2005 Pontiac GTO 6.0L from North America


Don't waste your time, BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!!


Where to start?

The first thing to break was the cover for the light on the door, no big deal.

Then the storage compartment in the front center console fell off; also not a big deal, that stuff was easily fixed.

But then the bigger problems started.

6/08 the key would not turn in the ignition. I had to have the car towed to the dealer the day before I was to make a 800 mile round trip to see relatives. It took a week of me arguing with the particular Pontiac dealer (while on vacation) to have them get the ignition lock cylinder from Australia.

Then I arrived home only to find they needed to replace the whole steering column (also from Australia). It took them two weeks (one I was on vacation) to get me a rental car and another week and a half to get my car back.

When I got the car back, the dashboard was covered in grease, and there was grease on my passenger seat, very unprofessional.

Two months after driving the car and gaining my trust back in it, THE SAME PROBLEM HAPPENED AGAIN! I took it to a Chevy dealer this time, turned off by the Pontiac dealer's service or lack of, and the car was fixed in six days. I did have to fight for a rental again though, and took that up with Pontiac's customer service hot line. It took three days of having to hitch a ride to work though.

That happened in late 08/08, and I am writing this in 11/08. So since then my upper rear seat stitching is coming undone and exposing the seat foam.

The suspension feels a lot mushier than it used to; I think the rear bushings are going bad.

The engine now leaks a significant amount of oil, and worst of all the ignition is starting to tighten up again the way it did two months ago, and the two months before that. As soon as I can get a day off work that's not a Sunday, it's going to be back at the dealership.

I'm also thinking of talking to a lemon law lawyer, because there is no reason to have a car that you don't trust. For the first six months of driving I was excited to go out and drive it, now when I go out I wonder if my car will start!

I have been looking at trading it for a 2003-2004 SVT Cobra, which is (I assume) a better choice for the comparable horsepower, but we will see what the lawyer says first.

The car also wears the tires out very unevenly, so expect a set of 50000 mile tires to last no more than 15000 miles.

General Comments:

Performance wise the car handles good, but like I said, it used to be great.

Acceleration is good, but I have been in much faster cars, so don't expect just because you have 400hp you can go to the track and beat anything there; YOU WON'T.

1/4 mile times in mine when I first got it were 12.86 @ 109mph, and I have not brought it back since.

Very quick car for a daily driver though, even if it is falling apart so fast you're scared to hit the gas.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

11th Nov 2008, 19:53

"Don't waste your time, BUY SOMETHING ELSE!!!"

- Another reason why GM is going to go bankrupt any second now.

2005 Pontiac GTO 6.0 from North America


Awesome car, but buy an Automatic


Power steering fluid leak, trunk light switch.

General Comments:

Lots of power, smokes everything on the road. Handles excellent even in the snow!! So far it is an awesome vehicle.

I got a great deal, I got 7 grand off of sticker for it and it is an automatic.

Stay away from the manual trans cars, the automatic is so much better, easier to drive and is faster according to gm. I get hard rubber between all gears. It doesn't take much to spin the 17's.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2007

2nd Feb 2007, 21:42

I would encourage a potential buyer to get whichever transmission suits their needs and preferences better. Automatic vs manual is really a matter of personal preference and individual needs, except perhaps for those cars where one transmission vs the other is known to be particularly problematic or otherwise sucks.

I have an 06 with the stick, and I'm quite happy with it. I personally have more fun shifting through the gears and keeping my left foot busy. Some may not prefer this--but that's why it's always good when you have a transmission choice, and with this car you do :)

For those that want a shorter throw shifter, there are aftermarket shifters that will do the job--the GMM Ripshifter seems to be the most recommended.

9th Feb 2007, 08:26

I have an 04 M6, and absolutely love it. So far the transmission was replaced once, the shifter fell off and had to be replaced, plus the parking brake. The clutch was also replaced under warranty. But you know what? Now it's running just fine. There are a lot of people complaining on here about this and that, but every car has its quirks. Despite the probs I've had with it, I LOVE my GTO. An absolute pleasure to drive. I can't see myself having another car for a long time, I'll drive it into the ground. If you love your car, when it's broke, fix it. At least these cars have the bullet-proof LS1/2, there isn't a better engine out there.