17th Mar 2011, 14:38

Purchased a 1999 Montana 3.4L in 2002 with 60k on it. Immediately, brake lights not working, then battery; starting problems, then smelling gas leak, then front brakes went south, then overheating, then coolant leaking, now intake gasket leaking coolant, but all of this in a span of 9 years, so not totally shell shocked.

Other than that, it has been a dependable ride.

Much thanks to the contributors for the info about the contaminated oil corrupting the flimsy cam shaft, countermeasures soon to come (oil change after gasket job). Repair bill for leaking gasket(s) hurts though. Next GM V6 ride might be the 4.3 liter, will have to look up the comments on that motor too.

Also, found out that overheating the 3.4 L aluminum block pretty much warps it. Might be the cause of the gaskets going south? Hard to seal a joint off unless it is smooth.


18th Apr 2011, 06:52

Hi. Could you possibly email me? I'm having big issues with the wiring just like you said, the blinkers, windows and radio. I saw you said something about ripping up carpet. I would really like to know what I am looking for in order to fix this.

Please email me at kat2661@msn.com

Thank you so much.

5th Sep 2011, 15:29

I am having the same problem. My car is stuck at Walmart. Any ideas on what to do?

28th Oct 2011, 23:04

Your problem with the window is a wire connection in the floor of the passenger side. I also had the problem with my van... the windows stopped working in the summer, and the gas was too much.. So I followed the wire from the panel door to the fuse, and in the floor I found a bad connection between the wire that brings the power from the fuse box to the window... Hope this may help...

6th Dec 2011, 15:08

OK, first off, I did not purchase this 1999 Montana originally; my mother did.

Secondly, this is the second vehicle that I have gotten from her that has had this many problems. (the first was a 1982 Toyota Corolla). So naturally at first I blamed her for poor maintenance. After reading all of these other comments, I am back to the van being at fault, or maybe the mechanics are taking us all for a ride. I never had a problem with this van until I went in to have a serpentine belt replaced, and then it started.

#1. Had to replace the radiator - 700$

#2. Next was the water pump - 450$

#3. Then the fuel pump and fuel filter - 550$ (gas gauge stopped working about six years ago, stuck on full).

#4. Check engine light came on and am still attempting to fix this issue (have to to get it smogged in California (scam), so far have spent - 600$)

#5. Radio backlight went out, replaced with better stereo - 120$

#6. Driver's side window actuator arm (no stock part, had to be fabricated) - 65$.

#7. Driver's side door won't lock, just unlocks - screw it.

#8. Mother replaced gaskets and brakes before I got the car.

This is all typical of another G.M. vehicle my mother had that went bad. The engine light got stuck on after about 5000 miles, and the dealer just unplugged the light and continued to smog it anyway (passed with flying colors), after she spent over 1100$ trying to fix everything the broken OBD2 said was wrong, and dealer checked and rechecked parts (all still good, including fuel injectors LMAO).

G.M. needs to get their act together and put some kind of decent computer in the car with a built in touch screen (would cost maybe 400$ in the current market), so there is no more guess work, and actual working sensors.

Other than what I have listed, I have spent so much money on this van that I could have bought three or four nicer used vans. *sigh*

At least I was able to get the engine light to stay off for long enough for it to pass smog with a better rating than any other vehicle I have ever owned!

Good luck everyone! God save the Queen!

20th Mar 2012, 13:16

I kinda have the same problem with my 99 Montana van... it was driving OK, and then all the sudden I went to crank my van, and it wouldn't start. I had just drove it the day before too. I tried to start it again, and it started, but then cut off. And it hasn't started since. When I turn it over to crank it, it tries, and makes the noise like it's starting, but doesn't start.

It's been just sitting in the driveway for the past week. Every few days, I go try and start it, and it acts like it's gonna start, but then doesn't. I hope it is something easy/cheap to fix, because I'm a single mother and cannot afford it. If anyone has any comments that could help me... I'd appreciate it...