20th Dec 2008, 23:06

Oh I forgot #15 my key gets stuck in the ignition when I turn off the car, so I have to either wait it out or if I stick my fingers under the steering wheel; there is a hole and you flick your finger up, and there is a button there that will unlock it.

Also with the passenger windshield wiper (that I was going to screw the nut); apparently it was stripped instead and I can't find any local stores that supply the passenger side one. They only have the driver side.

And now it's snowing and I'm just mad over all. I hope I can make it till the summer when I can buy something better. I mean, a go kart would be better right now than the Grand Prix.

11th Jan 2009, 10:42

Maybe bought a used rental car. Those are all simple problems for people with a little common sense. You will have little things like that happen with any car, and you will see one day it's called life, it happens, just nature taking its course.

21st Feb 2009, 09:28

I have owned my GTP for over 10 years and most problems that have happened to me have all been do it myself easy fixes. 200,000 km and all I have done (or paid to get done) is routine maintenance -Brakes, suspension, oil changes, flushes. I too had the puddle on the passenger side floor during heavy rainfall but I was able to find the problem. There is a box for the cabin air vent under the hood. This box came out of its proper position and let water in. 30 minutes to locate this problem and $2.00 worth of crazy glue and my lake issues have disappeared for over 4 years. My Grand Prix is a 2 door 1997 and it still runs the same way as the first day I brought her home. I have maxed the speed out until the governor kicks in and the HUD starts flashing- for 15 minutes at a time- many different times during long trips and it will take it. Reliable car that performs exceptionally well if taken a little care of.

21st Oct 2009, 16:59

I can't stand doing any work on GM vehicles. Everything is a pain right down to removing an oil filter.

22nd Oct 2009, 15:44

Absolutely. I have GM's in my shop a lot (big shock right? Not.) And they are a pain in the you know what to work on. While doing an oil change on a Silverado, I was amazed to find that the oil filter was above the transfer case, and when you removed it, it leaked oil all over the top of the case and drive shaft, and made a huge mess on the floor. Had another Silverado in the shop, it needed new brake pads at 43,000 miles, and it was a stepside. Not to my surprise, its entire bed was made of plastic.

26th Dec 2009, 21:20

My answers are below your questions.

1. Only the 4th option for my heater works and it's not very hot at all.

-Blower motor resistor 20 minute fix.

2. The A.C. doesn't work at all.

-Recharge it.

3. The check engine light has been on for over 3 years; they say it's the air intake, which has been replaced 2 times, then they say it's the wiring that goes into the air intake and I'll need a whole new wire harness.

-There is no CEL code for "air intake"

4. Windshield wipers once turned off will stay in the up position v.s. going down.

-Pop off the cowl and adjust the metal tab.

5. Windshield wiper spray doesn't work.

-10 dollar motor at the parts store and 15 minutes to change it.

6. Defroster doesn't work at all.

-See answer #1.

7. The rear speakers only work when it is extremely hot in the car like when it reaches 90-100 something with the humidity (strange right).

-Rear speakers died. Half hour to swap in new ones from (insert store here)

8. I don't dare ever put my passenger or driver side windows down all the way, for the fact they won't come up for a while.

-Pop off the switch and clean the metal contacts.

9. There is a weird knocking noise coming from my passenger side. It kind of sounds like I have a small hole in my exhaust pipe (which would make sense), except that whenever I'm turning around a bend to the right, the noise disappears.

-Bad hub. (Yes, the hubs are junk, I'll admit)

10. When I have the car off and the keys out, the fan for the heater/A.C. will be on and I can clearly hear it, so I have to pull the fuse out so it won't work.

-See answer #1.

11. The drivers side unlock switch doesn't work (locking is fine, just unlocking isn't).

-See answer #8.

12. When it rains very hard outside, I will get a puddle in my passenger side (no damage to the car).

-Pop off the cowl and glue the rubber piece back on.

13. With my windshield wipers, only the drivers side will work; the other one goes up an inch and then knocks back down. I am going to fix that tomorrow by tightening the screw.

-Good idea.

14. Just got new tires (maybe 2 1/2 years ago), and both are always going flat every few weeks with no explanation. I pulled them off and looked at them, and saw no apparent holes; even after spraying with water and soap to see any leaks, there were none.

-Not GM's fault. Take them back to the tire shop and complain.

All in all, besides re-wording and duplicating a few problems to sound like different problems, what you listed are simple fixes. Now I can see why people don't like GM cars. Simple fixes that the owner blames on GM and not the loose nut behind the wheel instead.

Go search 2006 Camry and see how many little yellow smiley faces you see in the list.

Enjoy your Toyota. If you want to get rid of your Grand Prix send me your info and I'll take it. I'd love to have a second Grand Prix!

5th Feb 2010, 20:05

I have had over 5 Grand Prixs and never had a problem. Go figure!!!