24th Dec 2006, 09:40

The GTO failed in America so "we" are no longer buying it.

But, that said, Holden is now essentially going to be Pontiac (and some other brands) in the US as that is where all GM's performance cars (excluding Corvette) are coming from.


24th Dec 2006, 20:07

Here's hoping they put someone else in charge of styling. That GTO was as dull looking as a 1990 Grand Am.

24th Dec 2006, 21:37

Actually I LIKE the new GTO styling. It has a sort of understated toughness about it that appeals to me. The GTO/Holden Monaro is an awesome car. Sadly it could not compete with the VASTLY less expensive Ford Mustang. That is too bad, as I think it is by far the better car. It's too bad GM could not price it competitively.

1st Jan 2007, 21:49

Test drove a couple GTOs recently. Fast car in a straight line - that's about it. Overall poor quality, lack of modern safety technology (side air bags, ESC) and strange oversights (tiny trunk, vague shifter, slow steering) made me keep looking. Too bad because it looked good on paper. Those who say it handles well have not driven a car in the past ten years or have just come out of a deep sleep from the early 1980's. I wish GM had continued development of the car to work out the bugs, but instead they just drop it and leave the problems to the unfortunate buyers.

7th Jan 2007, 17:21

I've owned 2, a 2004, and now an '06. And I love them both. Subtle styling is a good thing with a car that has 400hp. But it is still tasteful. I have the cyclone grey metallic, and have gotten lots of complements on this car. This car is a few steps above the mustang, especially as far as build quality and performance are concerned, so therefore, pricing cannot be competitive. This car is a GT, grand touring in the best European meaning of the term. It's not a pony car.

And for 33 thousand, there is nothing out there that can touch it.

29th May 2007, 22:28

Did you actually test drive it, or did you read an automotive magazine, because these cars handle pretty decently for their size, and most people who buy a 400hp rear wheel drive vehicle of this type are not going to be too concerned about it having esc or side air bags.