1997 Pontiac Grand Prix S.E. 3.1 from North America


I Think I am In Love


Chirp and Squeak and Smell from the Blower Motor for the Heater.

Left Headlamp lens cover moisture.

General Comments:

I have had this car for approximately 1 month, it is a 97 Grand Prix S.E. 4 door with a 3.1 Engine. This is a beautiful car, White with Tan Interior.

Lacking? Window Tint. Which will be taken care of soon.

I drive this car to and from work which makes for 100 miles a day. I have found this car to be very comfortable for any period of time driving. I really like the amount of power this car shows.

I Whipped a 97 Mustang (With a 6 Cylinder Obviously) off the line and 2 miles down the road to his misery. It felt good to be able to step on the gas and get the response I was looking for.

So far this appears to be a vehicle that I plan to drive for a very long time. I am reading mostly good reviews on this car and would like to thank everyone involved in allowing me to make an educated decision in purchasing this car. It has all the room I could ever want and just enough power to keep me appeased, and keep me just inside or outside of ticket range depending on my motivation at the time.

I am going to try the suggestion that hobbes1962 made about the 3 in 1 oil for the blower motor.

Has anyone found a better specific glue/silicon for the headlight scenario? If so please email me at workinman@joinme.com.

Thanks for All of the Input. It is Greatly Appreciated!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2002

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8 Supercharged (L67) from North America


Front wheel drive Musclecar


This was the first year for this body style and had used an inappropriate sealer for the headlight lenses. Pontiac provided a rplacement lamps for cars out of warranty at less than half the cost of retail. I replaced both headlamps for cosmetic purposes.

Didn't like the drivers seat belt because it would not retract all the time. Dealer said it was a common problem and I told the service adviser I wanted it replaced anyway. Replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

I really loved this car. It was difficult to drive within the speed limit because the the abundant power. I bought another Grand Prix although this one only has a 3.1 V6. Performance is adequate. I plan on buying another GTP before too much longer.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L V6 from North America


Quick for the money


Alternator went bad.

Defrost grille on dash started to crack.

General Comments:

This car rocks!

The back seats are very comfortable, and the front ones are okay.

This thing can kick tail.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2002

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.8 Liter V6 from North America


Unreliable electrical burden


Power seat motor broke

Headlight cover fell off

Radio Lights went out

Key release broke

Power window motor broke

Oil leak

Alternator went out

Low coolant light malfunctioned.

General Comments:

I like the looks of my car, but unfortunately it is not reliable. I have fixed several items with this car, mostly electrical problems. When it does run, it is great. I'm very disappointed in it. I have only had it for 3 years, my loan isn't even paid off, and I get worried every time I get in it. I'm a young person, who doesn't have a whole lot of savings yet. Everytime I take my car in it is at least over $200. It is a major financial burden on me!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE from North America


Rusts too quickly!


No major problems. Rust on section below doors. (holes on passenger side)

Took it to two Pontiac Body shops where they told me it was not covered because they think it is due to stone chips! I've seen many, many cars much older than mine with no rust there, let alone holes. Now I'm stuck with a car that looks like its in excellent condition with rust holes in it! I can't believe I was not taken care of. And one of my back passenger doors won't open. Had to have truck latch repaired, also.

General Comments:

My previous car, a sunbird, had to have both doors replaced because of rust. It was covered, but very inconvenient! So I've had 2 Pontiacs with rust problems? Makes me wonder???

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Review Date: 10th April, 2002

19th Jan 2005, 16:55

The reason you could have rust is because when it snows and the salt gets on it if you do not eventually wash it off it will eat through your metal. Mine with 72000 miles on it has not one spot of rust.

31st Mar 2005, 16:59

If you take of your car, it can last a long time. One way is to wash, especially in the winter, get the underbody sprayed to prevent corrosion. I have a 89 Caprice and the body has no rust!