14th Aug 2002, 03:33

Hi my car is a 2000 grand am GT. great car,proud to own it. but have the same rubbing" noise in the rear wheels. have contacted my dealer (still under bumper to bumper warranty) and have said that my rotors were not. is this true?,i don't know. but it gets a bit embarrassing when I come to a stop with anew car that sounds like it should be serviced (brakes) now!!!they have changed my tires, but the rubbing sound is still there, please help???!!!way up in Canada. by the way my tires are goodyear rsa 225 50 16inch, but I swear its my little rear rotors.

7th Sep 2002, 22:52

My husband and I bought a Grand Am GT three months ago. Even though the car was 3 years old, it only had 22,000 miles. We bought it thinking it would last at least 2 more years until I finished college. The engine is leaking oil, the oil light comes on all of the time. No one knows why yet. The car spends days at a time at the shop (3 times since we bought it). The air conditioner is going out, one of the electric windows only works sometimes, the steering makes noises, sometimes it won't shift, or will shift then shake for a few seconds. We regret buying this car so much, I would not recommend a Grand Am to anyone, or maybe ours is just a "lemon".

19th Sep 2002, 13:27

September 19, 2002

I bought my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT 2 months ago. For the past two weeks, I have also been having a grinding noise in my left front wheel. It started the minute I made a sudden stop (from a low 25 mph) at a stop light that had just turned red. When I slammed on the brake, it made an awful grinding sound - it sounded like the car was going to fall apart). Ever since then, I've been hearing a grinding noise in my wheel. It doesn't just happen when I step on the brakes either, it also happens when driving. I took the car to a garage right away to have the brakes checked, but they said that the pads were brand new, and they couldn't find anything. I went to the local library to get a hold of the Consumer Reports annual car ratings (which I probably should have done BEFORE I bought the car), and found that the Grand Am (all years before 2000) have the WORST rating for brakes. I guess I learned a lesson here - a little too late.

11th Dec 2002, 12:29

Last August I bought a '98 Grand Am SE with 59,000 miles on it. Within two months I was back at the dealership to replace my brakes. I had to schmooze with my salesman just to get it fixed and for no charge. Being it was a used car it only had a one month warranty. Now a little over a year later and about 30,000 miles later I'm having to go back again for the brakes. They are starting shake when I slow. My struts are also shot and every bump I drive over is maximized. My engine also just started "skipping a beat", when I'm parked or have the brakes applied the car jerks. After reading all of your comments I am worried I made a horrible investment and fear that nothing but trouble will come out it in the future. Drive Safe!

11th Dec 2002, 22:52

Brake problems are a common thing with the Grand Am. I replaced my factory rotors with PowerSlot slotted rotors. All my brake problems have gone away and it stops great now. Old ones warped all the time. The PowerSlots don't. Also, they are not that much more expensive than a pair of factory ones, especially if you install them yourself. Other than the brakes, the car just keeps going and going. I have 103K on it and it still runs really strong. I like the 4cyl better than the 6. The six is a leaky pile of junk. Had the 3.4L 6cyl in my Sunbird GT and it leaked oil even when new. My Montana Van had the same engine and it leaked too. Stick to the little high reving 4 cyl.

21st Dec 2002, 15:04

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM and I have had the same problems with the "grinding" sounds. We thought it was wheel bearings and had them replaced, then thought we got a bad NEW set and had THEM replaced only to still have the noise. I am used to it now and just crank up the stereo to drown it out, but always wonder what the heck is causing it! It is nice to know that I am not alone!

30th Jan 2003, 17:44

I have a 2001 Gran Am GT with well over 100,000 miles on the 3.4L ram air engine (and the engine runs stronger than day 1). I also experienced the rubbing noise in the front end with the Goodyear GSA tires, at 60k miles I replaced them with Dunlop SP Sport A2 and the noise went away. My suggestion is to get rid of the stock tires and upgrade. By the way, the Dunlops have far better traction than the GSA's and cost quite a bit less.

Yes, Pontiac's Customer service and their mechanics leave much to be desired. The Fuel pump has been replaced 3 times and other problems have been created due to the mechanic deficiencies; however, my GA is enjoyable to drive. To date I've only gotten to 110 mph and it runs high 15's low 16's in the quarter (depending on temperature). I'm looking forward to modifying the engine.

25th Feb 2003, 20:15

The "grinding" sound is due to the fact that the tires are a little too large for the rims.

In the Boston area this is known by the dealers and if pressed the dealers will pick up part of the cost of switching to "metric" size tires. (We go $50/tire credit against $75 tires.)

The other symptom is that the tires leak air, especially during seasonal temperature changes.

Go get the dealer to make it right. They have a factory note on this.

27th Feb 2003, 15:05

In June 2002 I purchased a 1999 Grand Am V6 as a GMAC Certified used car. Last week, after several hours of use, the car burned to a total loss. While sitting in a parking lot and idling, smoke was seen rising from the hood. Opening the hood, flames were seen at the rear of the engine. By the time the fire engines arrived, the engine compartment was completely on fire.

14th Mar 2003, 17:52

Let me join the crowd... my 99 GAGT (with 38K miles) also has the same grinding noise coming from what I thought was the front of the car. I had the pads and rotors replaced on the front and unfortunately, the grinding noise is still there. So, whats left? Either change out the pads and rotors on the back or wait until the Goodyear RSA tires wear out and replace them with Dunlop SP A2 tires? Either way, I guess which ever wear out first. I must admit though, I just can't imagine that its the tires making the noise. What exactly is rubbing against what? Other that that, I love my car... Stationed in Germany, have taken it up to 135 mph and still have not found top-end. Got'a love that!