30th Oct 2007, 21:33

Update on my 2000 Ponticrap. It has started choking out, and the heat only works all the way to the right. Any movement of the heat control gives you cold air. The dealer called today, and I need: a master air flow sensor, O2 sensor, thermomter, and maybe a catalytic convertor. There was one more thing, but I was in such shock at the repairs needed I can't remember what it was. Class action suit anyone?

20th Nov 2007, 22:53

I have a 1999 Montana, 2 times have had to have the intake manifold gaskets done. Ordered brand new and drove 105,000 miles, always used Mobil one oil and filters, changed dex cool 2 times, flushed trans 2x. Now I'm at the airport yesterday and wife calls me. Sudden burst of steam at stop light, she immed pulls into a station. Have it towed home for $90 and will be home tomorrow to find out the issue. Brother looked and said coolant was pouring off the rear of engine, Dealer said sounds like head gasket. I was hoping, and still do hope, it was a hose. Dealer said head gasket can be sudden and behave like that with coolant spraying on manifold. I only wish the car would have caught fire, then we at least could have claimed it and bought something else. What to do now, spend $1,100 on a van that with leather, extended and pretty worn is worth double or if I'm lucky 2.5 times the repair? Don't think so.

I only hope the 3.5L in my rendezpoop doesn't do the same thing. You would hope after 8 years they would bullet proof the engine.

I am a loyal gm guy, but this sucks and leaves me broke at the worst time. Well maybe I'll find the hose blew at the rear or the cross over hose.

5th Dec 2007, 21:23

I have a 1997 Montana transport, and I thought it was a good vehicle, until the electrical system went haywire. The rear window works when it feels like it, the radio display doesn't read properly, the daytime running lights and instrument panel lights stay on when the car is turned off, and the engine also stays on when the car is supposed to be shut off. That's crazy; I pull the key out and the car is still running.

I've spent too much money on this van. Bought it for 7000 5 years ago, and over that time I've spent about 4000, most of that being in the past month. And GM, stupid, they shouldn't be allowed to service vehicles, let alone sell them.

11th Dec 2007, 10:53

I bought a 1999 Pontiac Transport Van 3 years ago. Was working great until about 3 months ago. It's not shifting properly, driver and passenger power windows don't work, radio display not displaying correctly. Then coolant light always on and leaking coolant somewhere. Yesterday driving down a busy street, oil light comes on, I stop at gas station add some oil, and barely made it to my husbands work, it is sounding like a diesel tractor. I'm sure after reading all these comments, it's probably a broke cam shaft. Just great... Merry Christmas to me!

27th Dec 2007, 00:08

Dec 26 2007

Another transport catastrophe. As I sit here and read these listings my van is sitting in the driveway with the intake off. I was looking here to find a way to fix a bypass line. good news for me (laugh) intake gaskets are shot!!! and I'm scared to death wondering if I should go ahead and replace the head gaskets while its apart?? I also have problems with the tail lights, you hit the brakes and the turn signals and the backup lights come on as well, I have a water leak that finds its way through the interior light, the brakes squeak, the headlights have fallen apart, the a/c works sometimes, and its overheating. I have already replaced the tie rod ends, fixed five coolant leaks, thermostat, fans, fan fuses, window switches, brakes and rotors twice, and god only knows what else. I have owned numerous cars and trucks of all kinds and one other minivan that probably has a million miles on it and still running (guess what?) it's a dodge. Gm will never get my business again, and count me in for the class action lawsuit!!!

Stranded Again


31st Dec 2007, 13:50

I have a 1999 Pont Montana (3.4L) and I have noticed a fluctuation in the speedometer and at the same time it feels as though I have a miss, or transmission problem. I scanned the car and found no codes. I also notice a rough shifting at low speeds (especially when just idling along it will shift roughly). I replaced the EPC about 3 K ago because it shifted hard, and that took care of it. Has anyone else had this prob? lgfarmer@earthlink.net.

14th Jan 2008, 13:43

We have had the same problems with our 2000 Montana. Manifold gasket, broken fuel gauge, drivers side window is going bad, low coolant light is always on, etc. Has anyone tried to file a suite against GM? A lot have alluded to it, but no one has said whether they have tried or not. Count us in if you do!!!

25th Jan 2008, 16:23

Same problem intake gasket 8 months ago put 2 new on. have 98 fuel pump, wiring harness a nightmare. Constant electrical issues. headlights condensation. and now intake gaskets again are bad new thermostate and told me OK and guess what cambroke. junk now never buy a gm!!!Thousands of dollars later should have known and read these sights first.

30th Jan 2008, 09:02

We too have the 1999 Montana, drives well (when it drives) but it is not worth the multiple troubles : electrical and coolant as discribed many times above. Stay away!!!

13th Feb 2008, 01:32

I own a 1999 Pontiac Transport Van and have had so many of the same problems listed by others, that it is amazing! The final result, of course, was the intake gasket being replaced in November for about $2400.00 and now 2.5 months later the cam shaft is broke. The O2 sensors and lifters were previously replaced. The electric sliding door has never worked properly and GM could not fix it despite several complaints over the past few years. I also will never consider buying from GM again, and will advise my friends of all my problems. Add me to the class action suit when and if it happens.


15th Feb 2008, 13:13

Wow I can not believe all the comments. I sure wished I saw this before I bought the car last year.

I bought a 1999 Montana used, and it had low mileage, and I got it because it had better mileage than my truck, and I have been laid off for a long time.

The dealer told me that he had undone the electric slide doors, as there was a recall on them, and it really did not bother me because I figured I could reconnect them later anyway. But when I got it home and looking at a manual, they were bad, not disconnected, so my bad (so I figured).

Then less than one month later, the wiper unit went out, so I got that fixed.

The week after that, the service engine light came on and it was a misfire. I had the plugs wires replaced (I could have done it, but it was to cold outside so I paid for it).

About a week later I noticed when I turn on the TCS button, the corresponding light no longer came on the dash, and the system does not really work, although the light on the button still works as well, as it does still senses low traction.

A couple of months ago, the computer on the ceiling (trip / nav) started to flake out and then stopped working altogether, after which the A/C stopped working, followed by the clock on the stereo. It started to go flaky, and then completely went out.

I really hate to know what is next; my wife and I named it the green lemon. One of these days I am expecting the engine to go like so many others, so much so that we will not take it on any real trips.