31st Mar 2007, 10:06

2003 Pontiac Montana - I thought I was alone with the mysterious electrical system until reading the posts at this site. Pontiac mechanics have been telling us that our brake light failures are bad bulbs (which they were not), bad brake light circuit boards (perhaps), or who-knows-what (which is more likely the case). This mini-van has been an on-going headache with brake lights working sometimes, not other times. The interesting thing I noticed is that the connectors to the brake light circuits and some bulb bases are actually burned. I worry!

31st Mar 2007, 17:44

Here is my tale of 2001 Montana woe -- but thankfully I had enough sense to get the extended warranty so most of this fell onto the dealers back.

TWO Transmissions failed, the first replacement 'exploded' within a month (the case was filled with nothing, but shrapnel -- and yes -- it was full of fluid, they didn't forget to refill the case after building it. The second time, the dealer got one pre-built and tested by GM, no problem since.

ABS issues/Right front hub replacement.

The same leaky seals everyone complains about here.

Total replacement of the cruise control/hazard light assembly.

AC compressor replacement.

O2 sensor/Camshaft Position sensors went bad.

Bizarre electrical gremlins -- lights on the dashboard/radio work "sometimes", same with power windows and locks, and sometime the horn honks for no reason -- usually scares the bejeesus out of me when it does. No one can find a solution, and Id say at the moment 30% of my dashboard/radio lights are out.

Rear wiper arm motor replaced, and front wipers have a habit of misaligning, such that they wipe clear off the edge of the window - I've broken two wipers because I left them running and managed to catch the blades with the drivers door. since the last alignment, they seem to be staying in the correct position.

There have been more things, but I can't think of them at the moment -- I will say that reading this list of trouble that others have had is almost exactly my experience with this beast.

Thankfully when the recall happens, (I'm sure it will) I <<DO>> have paperwork from GM mechanics detailing the problems so I am expecting to get paid.

Sadly my extended warranty just expired after I hit 75K miles -- I HOPE to have gotten though most of the big problems and am just left with the electrical gremlins.

31st Mar 2007, 20:23

Well, I thought I was in this alone. What a surprise!!!

I have a 2002 Montana, bought it brand new. At 7,000 miles they had to replaced the engine lifters. Not much later they had to replaced the passenger side sun visor, fell off.

I had a leak on the windshield supposedly from the On star module on the roof (front). Later I had my rear AC motor replaced.

I had a continuous problem with the left (driver) side electrical system (rear lights keep blowing).

Had the head gasket replaced.

Had problem with the electric sliding driver side door working whenever it wanted to, now it doesn't work at all.

Just had my radiator replaced because they said it had an internal leak, causing my transmission fluid mixing with my antifreeze. Just got that fix.

2 weeks ago yesterday I found out my front (passenger) lower motor mount is broken, oh by the way I only have 80,000 miles on this 2002 Montana. We never had an American GM car, always had Nissan, YOU GUESS RIGHT, Nissan here we come!!! Sorry we betrayed you guys. Oh count me in on the Class action suit if it happens, glad to talk about it. Never Again!!!

1st Apr 2007, 19:46

I just stumbled on this site to look for recalls on my 1999 Montanna. I was amazed at the same problems we are all having. Maybe a print out of all our complaints from this site and send it to the media such as 20/20 or 60min. with a letter and a list of all our names and contact info would do some good.

As a single mom I don't have the finances to handle all the repairs. As far as the gas tank, I was coming home in a winter storm an all of a sudden the pump just leaves me stranded on an icey Hwy. Thankfully some strong men appeared and pushed me off the road. I could have been killed... I wonder if they want to take on the responsibility of raising my children.

7th Apr 2007, 12:29

Well, I have 2005 Pontiac Montana. I agree with what you guys are saying. Anyways, I can't wait to trade the car in before any of this happens. First time I got it, I had notice an ignition switch problem when turn on it cranks really long before it start. The fuel tank goes from half-tank to empty, or full tank to half. Just before 50,000 miles I bet the dealer wanted me to take it to the dealer "Engine Maintenance" yea right would I take it so they can make it worst?, no thanks. Now my radio is half way dark and the radio don't work at all. Speaker is making a weird noise? Coolant went really low and almost overheated just a week after I replace it??? yeah I know. Any suit out there?? You can also sign me up.

12th Apr 2007, 15:37

My 1999 Montana overheats, but no heat comes out the vents. the intake gasket has been replaced. the water pump, thermostat, heat sensor, now I am going to take the rad. out and have it flushed. if I get it fixed it is time for a Honda.

16th Apr 2007, 10:18

Just learned today, the head gaskets on my 1998 Montana need to be replaced for a mere $2500. Same symptoms as everyone on the board; overheats, minor loss of coolant, etc.. Interestingly enough, the intake manifold gasket was replaced around 67k... under warranty. Water pump has been replaced, new rotors, nothing but problems with the power sliding door. Traction control hasn't worked properly since 85k. The list goes on... I am as much a patriot as anyone else, but to throw our money away on American cars? Enough is enough... Honda, here I come!!!

24th Apr 2007, 18:33

Currently, my beautiful 1998 Pontiac Transport Montana is sitting in a parking lot because I got into it and it clicks once and that is it. Just got this van back because for the FIRST time we went on a little vacation 5 hours away and broke down on the way home (2 hours away). It took a week to get it towed back here... broken cam.

Helpful Hint: If you buy this vehicle, AAA comes in really handy! $100/month and we get 1200 miles in towing! I have tried to read about what my problem could be, but my true problem is this vehicle. We just bought it used in January, but I think I just might try to trade it in.

I also have the same screwy electrical problems. Thank God it's not just me! Took it to the dealer for diagnostic testing and it came back with 7 codes, none of which were with the engine or transmission. Just electrical. ABS, TC, BRAKE, AIRBAG, CHECK ENGINE lights always on... problems with the sliding door, lights don't work on the radio, CD player skips songs when it feels like it.

I do love this van... it is very roomy and comfortable, but I am starting to believe that this will make us go broke.

It's funny, I went on a job interview today and got a job that is going to pay by far the best money I've seen ever and to beat it, it's got wonderfully flexible hours (I have 3 kids) but unfortunately for me, I need to use my van to do my jobs. Isn't it ironic?

Good luck to all you out there with this problem vehicle and God only knows that I haven't experienced the worst yet. Thanks to all of you for telling your horror stories, I am going to try to trade this monstrosity in before it gets worse. It just sucks putting money into something that you have to pray to God that it starts and keeps running the whole day through.