4th May 2007, 09:42

At slightly over 100,000 miles I had to replace the intake manifold gasket. At 152,000 miles I had to replace the head gasket. Leading up to both of these occasions the engine would overheat and lose power. It would work, but it had to cool completely down before it would restart. Both times, including tune up work, and not using a dealer, I have paid about $2,000. Luckily I knew people who would do it outside of their work environment.

I am now having a problem with the battery losing all charge. I just replaced it two weeks ago. If I use my automatic sliding door, either manually or remotely, the next day my car will not start and has to be jumped again. This has happened twice since the new battery. If you look in the manual under jumping the battery, it mentions the possibility of the sliding door not completely latching and that this could drain the battery. I take the van in soon to get the handles replaced due to the GM recall on this item. I am hoping this is related, but I do not believe it to be.

Otherwise, I love the way it drives and all the room it affords me and my family. However, I feel I will need to trade it in very soon.

26th May 2007, 23:45

2001 Montana.. anyone have a problem with this vehicle stalling out and not starting for a half an hour or when it cools down?.I replaced the Plugs and wires... fuel pump seems to work fine (if I could find the tap I would check pressure however).I am leaning towards replacing the Igniter/module..as the symptoms are dictating this diagnosis. I scanned for codes to no avail.. none registered..No SES light.. any help would be greatly and I mean greatly appreciated..thanks.

30th May 2007, 08:03

YIkes I think we are in for it. We just purchased a used 99 montana with 144000 miles on it. While we were test driving the ABS light was on and the low coolant that did not deter my husband. They said the low coolant sensor was stuck and they reset the ABS light. Also we were test driving the vehicle and it was on E and the gas light was on when we purchased the vehicle is was on Full. We assumed they put gas in the vehicle. I turned my vehicle off yesterday and back on and lo and behold I'm on E. We have already bought this piece of crap..>WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT???DO lemon laws apply here???


11th Jun 2007, 01:21

Based on all the problems and comments of Montana owners for the model between 1999 to 2002, I feel that a class action suit should be justified.

Unfortunately, I also have a 1999 Extended Montana and just had the intake manifold and radiator replaced (oil/water mixing) for a little over $2K. Just got it out of the dealer shop a day ago, June 9, 2007. It was brand new when I bought it with extended warranty and the current mileage is 39,450. The problem was detected in August 2005 with a repair estimate of $2200. (I must be thankful it didn't go up) and the mileage was 33,984 then. I was not told of any urgency to have it repaired. Besides, it kinda too stressful for me, as I just had a major heart surgery two months earlier.

To make a long story short, my appeal to the GM was to no avail. Just like those who appealed before me. They were ignored. We can air to GM our dissatisfaction, but who are we to be listened to? We're just a small, but we can be a whale, if we all go to Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov) to submit an individual complaint, they may look into it and launch an investigation for the benefits of the consumers. Hopefully, it can lead to a recall. A complaint form is accessible and can be submitted on line. I know I will, so please join me.

28th Jul 2007, 16:17

RE:1998 Pontiac Transport (88,800 miles.) bought in 2005 from a dealer, who agreed to pay for $3300 repairs at the time. Radio light was not working. Dealer sent it out for 1 mo. to replace intake manifold gasket, brakes, tire, bumper, defective key, shocks, headlights, power window motors, etc. At 90,000 miles. we replaced P/S pump, but it still whines. At 91,000 miles it needed $1100 front brake job. A/C went out at @92,000 miles. Initial costs went from $171. to $959. A/C went out within minutes after repairs and next day repairs $1100 more. Finally they did my requested free AAA inspection and told me intake manifold gasket leaking, need new radiator hoses, coolant leak, P/S, brake, and transmission fluids dirty. Also mentioned rack and pinion problem (not under recall). Now service engine soon light is on. I keep checking gas cap. Radio light goes on and off. We can't see any coolant leak or hose problem. The van runs great, but I am afraid to go any further than I can walk home with kids. I keep double stroller in it at all times. We will not buy another Pontiac, but I need an 8 passenger van. Dealer told us it was one owner van, but Car-Fax said it was a prior rental before that. The intake manifold gasket problem is the lemon for this vehicle.

1st Aug 2007, 00:15

We purchase a 1999 Montana in 2001. We have paid double of what it was worth in repairs in the six years we have owned it. It has had to have all electrical parts in the rear end replaced twice. The first time was right after the warranty had gone out, second time was about a year later. The backup lights have not worked since and no one can figure out what the problem is. We have had to replace all of the fuel injectors 3 times in 4 years. The air bag light has been stuck on for years. When it is cleared, it just comes back on, although there is no problem with the air bags, according to our mechanic. The gas gauge quit working at around 70000 miles and bounces all around. We also, just go by mileage to tell us when to fill up. The ABS light is stuck on and they cannot find anything wrong there. The service light comes off and on, Although there is nothing wrong. We too, have had gasket problems, wheal bearing trouble, etc. We have kept it well maintained, but it has been a lot of extra expense. It's time to trade and we are not one bit sad to see it go. I will never buy another Pontiac again. This was the second one we have owned and both had severe electrical problems. I am surprised that we managed to get 140,000 miles out of it. Most of the trouble came in the lower to middle miles. We are buying a Jeep this time and hopefully, we will have better luck with it.

9th Aug 2007, 14:03

We purchased our 2001 Montana in 2001 used with 30,000 miles on it. We have not had nearly the same problems as most of the other people have (knock on wood!) But today, I was out with my kids, about 1 mile from home and all of a sudden I start to hear this REALLY loud noise coming from the passenger side of the van. I thought it might be a tire, so I immediately pulled over to take a look. All four tires are good to go. So I get back in and head back down the road, as soon as I got above 30MPH, the noise came back again. It was almost like something was rattling around where the tires are! Has anyone else had this problem? I never ride the brakes, haven't had much problem with transmission. Completely confused as to what this can be. I just had new brakes back in October along with 2 new tires and new tie rods. Could a broken wheel bearing make this noise? Other than this current issue, we have had problems with leaky windows... which then corrode the inside metal of the van causing some major dripping and interior rust stains. Have had windshield replaced and now need to do rear window. Rear wiper died. Front passenger door creaks loudly when opened, usually scaring the unwary passenger. Sometimes it is hard to change gears (from reverse to drive) We are hoping to buy a new van sometime in 2008. :) My husband's car must come first though because it has more issues than mine does.

Get me in on that class action suit too, I am sure I can find something else wrong with my van!