2005 Pontiac GTO 6.0 liter from North America


The most bang for the buck in today's automotive market


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

This car is unbelievably quick (even with automatic transmission).

Beautiful interior with nice fit and finish on leather seats and interior panels. Clean and classy looking dash and controls.

Subdued exterior looks, but still has enough appearance muscle to look nice without being overstated.

Slightly harsh ride and might be too much for those looking for that large mushy car feel.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2006

2005 Pontiac GTO 6.0 liter from North America


Muscles, comfort, and price make the GTO the best buy out there

General Comments:

I started searching for a new car in early September. I had no preconception of what to buy so I approached the decision process methodically. After reviewing the massive amount of information available I found my search leading in the direction of a performance automobile. Criteria, review, and analyzing narrowed my search to 3 cars: Nissan 350Z, Mustang GT, and Pontiac GTO. I felt the body styles of the 305Z and Mustang were better than the GTO. After test driving each of them my decision was easy. The GTO had reached into my soul and pushed all the right buttons. It was the most comfortable, handled extremely well, and oh yeah, outperformed the other two. I am glad I approached this purchase as systematically as possibly, leaving the GTO out of the choices because of a misperception of beauty would have been a grave error on my part. I’ve had the GTO for over a month and the first thing through my mind each morning when I get up is, “I get to drive the GTO to work!!”

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

19th Oct 2005, 09:19

I have a 2004 GTO and I was thrilled with it for a while also... unfortunately since then everything started falling apart on this car. The manual transmission won't go into reverse without a fight and often pops out of 2nd gear... many things are warping, including the weather striping and the rubber around the ignition in the steering column. The stock cd player won't play burned CDs properly, if at all. The brakes and rotors have both warped and been replaced twice. One of the sensors went and told me my engine was overheating on many occasions. There is no key hole for a key to enter the car, but the remote unlock is very unreliable. The door locks open when the want to from the inside, sometimes I get locked in. And the list goes on... I hired a lemon law lawyer and am waiting for my car to be bought back. If you have had any of these problems please comment here and let me know! If not, these are things you might want to watch out for, but hopefully all of these problems were corrected in the 2005 model. I hope you have better luck than I have.