1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 from North America


Never Again


More like what isn't wrong with the car.

1. Transmission

2. Battery died at 15K miles.

3. Bad water pump.

4. Headlight lens covers fell off (moisture in headlights).

5. Display on radio flashes garbage.

6. Light bulbs burned out prematurely.

7. Steering wheel controls burned out.

8. "Wet braking" problem. Apparently many people (me included) have found that the car does not want to stop when raining. According to NHTSA there have been accidents due to this. I almost had one.

9. Cheap dye on leather seats coming off.

10. A/C chirps like a cricket when running.

11. Driver's side door leaks when raining.

12. Various snaps, crackles, pops, and rattles.

General Comments:

The performance was fast and sporty when running and not being worked on. Just wasn't reliable. GM and the dealer didn't care. Word is getting out on the Grand Prix. The 2000 car issue of Consumer Reports no longer recommends the Grand Prix due to "reliability issues". I will never own another. Got rid of it for a Honda Accord. Couldn't be happier. I see why Honda's are so popular.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2000

28th Jan 2001, 23:07

I own a '97 also and I love the car to death. I haven't had a problem yet due to me taking care of my car.

It stops on a dime on ice, rain, or normal conditions. I don't understand your problems. I am proud to say I am buying a 2001 GTX.

I would strongly steer you away from a Honda, any problems you have will be twice as expensive.


8th Oct 2002, 12:03

I also have a Pontiac Grand Prix, 97. I have owned it since new. I have had many problems as well. The problems are directly related to poor design and or poor quality parts. Taking good care of the vehicle has no bearing on the problems I, an many others are having. If you own one of these and don't have problems, you don't leave the garage with it.

The headlight lenses have fog in them all the time. They have been replaced 2x's at a cost of $200 each. GM and the dealer are of no help.

The under hood temps are excessive. I have burned up an alternator, waterpump, battery and even the shock tower rubber bushings. Again, GM was not aware of this poor design. This has cost me over $1000.

The paint is like most GM's. It peels off after a few years. Sorry, I felt I had to take it to a car wash once in a while.

As a side note, don't run one low on fuel. If the pump that is located in the tank suck air at all, the pump will self destruct. That only cost $350 for a new pump.

The Honda that a previous writer bought sounds good to me right now. There parts are expensive. The up side is that Hondas don't need to have parts replaced like this piece of work from Pontiac.

Unhappy in Detrioit.

12th Dec 2002, 17:57

I too have had problems with the braking on the GT. I was driving after a snow shower on the highway, and the brakes simply would not react for a few seconds before a toll booth. It's a good thing I slowed down early. When driving, though, this car hauls.

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3000 from North America


Looks great - Not reliable - Never again a GM PRODUCT


After a full end of warranty check-up at 35,000 miles including a written verification that car was 100%, I have now been told at 50,000 miles that the car requires a water pump, oil pump, power steering pump, is leaking oil from pan, gaskets and valves. All seem to have started at approx 100 miles when the air bag blew up while the dealer was replacing a sensor. Have also replaced 3 batteries (dead) and had a brake job.

General Comments:

This car has been maintained to dealer standards at the dealer and has been driven ONLY by myself. I have absolutely not driven this car hard. I live 20 miles out of town and this accounts for miles driven (on Highway). This car has been a nightmare and to this point the dealer has been NO Help at all.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2000

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3800 V6 from North America


The Alternator was replaced because it was noisy but the replacement is just as bad. The windshield wiper transmission has broken twice and the parts are hard to get. You never want to turn on the wipers if there is anything but water on the windshield, even a light frost. Scrape the frost off before turning on the wipers.

General Comments:

Except for the wipers this is an excellent car. It looks great, is big enough for a six foot person to sit upright in the back seat and have plenty of leg room. Four wheel ABS disc brakes stop this car like a dream. Excellent handling double the posted corner speed is nothing. 0 - 70mph is very quick and super fun, great passing power 55 - 80mph in the blink of an eye. It will easily bury the speedometer at 115mph and still be going and this ISN'T the supercharged version.

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Review Date: 16th June, 1998

10th May 2004, 16:08

The GPGT govern's out at 107mph. Only the GTP's keep going. They shut down around 135mph or so.