18th Jul 2009, 22:36

My 2004 Pontiac Montana van accelerates for no apparent reason and revs very high. Seems to do this when it's warmed up.

What can be causing this???

24th Jul 2009, 18:14

My neighbor has an 1999 Montana that he wants to sell me for $500.00. After reading all of these comments, I was just thinking of buying the car for $300.00, park it in my driveway. This way me and the grandkids at night can use the car as a drive-in movie theater. I sure the DVD player in the vehicle still works.

26th Jul 2009, 09:09

My husband bought me a 99 Montana as a family car. I just use it for small drives to take the kids to school or soccer and such. This is THE worst vehicle I have ever owned. Driver's side window gets stuck, sliding door... mind of its own. Paint is bubbling on the back end and peeling off. NOW it is turning over fast but won't start. If I had money for another vehicle I would donate this one to our local high school for parts in the automotive class. I would feel horrible trying to pawn it off on an unsuspecting buyer.

6th Aug 2009, 09:02

We have a 2001 model and I have nothing but problems with it. I bought it with 50k and within a month the A/C went out. The next thing was the traction control light flashing on the dashboard. Followed by my rear lights not working and all my dash lights flashing when I would turn my signal on to make a turn. Now the thing won't start.

Same problems I suppose as with many other Montana vans. It is sitting in my driveway blocking my garage, so I guess I will have to have it towed to the repair shop. I hope folks read these posts and don't purchase a Montana for a family van.

30th Aug 2009, 22:24

I too bought a used 1999 Montana Van used for 2400.00 cash, I guess after reading this I should be happy. Test drove this vehicle from a private owner, said it was his parents, engine looked clean and had no problems with the test drive, bought it two weeks later. That is when our story starts, with the money pit.

I had my van the first week, engine starts losing acceleration, and starts sounding like a diesel. My mechanic says, he talks to the dealers around and they tell him, the engine is toast at 92,000 miles.

The outside of the van is very clean, has the hood defect too of paint pealing, the back hatch handle inside is junk, my radio speaks Chinese quite often, and flashes when it wants, my DIC indicator does not read correct temps, but correct direction. My front headlights are terrible, and we are replacing them with OEM.

My mechanic figures that sludge has built up in the lifters, and one is going,.Estimate is now 600.00 to replace that. To have the engine work done and getting the motor to run decent took 16 days of it being away, and it still has a ticking sound.

Power steering is very loud, and now the van engine revs and stalls when it's in park, like it has a mind of its own and it's staying. When the engine is warm now, it doesn't want to start easily, hard start.

Now we are wondering if the water pump is going, because the steering has changed and the stalling is starting to happen more frequent. I am hoping one of the two fixes will help. I don't want this new used vehicle to be a lemon, but full steam ahead; I guess; LOL.

I cannot afford a payment, but we have replaced a defective stabilizer bar, control arms bad, bushing in the motor mounts, flushing the oil and filters numerous times, and now I read all this.

I do like my van a lot, but cannot believe all the lemons out there. God willing I can drive it for a year and send it packing. I don't know how I will ever resell this vehicle, I wouldn't know where to start if someone asked are there any problems. I ran into a man that was such a good liar, and we have a real bad lemon. To date we have put into this van about 4130.00 total, not such a bargain... say my prayers, and I want in the class action suite also...

4th Oct 2009, 12:41

I've had my 98 Transport / Montana for a couple of years,and the only problem I have had with is my windows get stuck when I roll them down. So now reading about the problems, I have my fingers crossed that nothing will happen... I really love my van.

20th Oct 2009, 14:27

I guess I should add my misery to everyone else's. We purchased our 2001 Montana sometime in early 2006. We bought the extended service contract on it and thankfully so. At the time of purchase, it had roughly 65000 miles on it. It now has 105,000 miles on it and here is the laundry list of issues we have had:

- Rear wiper motor went at 80,000 miles

- 95,000 miles replaces mass air flow sensor, oil sensor and fuel filter.

- Have had driver side wheel bearing replaced 4 times in the last 6 months.

- Just replaced the thermostat which fixed coolant temp indicator. SES light still on and is going back to mechanic tomorrow. Told it was a evap leak. (Can't wait to see the cost of this)

- Replaced passenger side headlamp. Filled with water and shorted out the bulb.

- Passenger side window barely moves.

- Radio and heating/Ccooling lights slowly burning out.

- Replaced tie rod at time of bearing replacement.

This vehicle has cost me more by far than any vehicle I have ever owned. What a ripoff.

I plan on trading this in very soon and getting non GM vehicle.

31st Oct 2009, 15:34

My wife and I purchased a used 2000 Pontiac Montana Van with the 3.4L engine. It had 75,000 miles at the time of purchase. Everyone's comments about their vehicle sounds similar to the problems we are having.

1.) External coolant leak from the manifold gasket. We were getting by with topping off the coolant bottle, but leak is getting worse. No coolant in the oil, and can smell it burning on the exterior of the engine.

2.) ABS light on. Getting play in one of the wheel bearings?

3.) Gasket around windshield has let go. Flaps in the breeze t highway speed.

4.) Wiper motor transmission failed. Cracked plate where the pin engages the two separate plates that drive the wiper arm assembly. GM dealer wanted $90.00 for the replacement part. Repaired with a solid metal dowel from the hardware store for $1.50 and some creative thinking.

5.) Passenger side power window works sometimes.

6.) Passenger side sliding door only locks sometimes.

7.) Backlighting for the radio burnt out and is now only partially lit.

8.) Traction control doesn't work anymore. Probably related to the ABS system problem.

9.) Rear interior strap on the tailgate is broken.

10.) Driver side headlamp is filling with water.

11.) Transmission will shift very hard at times.

12.) Slow speed wobble between 15 - 25 mph.

We normally have taken pride in keeping our vehicles well maintained and cared for. Of all our GM vehicles owned over the years, we have never had this much trouble. This Montana seems to be a money pit, and is always needing work to try and make it through to the next week or month. We now have 127,000 miles on it and have owned it for 2 years. Will be glad to see it go and sorry to hear that so many of you are having all these problems. GM really should rethink how they treat customers and do something to make it right, when so many are stuck with these flawed lemons.

Disgruntled in Minnesota.