Besides, you should have lifted the hood to check out the engine compartment before you bought it!! If you did you would see a HUGE "3400" printed right on the engine.

Man, some people.

27th Feb 2002, 20:26

I recently bough a 1999 Grand Am. I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle since I got it. I have owned 4 Pontiacs and the last two have been the worst, I traded in my 1996 pontiac Sun-fire for my Grand AM, because of the brakes. I have had my Grand AM for 1 month and from the day I first drove it off the lot there was a grinding noise coming from the front, every time I turned left it continuously got worse. I took it in to get it looked at and everyone of the bolts that holds the whole front end together was finger tight. It was just a matter of time before I would have lost control of the car because the tires would have just gone outwards, and I would have had no steering. The dealership I took the car to tightened them up for me, but the grinding noise has come back once again. And now to top it all off the anti-lock brake system has gone out. I am hoping that Pontiac will do something to prevent these things from recurring again. It just seems to me if people keep having the same problems then they should be doing something to help stop this problem. I now know better than to buy another Pontiac again, 4 times is enough trouble.

5th Jun 2002, 20:16

1999 GAGT.

All I can say is that at 58,000 miles I need a new engine. the camshaft broke in half.. seems like everyone has the rubbing noise, also have problems with the rotors. I am 42 years old and do not drive like a teenager.. I have a Chevy van with 158,000 miles.. never had a problem with it.. hmmmm should Pontiac check into these things?

21st Jun 2002, 11:41

We own a 1999 Grand Am. The car has been perfect except for the front brakes. We have had the car back to the dealer several times because the vehicle tended to stop steadily in spurts like a frog walking.

The dealer was very receptive and helpful. The rotors have been turned twice, which temporarily stopped the problem each time. However, the warranty has expired and the problem still exists.

We just took the car back to the dealer and, even though the warranty has elapsed, the dealer is replacing the rotors and pads at no cost.

My wife drives the car mostly and we are both very happy with the dealer, the car and the price for the value received.

We will buy another new Pontiac (Grand Am) as soon as GM decides to change the body design to another design we like.

12th Aug 2002, 13:19

I own a 1999 Grand Am SE with the 3.4L V6. It has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. There are constant problems with the engine stumbling, and running poorly (the engine management software has been replaced, the EGR valve has been replaced numerous times, the oxygen sensor has been replaced, 4 injectors have been replaced).

The entire wiper/washer turn signal unit on the steering column had to be replaced because the turn signals would turn themselves on for no apparent reason, resulting in some rather unpleasant looks for my fellow motorists.

The fit and finish was and is abysmal. The dash was installed crooked, twisted and off center, there was glue all over the steering wheel, rubber trim on the A-pillars was installed half in and half out of the the plastic trim. I have a squeak in the dash that sounds like a hamster's wheel that in three years the dealer has been unable to find, let alone fix. The trim fell off in the trunk.

I complained to the owner of the dealership, to no avail, and complained to GM Canada who were of no help either. I can only assume that the Lansing Assembly Plant is staffed by barely trained baboons, and that quality control is non-existent. I will never again buy or even go near another GM product.