1989 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe 2.8 Litre V6 from North America


One of GM's Best!


Digital speedometer worked intermittently when I bought the car, replaced it with one from a wrecking yard ($50.00), no problems since. Oil seal leak needed repair (300.00). Fuel pump replaced ($90.00 for pump; I installed it myself).

General Comments:

For such a high mileage car, it runs, drives, and looks great. Styling still looks contemporary. Uses virtually no oil. Excellent handling and good power. Very comfortable; no rattles. Totaling the purchase price and mentioned repairs, I only have about $1500.00 in this car. I have owned newer cars, but this is my favorite. My next car will be another Grand Prix!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

1989 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1 from North America


First good car we had in a long time!


We just bought the car. So far we have experienced trouble with the following.

We need to replace the power steering pump.

The combination lock for the glove compartment is froze, broken hinge.

The dual exhaust is in need of total replacement.

We are going to give it a tune up.

The interior has one hole in it except the roof covering needs redone.

It needs a new paint job. Paint finally starting to peel.

Nothing is wrong with car, but check engine light stays on.

So far no trouble with the dash board. Still same one.

General Comments:

I feel we will have lots of fun with this car. It has a lot of potential. If my hubby will let me, I would like to get it ready for show. We want to make it a quad exhaust. Do a new paint job. Highway mileage is good ranges from 20 to 25mpg. The Body is solid. Without being tuned up it squawks tire.

No hesitations.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

1989 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 2.8 Litre from North America


A great car overall


Driver's seat is torn a little.

Carpet by the back window is burnt from the sun.

I change the oil every two months. I waited too long before and the bad oil almost ruined my engine.

The carpet on the sides started to come off. That was easy to fix though.

Labeling on the outside almost peeled off. That was easy to fix too.

Plastic on the front below the grille cracked when I hit a curb.

Other than that, she's been good to me.

General Comments:

This car has a nice speed and drives smoothly. It turns real good and is pretty quick on acceleration.

The interior is roomy. Cool leather seats and very comfortable.

The trunk can hold plenty of stuff.

The bass in the speakers sound great and the sound is perfectly clear.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2004

1989 Pontiac Grand Prix from North America


One of the worst products I have ever purchased


The digital dashboard required service one day after taking possession from the dealer. That should have been my signal to return the car and request a refund.

The brakes are bad. The car generally skids on wet pavement.

The car always runs hot. The thermostat and other components were replaced, but the problem still persists.

The front seat backs do not lock in place. They will fly forward if the car is struck in the rear.

The heater does not work well.

The air conditioner does not work well.

The paint is peeling off the hood, doors, and body.

The oil pressure gage does not work.

The seatbelt warning light remains on even after they're fastened.

General Comments:

Although I have owned this car since 1989, it has brought very little satisfaction. I have recently experienced a battery drain, which 2 mechanics were unable to trace. I have resorted to a battery cut off switch which I must use every time I park the car, or else the battery will be drained and the car will not start. The digital dashboard has been a disaster. It has been replaced at least 3 times and still does not work. The brakes are bad. The car will skid on wet pavement.

The paint is peeling off. The car overheats regularly. The air conditioning hardly works. The car is destined for the scrap heap. I will never buy another Pontiac, or recommend one to anyone.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

20th Apr 2004, 18:21

Come on, I think this guy is exaggerating. Some things I do understand weren't that pleasing, but about the paint thing, GM said that they had problems with the paint and you can get it repainted at little or no cost to you. As well, most cars skid on wet pavement that's nothing new, maybe it's your tires too. Also the car is 15 years old, things will start to go wrong with it, and as for the seatbelt light, it's not a big deal since it's probably just a loose wire or something that can be fixed easily. I do agree that you have some issues with it, but most of them not that big of a deal. I owned a 1989 Grand Prix and never had serious problems with it.

24th Dec 2004, 16:53

My 89 G.P. skids on wet pavement too. It feels like it skids much more easily than other cars, probably because of its uneven weight distribution (most of the weight is toward the front of the car).