25th Aug 2004, 23:11

Just letting you know that you are not alone. I also have a 99 grand am SE and the brakes squeal, volume goes louder when you turn the radio down, clock shows lines and dots, fan blower setting 1 doesn't work.

1st Jul 2006, 22:36

Man oh man!! My Grand Am SE is a money pit!

My poor dad has to constantly replace the brakes.

The car makes loud squeaking noise when someone sits on passenger side or back seat (practically echos in neighborhoods).

Blower knob doesn't work either on 1 or 2.

It has turned off on me WHILE driving (had to glide off the road).

Have replaced the belts three times since purchase (3 years).

Have replaced battery, alternator, and starter, all in the same week.

Replaced the fuel pump ($500).

It still turns off or doesn't start at all, have tons of lights going on over my speedometer and rpms its like I have my own club in the car.

Not very good on gas.

Within a year of having the car, coolant was leaking, then later was mixing with the oil inside the motor.

Had the motor replaced with a new one, and thought that that would solve my problems, I thought for sure it would run like new and it turned out to be the complete opposite. The car doesn't run now, the ABS and brake lights are on (because of this, the cruise control doesn't work).

After the replacement of the motor, it began to tremble a lot, overheat (was the thermostat), and turn off while idling at a stop light.

Uncomfortable seats (seems that the metal holding the seat together is trying to pop out of the fabric). The seat controls lasted only 2 weeks of having the car (I hear the motor, but no movement).

The passenger side window is scratched and so is the drivers side, plus it squeaks like I'm torturing a bird.

The car sounds like an old clunker while driving.

The trunk upholstery is badly installed and is now coming up and apart.

This car has been posted in the drive way for a week. I'm now afraid to drive it because it's not dependable - it has left me stranded plenty of times, at college, while driving down the interstate, at the beach, at a stop light and many more places...

I drive my mom's old Chevy truck that has no A/C and horrible speakers to school now, because it is so much more reliable than my Grand Am.

I know now why it was so cheap, because it had everything in the world wrong with it, I have vowed to never buy a Pontiac ever!! I strongly suggest that anyone NOT buy one either, unless you want the headache of a crappy car that constantly breaks down, and have the most unthinkable things replaced on it!

Don't BUY A GRAND AM.. for all those that have one and say it's just the greatest.. give'em a year and still see if they're still singing the same song.

2nd Jul 2006, 09:28

I've had my Grand Am for two years now and have had none of the problems that your speaking off. Perhaps it was abused and not maintained by the previous owner. My car works perfectly and all I have had to do in that time is one $250 (cdn) brake job. The '99's are known for having more problems than other years, but that's what happens when you buy a first year model from any manufacturer. Good luck, I hope things work out with you.

2nd Jul 2006, 11:56

Acceleration, handling and overall performance is excellent.

Repairs usually start at $500.

Coolant problems. First water pump, then contamination in the alternator from the coolant resulted in the battery being fried and a replacement to the alternator. Now the intake manifold leaks coolant to the outside and is suspected to leak into the engine. Cost of this one starts at $1500.00.

Seriously thinking of a trade in before I go broke.

12th Jul 2006, 03:17

I know exactly what you're saying!! I also own a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE, and my brakes squeal, my fan speeds 1 and 2 don't work, the radio turns up when I turn it down, and when I press the lock button once, then shut the door, in a couple of seconds the horn does chirp.

12th Jul 2006, 15:18

To the Commenter above:

- your squeeling brakes means that it is time to change the pads

- The fan speed not working on settings 1 and 2 is the resistor in the fan speed control. It is a simple fix.

- the radio has a speed control volume feature in it so that while your driving it increases the volume of the radio to accomodate the increase in road/wind noise. You can turn it off. Try reading your owners manual

- You can change the settings on your door locks to not chirp at all. Try reading your owners manual.

18th Jul 2006, 10:57

I love my grand am SE, the only problem I've had with it was that it needed a new air conditioner compressor which you come to expect from a car with 77000 miles on it, besides that, I have the same problem with the volume, but that's something, if was a really big problem, id spend the 50 bucks to buy a new deck, as for everything else, I've had no problems. could also be because I take impeccable care of it.

27th Feb 2007, 18:12

I have had my '99 grand am for almost 4 years now. My parents bought it for me when I was 16. I know why the car honks when you push the lock button. It does it so the person knows the car is locked. If you push the lock button a second time, when the car dings, it will lock the doors right away and not wait 10 seconds to do so.

My fuel gauge starts to "float" when my tank has less than 1/4 of a tank. I was told it's because of the fuel sensor in the tank (it's like a floater in the toilet) and it gets stuck as it goes down.

My radio used to go up when I tried turning it down. My factory CD player only worked the summer I had it and completely quit working after that. I have since replaced it with a new CD player/radio from Circuit City and it works perfectly.

I have about 82,000 miles on it and my speed sensor in my tires have gone out again. For the most part, my car has been wonderful. I have never had any major problems with it.

7th May 2007, 19:27

1998 Grand Am. I purchased this Grand Am when it was 4 years old. From the start the factory radio increased in volume when you turned 'down' the volume knob. The dealer didn't know why. The radio station display/clock display randomly disappears or shows random numbers or number segments. The radio function is not impaired. I had to replace the 'pass lock' switch, but under extended warranty and then the ignition switch out of warranty. Then the factory did a recall/replacement on the ignition switch. I have had no more problems in the last 3 years. But I would have to carry a camera with me in order to document the random radio display problem. Joeinorange2 in Orange Virginia.