1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE from North America


I like the car overall. Typical repairs, but costly


Water pump, EGR valve, oxygen sensor, rear struts and mounts, 4-way hazard flasher switch broke - cost too much to fix at $465.

Gas gauge intermittant, not reliable.

Heater fan has no low speed setting.

Radio LCD read out goes wrong.

Goodyear Eagle Tires that were on when purchased used were all out of round.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.1 V6 SFI from North America


My car rocks!!!


Nothing besides regular maintainance.

Noticed the power window on the passenger side is loud when winding down. Is it that how it is supposed to be or is it going bad?

General Comments:

This car is awesome, and I love it!!

It is very roomy and it handles great!

It is a dream. I love going on trips in it.

It is quiet in the cabin to.

Seats are very comfortable.

I love my car!

Purchased it in April and it rocks. I absolutely love it. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 from North America


I love this car, but it broke my heart


I first noticed that the brakes always seemed like they were grinding even though they were new. Took the car to the dealer several times over this issue and they said that it was a "normal sound"

Service Engine soon light always on for about 6 months. Dealer could never find reason, one day it just went off.

Alternator blew at 30,000 miles, 46,000 miles, and again around 60,000. No reason given for blowing that many.

Water pump and fuel pump failed at same time at 50,000 miles.

Lens cover fell off one day from right headlight. Expensive to replace.

Replaced power window motors on both the driver side and passenger side windows, along with the sunroof motor.

Airbag light is constantly on.

Found water in the trunk under the spare tire??? Thought maybe rain or snow must have gotten in somehow???

Service engine soon light back on at 83,000 miles, running real hard, then stalling out. Towed off the side of the road in 5 degree weather today (12/9/03)

General Comments:

I love this car. It's too bad that it's an overpriced, beautiful, unreliable, piece of roadkill.

It drives really well when it's not in the shop. I can't afford to drive it anymore due to all the repairs.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

8th Mar 2004, 18:06

I, too am heartbroken. I love this car, but the "service engine soon" light won't go off. We took it to the dealership and they say we need to replace the transmission. They turned the light off, but it went back on again the next weekend. We took it to AAA diagnostic center and they say the same thing, replace the transmission. Sad to like the car so much, but have to get rid of it.

15th Mar 2004, 11:38

Please wake up and bring your car to a REPUTIBLE mechanic and when your mechanic tells you that you need new muffler bearings for $1200 do you buy them?

4th Apr 2004, 11:10

I think the Grand Prix is a great car. I have a 1997 GT it runs great, handles excellent on the road. If you want performance this is it. I got 209000 kms on mine and other than a few minor problems that you get with every car I think it was money well spent. Ride with Pride Grand Prix owners this car is one of the sharpest on the road everyone notices it.

3rd Sep 2004, 18:55

I think your mechanic just likes you and wants you to keep coming back =)

1st May 2006, 11:12

I too had a problem with my 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT running rough and stalling out. Had it scanned several times and could not come up with a fix. Finally found out that a dirty faulty EGR valve was the cause of the rough idol. Replaced the EGR valve and haven't had a single problem since.