18th Jun 2007, 13:39

The information I have been reading has been very valuable to be in my search for a vehicle. I know, like everything with moving parts, cars are sometimes cranky and can "act up" on their owners.

I do understand that all cars have their lemons and that some people might love "X" car while others hate the same model and trim from the same year.

One question I do have for all of the 1999 Grand am car owners is: All of these problems that seem to be consistent in this discussion seemed to have been based around the SE model. Do any of these problems exist in the GT model as well?

I am looking to purchase a 1999 Grand Am GT for a very reasonable price and it is in impecable condition inside and out, should I be worried about these problems or will they be aparent when I take it for a test drive?

26th Jun 2007, 16:34

How do I change the starter on 1999 grand am ill never buy another one.

9th Jul 2007, 22:10

My car has been pretty good to me, but it does have its negatives. For one, it left me stranded dead center of the street when the alternator died. My gas gauge does not work so I have to track my miles. Sometimes it has electrical problems when the speedometer will not work for a minute or 2, and last, but NOT least, the transmission is going out on it.

17th Jul 2007, 23:15

I bought my 99 Grand Am near the end of last year, and I was recently wondering if my car was supposed to be equipped with all of the features, such as key-less entry, alarm system, etc. After reading all of these comments, I realize that the problems with the other Grand Ams are very similar to the problems of mine. The driver's and passenger's side widows are both scratched, both make horrible noises when going up or down, and the driver's side switch only sometimes works. My radio knob also is weird, as the volume goes up when I turn it down; I've learned that it actually works correctly if you pull the knob toward you while you turn it, though. I understand that it may be for noise control, but it does it when the car is in park also. Plus, it does the honking thing when I push the lock button twice, but I thought maybe it was just equipped to be able to install the key-less entry and alarm system..? The LED lights in the radio randomly work. There is a tiny bulb and the word "THEFTLOCK" below the tuning knob. My car does seem to run fine, even though the mileage is around 117,500. I like it, despite these weird simple problems.

26th Oct 2007, 10:14

I bought my '99 Grand Am GT1 brand new off the lot eight years ago and it was been an outstanding car for me. I now have 146,000 miles on it and it's gotten me up and down the east coast, cross-country twice, and up and down the west coast! I'm going to be very sad when it's time to see her go.

I have had very minor issues over the years, other than the normal wear and tear stuff. It all depends on the person, and what they can tolerate I guess.

- My power lock does not work, it unlocks, but does not lock. Not sure what's going on, replaced the fuse, but not worth getting fixed now.

- I do have that issue where the volume goes down when I turn it up on the knob, but another commenter noted that this is actually a "feature" so I dunno.

- I've had to get the relay behind the hazard switch replaced because it began clicking on it's own randomly. Then a few years later the clicking returned and instead of forking over the dough, I've just gotten used to it!

- The door covering is coming up at 3 of 4 windows.

- The radio does do that jumble of digits once in a while, but no real issue there.

- The power window regulator busted in the last week (which is what led me to this site!) and I'm waiting on a new one to replace that, but only $65, so not big deal. It was actually the clips that hold the slot for the tabs glued to the window. Sorry for my likely inaccurate terms!

- The fan settings 1 and 2 don't work, which I'd like to fix, if anyone can point me somewhere for info on replacing the fan speed control resistor?

- The back left turn signal and brake light panel got rusted out and had some trouble with the turn signals going out here and there, but was able to fix that it seems.

I think that's about it! Like I said.. she's been great to me! Best car I could've purchased coming out of college and for all my travels since!

20th Nov 2007, 14:49

For the most part it has been a good car with regular maintenance things until this year!

Front Coil spring broke... two new springs and struts.

Check engine light.. mysteriously goes on and off for no apparent reason.. the code is for vaporization... replaced the gas cap... the mystery continues.

Cooling problems... had the intake gaskets done... okay for 40,000km and now it is a problem... apparently there is a GM fix some sort of tablets they are a buck a piece and seems to work... also saw Consumer Guide... sand the plastic radiator reservoir and replace with a new cap.

Brakes...first set lasted me 90,000km.

Anyway will keep it for a another year and start looking around.

6th Feb 2008, 08:37

I have a 99 Grand Am SE2 and recently the check engine light went on and off. The first time I got it fixed the guy said that it was the fuel cap. A couple days later the light went on again. I took it to another place this time. This guy said that the I had a faulty tube, but should definitely take it in if I notice the needle moving from a full tank to an empty tank. On my way to work today, it moved from full to empty about 8 times and I filled up yesterday evening. The weather here (Chicago) has been warm, cold, rainy, snowy, sleet you name it and I'm afraid I will stall during a bad storm if there is something more serious than a faulty gas gauge.

8th Feb 2008, 12:34

I recently purchased a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE, 2.4L. from a private party.

When the car is cold, I have a hard time starting it.

I have to crank it for 4 or 5 seconds, then it starts.

Once it is warm, it starts fine.

I’ve replaced spark plugs, fuel filter, and coolant temperature sensor. Problem still there.

Also, I have to “jiggle” the key, in order to get the ignition lock to turn. (Maybe related?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


8th Feb 2008, 15:55

When I initially got the car, I liked it. Since then, I've had the brakes fixed, problems with the motor mounts (the bolts are sheered off) and that was a costly one. The sunroof squeaks and is loud and annoying with every bump I hit. Today was a doosey! The power steering pulley just broke, the belt snapped and it overheated. I'd runaway, but now I don't have a vehicle in which to do it in...LOL. I love the looks of the Grand Am's, but OMG, the repairs are outrageous!