1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8 Liter from North America


The ultimate full size family sedan


Had to get rear window motor replace. Apparently, it was burned out when I bought it.

Radio clock would overheat and mess up. No biggy though. Went to an aftermarket sound system.

Belt tensioner pulley had to be replaced. Started to squeek really bad.

Brakes are the weakest point on the car. Squealing was the worst of any car I owned. Brake upgrade kit was the best thing to do to the car.

General Comments:

Well, nothing really bad has happened to the car. What's to say about it. Other than the normal wear and tear, this car runs awesome. On long trips, the car is extremely comfortable. Gas mileage is great. Averaged 28 on the highway traveling from Florida to Okalahoma. Everyone who rides in the car comment on how big the car is and how smooth it rides. Not to mention, the car turns head with its bright red paint.

The one thing I'd advice that you get when you purchase one of these cars is a wheel/tire upgrade. With the supercharged motor, this thing loves to spin the wheels easy, especially in wet weather.

Handling for the car is really good for its size, and not to mention that it is front drive. After putting 18 inch rims, and getting a higher rating tire, it handles awesome, even in wet weather. Some under-steer is evident, but its not bad.

For those who like to upgrade the performance on the car, you'll be surprised on how many performance parts are available for the car. And not to mention the cheap price for them.

The acceleration on this thing is awesome. With a little modifications, like a pulley swap, throttle body spacer, chip, and exhaust, I blew the doors off my friend new 2002 Mustang GT. And, if you want to make it a sleeper, all you got to do is remove the GTP badges on the side of the doors, and you'll surprise a lot of people out there.

Have fun and safe driving.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2004

17th Jan 2005, 14:39

I have a 2000 GTP, what can I do to it, to make it faster? I called Jegs and Jetchip. They have nothing. You mentioned a chip, throttle body, etc. Please let me know.


3rd Apr 2005, 10:01

I'm the original owner of my 1998 GTP NASCAR. This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Not a thing wrong with this car. I replaced the original brake pads and belts at 65K miles! My mechanic a personal friend of mine could not believe it! This car is a keeper and my lucky son will be inheriting this car for his college years.

The only complaint are the struts. It has got to be the cheapest and the worst struts ever produced!!! My advice is to replace struts ASAP with KONI struts and lowering springs. Also, a GREMLIN lives inside the dashboard. I finally found out how to kill the gremlin.

Besides the minor complaints above... basically a bulletproof engine/car.

Go out there and buy a used GTP for $2500.00!

29th Aug 2005, 23:34

For aftermarket parts there are many websites - but check out these 2 for the most info:



Great car, reliable, awesome sleeper. I have a 1998 GTP, which is totally stock, and I killed a nice looking Foxbody Mustang!

18th Nov 2005, 18:00


They specialize in only the 3.8 liter motor... They have everything...

5th Jan 2006, 10:26

I am in agreement. This is the best car I have ever owned. Zzperformance.com is the best GTP website for upgrading superchargers and overall performance of the car.

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Supercharged 3.8 from North America


What a P.O.S!


What a piece junk... keep in mind I have only had it for a month!

Had to rebuild any form of suspension (bushings, tie rods, etc. too) and it still rides really bad.

Tranny rebuild has only 25K and seems to be close to death already.

Stereo and speakers called it quits which cost me $900 for just decent aftermarket stuff (8 speakers and head unit)

General Comments:

I bought this car because I do a ton of long distance highway driving, and figured it would be great for it considering the original owner sold it to me with full service records and it was in excellent condition especially for the miles. It seemed like the perfect long haul kinda car. WRONG. The gas mileage sucks (avg 16 MPG!), the car is super uncomfortable, and its power is useless because its front wheel drive. I went from loving this car to hating it within a week of owning it. The only thing its got going for it is its looks. Oh yeah, the headlights are dangerously dim too. I wanted to own an American vehicle for a change, but come on GM, get your sh*t together!

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Review Date: 19th November, 2004

24th Nov 2004, 15:11

This reviewer did not buy a new car, he bought an 8 year old used car with 138K miles on it.

And all of his complaints are for things he should have either detected on a pre-purchase inspection or at least anticipated on a car with that much mileage.

It is laughable that someone would buy a front-wheel drive car and then complain about it being front-wheel drive!