30th Jun 2010, 13:54

Yep racing around and leaving people in the dust will give you a mileage rate MUCH lower than quoted by the EPA. Also, these cars are not built to be driven like race cars. They will get expensive quick and with the horrendous resale you will be going broke. I used to want one of these cars, but I am glad I never got one and after reading reviews of people that thrash the heck out of them I'll never buy a used one either. Oh and "the cheap stuff" will not affect your gas mileage as long as your car is not required to run on anything higher grade. If it is, then that might be causing some of your problems.

2nd Jul 2010, 08:34

I concur with the original poster. My 06 GXP is so fun to drive, but a nightmare for repairs. Fortunately mine is a lease and I can hand it back to the pleading lease manager tomorrow. I don't care what it costs for repairs and nicks they are going to charge me for. Add a $700 HUD windshield replacement. This car is their problem.

All of the highlighted problems in this forum I have experienced first hand brakes, calipers and a tonne of mystery knocks that they cannot diagnose. Literally 10 to 15 times in the shop over my lease period. Thank god for extended warranty, or I would have been panhandling to keep this thing on the road.

Not sure where you all are, but I need snow tires and shelled out $1400 hundred for those.


It's been fun but expensive.

I hope if you are doing your homework on a used 06 GXP, you come across this post and it serves as a warning.

20th Jul 2010, 07:22

Original Poster, Again. Hi :)

Let me start by clarifying a few things...

1. I never said my "tickets" were from speeding... I would get pulled over for anything under the sun, and then they would find something petty to ticket me for. The car "Gets Noticed" is what I was getting at, and perhaps has a lot to do with the cars looks and exhaust volume.

2. My insurance is in fact high for the GXP. I have NO tickets on my driving record. I pulled my record and my insurance companies agree that I have nothing. I'm currently paying $110/month full coverage/lower deductible with higher coverage on a BMW compared with $200-$300 Quotes for the GXP. I had the USAA rep on the line for nearly 90 minutes trying to get her to explain this. She said she thought it was high too.

3. $700 Quote for a wind-shield was not an opinion, it is in fact extremely high for a domestic that's been in production for over a few years. I've had countless rocks hit my window in various cars, but never caused any more than a small chip. I had two small rocks hit the GXP, and both times the wind-shield cracked. Both times I was going under 50mph.

4. The EPA standard prior to the new GOV regulations were well known to be overstated. My point is... my 13-15 mpg average was my BEST! That means, even when I tried to maximise fuel, that's what I would get. Half Interstate, half city. 13-15mpg for half n half is still far below their lowest estimate. The DOD, Displacement On Demand only kicks on under light load and cruising under 70mph. Pretty small window and only improved mileage by about %10 any-ways.

5. The... (deep breath) Transmission, Gas Mileage, Brakes, Tires, Water Leaks, Front Bearings, Wind Shield, Oil Consumption, Remote's, Calipers, Exhaust System... ARE ALL VERY COMMON WITH THIS VEHICLE! It's not even a question, these are facts! To post: 16th Jun 2010, 13:34: "4 yrs/ 48,000 miles", consider yourself lucky but something tells me you'll be singing a different tune pretty soon.

6. I did more than my share of homework before buying this car, I couldn't find anything negative... There simply was not much reliability information at that time! It's only because (just a guess) every one's warranties are expiring that people are starting to get vocal. I mean look at this site, it's not until pretty recently that people started posting anything negative... (Go ahead, take a look)

7. I don't drive any "harder" than any other V8 loving 20's something car freak. Besides, there's plenty of other demographics having all of the same issues, so there's no correlation to my perceived "driving habits" and the fact that this car is a big ol FAIL!

8. If I was not looking for a car with a V8, 300+ HP, 0-60 in 5.6sec, could fit 5 adults comfortably and wouldn't die in if hit by an SUV, or a car with no personality, I would have bought a Civic! But I didn't! This GXP was marketed/engineered as a "Sports Sedan"! If I didn't care what I drove, then I would have gone with a Ford Focus anyways; cheaper, with similar reliability as any current foreign.

9. My GXP was purchased used and under valued. I have a very clear understanding of Rate of Return and Depreciation, thank you. I'm saying, the $4,000-$6,000 in maintenance alone in only 12 months I was driving it is insane by any standard/benchmark for any Non-Luxury vehicle. Again, not an opinion, these are facts!

Yes I do feel bad letting this rot out in the Louisiana sun. I really do enjoy it, and could have seen myself driving it for awhile. I do wish that perhaps now that I've pretty much replaced everything on the car, that it should be fine, but I just don't see it. The $2k work on the transmission was just to replace ONE solenoid... I would die if the rest of the transmission decided to go soon, especially since my warranty is up in Nov. Nnnnno ma'am! If any one is interested, $10K and it's yours! Too many new parts to list :)

20th Jul 2010, 20:44

"1. I never said my "tickets" were from speeding..."

You said it was fun to drive and then went on to talk about 5 tickets, so anyone would assume that you meant you got your tickets from speeding!

28th Jul 2010, 13:13

I own an 06 GP GXP and had new brakes put on (through the dealer) and they seem to "squeak" when I first apply the brakes (front brakes). I took it back to the dealership and they said that the brakes are fine. Anyone know what the problem could be? Cheap dealer parts maybe? Thanks.

16th Sep 2010, 13:43

I will be purchasing an 06 GP GXP in a couple months, and was currently doing my homework when I stumbled upon these comments. The person who was saying that he has had the car for 4 years/48,000 miles in would be absolutely accurate in saying that. If you aren't hard on your brakes, and by that I mean slowing down plenty of feet before a stop sign/stop light, the brakes will last a hell of lot longer.

Let me get this straight, you paid 4k-6k in repairs. How did you not have it under warranty for half that stuff? Tires, oil, and brakes aren't covered. So basically the most you should spend in 2-3 years would be around 900-1100 dollars, depending upon the type of tires you're getting. The person I'm buying the car from is putting in 1000 dollars worth.

One more thing, everything that goes wrong with the car is mostly due to how the person drives the vehicle, and that is fact. However, a few minor problems can occur without a driver's involvement, but those again should be covered under warranty. Just a word of advice for those who have a "sports sedan"; just because it has high performance, does not mean drive it hard and aggressive all the time, if at all period. Conserve the luxurious type of vehicle it is, and maintain its excellent condition from the start.