1st Feb 2007, 21:33

Tammie, the first thing I would do is check to make sure it is really full of coolant after changing all of those things. Let the car run without the radiator cap on, until it warms up and the thermostat opens up. Fill the radiator until it's full, and then add coolant to the recommended level in the reservoir. If the system is truly full, and it still overheats, the next thing I'd look for is to see if the electric fan is kicking on at the right temperature. If a fuse is bad, or a wire is corroded, or the fan motor itself is seized up, the fan can't help dissipate heat from the radiator and the car will always run hot. Next make sure that you bought the correct thermostat for the car. They are made to open at different temperatures. Also, are you sure that you didn't install it backwards, so it is restricting the flow of coolant?

22nd Oct 2007, 17:37

I have a 98 grand prix GT and having 2 issues with it.

1) the car will not shift out of park without using the shift over ride on the side of the shifter panel.

2) I cannot get the key out of the ignition. I heard there is an over ride for this, but cannot find it.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Frustrated in MI.

30th May 2008, 15:42


Take a look to some of the earlier threads for your first question. As for the other, you might try and push forward on the shifter and pull them out. Seems to work for me.


18th May 2009, 09:36

Hi- I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix. Overall, I love my car. There is only 78,800 miles on it and I still think she has life left in her.

The problem started about 3 months ago. I wouldn't be able to start the car easily, I would get the clicking, after a few tries of nothing, I would stop and then try again and the car started.

OK. I brought the car in to my mechanic, who said it was the starter. So he put in a rebuilt starter, only for the car to work OK for 2 weeks and then the same problem again. Brought the car in a second time for its second rebuilt starter. Car worked for another 3 weeks and then last week, I went to start the car and the most horrible noise started and ultimately sounded like metal scraping metal - thought the car was gonna blow up (I panicked). The same mechanic said the starter went out, but didn't come back in and the starter cooked itself. So, now I am on my 3rd starter in 2 months!

Yesterday, the clicking started again. I did read on here that I should get new keys made when I get a new starter... is that really all? I really don't know what else to do. I really want to go to a new mechanic, but I've been going to this guy for years, and he hasn't been charging me the subsequent times I've come back. I need my car to be reliable! It seems like it isn't safe to force the engine to start. Please advise...



5th Jul 2009, 20:58

I have a 94 3.1 V6 Grand Prix, love the car to death. My first and if I can help it my last car.

The only problems I've ever had are the water pump, the front right strut, the starter and the connection on the fuse box on the drivers side in the engine compartment. Easy fix's all of them, and the connection on the fuse box fixed the power surges, stalling, not starting and multiple other things electrical.

If you're having troubles with it not starting till the 4th or 5th turn, try looking at that, and if it's cracked at all, replace it; more than likely that's it.

24th Jul 2009, 17:16

I have a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix that has a newer motor in it, and when the motor was replaced they didn't replace the motor mounts. Well I have decided to sell it, and now there seems to be a problem; the motor is jumping up and making a loud knock noise. I have replaced the dogbones and the map sensor. I am at a loss; could it be the passenger side motor mount on the bottom?

23rd Sep 2009, 16:24

Hello. I am from Iraq and I have Pontiac Grand Prix SE 4 door 1994. When I turn on the engine or when I drive slow, I see water coming from the exhaust pipes, but when I drive fast the water is gone. The temperature is normal, the water is normal and the engine sound is normal. Please can you help me and tell me is this water is a normal thing, or is it bad for my engine?

Thank you very much.

23rd Sep 2009, 20:35

A little bit of water coming out of your exhaust pipes is not harmful to your engine. It's perfectly normal. When your car emits some water from its exhaust pipes, it either means that it is just burning out some condensation from the pipes, or that your engine is actually running very well and is at its peak efficiency. Either way, this is normal and DOES NOT hurt your engine.

14th Nov 2009, 19:36

I to own a 94 Grand Prix 3.4 liter V6. I experienced the clicking sound when I put my key in the ignition. I have recently had the solenoid replaced and reinstalled. The clicking noise is still there as well as the hesitation turnover. Any other advice on the problem would be useful. I love my car, but want it to run strong.

5th Dec 2009, 11:16

Hello I have a 94 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with the 3.4L, and ever since it got cold, I can't get the motor to idle right. I had a coolant leak coming from the intake, and I replaced the o ring and then the gasket broke, so I replaced that. Is there any thing else I can try to do before I have to take it to a shop? Please get back to me at hopeisfoundhere@hotmail.com

Oh yeah, when the car gets to operating temps, it idles somewhat normal. Surges just a little.

23rd Dec 2011, 10:02

I have a 94 Grand Prix SE with a 3.1, and had some starter problems. I found a loose connection on the ignition's fuse block. With a simple tighten, it stopped the clicking.

21st Jun 2012, 20:42

My 2003 Grand Prix did that too. I changed the ignition switch wire harness, and that solved the problem, along with multiple other electrical problems.