1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8 Super Charged from North America


Don't buy this bargain sports car unless you have deep pockets


Went through 2 serpentine belts within 3 months, was told by a neighbor that it was my water pump. The dealership said there was no way for the pump to be bad. Turns out it was the water pump and another belt broke. Since replacing the pump the belt has not broken.

Radio display flashes and acts erractically.

Had recall work done, my car was out of commission for 2 weeks... yes 2 weeks! Turns out the recall was not done right and when I left the lot I was unable to steer. I immediately pulled back in and got a rental.

Had to have 2 tie rods replaced. I am in no way rough on my cars.

Had muffler replaced.

Lens cap on head light fall off replaced next day after dealer received part, only to have the other fall off within the next year.

Blower motor went for the heater.

Then the blower control/ switch went.

Right now car is in the shop to get a new alternator, drivers side window motor and new fog lights. The passenger side fog light has died 6 times in 2 years.

General Comments:

I love the look of the car and the performance, but the hassles are just not worth it.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

29th Jul 2005, 05:00

Sounds EXACTLY like my 1997 Grand Prix. The similarities are uncanny... And although I purchased it used at 42K miles, I thought, what I am doing wrong!... (seeing as this was is my first car)

2nd Mar 2006, 01:48

Do you suppose the previous driver abused the car? when you buy a used car, especially something like a gp gtp you need to know it has likely been driven hard a few times. the car begs you to drop your right food hard and when you do that things break. even if YOU don't drive that way the last owner may have. that is part of buying a used car. I always figure on fixing some things like water pumps, alternators etc... when I look at the price of the car. after all, you didn't buy a little old lady's grocery getter...

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6 series 2 from North America


Nice, reliable and costly car


I first got the car in the summer of 2003 and had noticed the fuel gauge not working. I later found out that it was the fuel sending unit that needed to be replaced. My car had the on-board computer so I looked off the gallons used. It was a rough winter needing the front hub bearing replaced, all 4 struts and strut mounts and the front ball joints. Now when I turn it makes a clicking noise under the passenger side dash. Driver seat is worn pretty bad. I can feel the metal in the seat bottom and on the side.

General Comments:

My car is very a very reliable car. The car is very quick and all the top end power you need from a stock grand prix. Handles well and excellent stopping power.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2004

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 from North America


Could be Better, Could be Worse


Water in left headlight.

Gas gage inaccurate.

Change Oil light continuously on (just go an oil change).

When it rains, puddle of water left on right passenger seat flooring (has run into back seat)

CD player not working.

General Comments:

Seems that the workmanship needs some major improving! The electrical systems are not that good. I expected more get up and go from a V6. Roomy & comfortable seating.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004

19th Jan 2005, 16:51

I have the water problem too, there is a plug on the firewall that is missing. Just bring it to a gaurage and have them replaced. It is really in expensive.

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.8L from North America




Replaced water pump at around 110,000 miles, only needed regular maintenance, oil changes, tires, brakes. This car has survived 5 deer accidents and one fender bender. I wish the headlight were brighter.

General Comments:

I love this car and will probably buy another if it ever dies, I drive it 50 miles each way to work and back everyday and it has never let me down. Handles like a dream and will cruise well over the speed limit all day long. It holds the road like it glued to it, even in bad weather. My last GP had almost 300K on it when I gave it to my nephew and I'm sure this one will beat that. It still drives like it did when I got it.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2004