9th Mar 2009, 20:03

I purchased my 1999 Extended Pontiac Montana new in February of 2000. Thank god I had an extended warranty. But, I have now put well over $6000 into this vehicle, and it only has 86,000 miles on it.

Constant problems with lights flashing and dashboard lights on.

Had to do the head gaskets like everybody else with only 62000 miles, and have had two fuel pumps.

Sliding door still does not work after at least 6 repairs under warranty.

Airbag light on constantly now after at least 5 repairs, some under warranty and several paid for.

Numerous repairs for tail lights going out, including a ticket for that, and had only repaired it about 2 weeks before.

Now it won't pass inspection due to the check engine light being on, but the mechanic said good luck knowing for sure what to replace because of the bad wiring on this vehicle.

It is now stuck in the driveway and not driveable, and I am stranded now. This van is a piece of junk.

I too have sliding door issues, the windows are hard to get back up once down, especially in the winter.

Stranded several times.

Back wiper repaired 3 times, and now not working again. It just gets worse and worse.

I too had the bubbling paint on the hood, which I had repainted and I paid $450 and GM paid some supposedly. Now I can't pass inspection because of the check engine light and the mechanic truly believes there is nothing wrong with it but bad/faulty wiring, but there is nothing he can do?

There is so much more like stabilizer bar broke twice, bad rear shocks, wiring issues CONSTANTLY and the list goes on and on, and I have receipts from every single issue. The folder is over 2 inches thick!!!

I would love to be included in the Class action suit!! Please, could somebody tell me what I have to do to get in on that suit? Thank you.

21st Mar 2009, 00:02

Man I am dumb, got all these things wrong too. One after the other. I am thinking oh it's OK, I will just fix this, and then that happens so I fixed it. I too was working on the drivers door window and found this site. I am not the only one.

30th Mar 2009, 21:26

Man, I was just trying to get help with replacing a stabilizer bar and found this website.

I have had a my 99 Montana for 2 years, and it has done alright. Except when we first got it, it had a battery cable connecting problem from some one hooking up a stereo system. Got that fixed.

Have always had problems with the gas gauge, automatic door locks, driver side turn signal, front speakers, auto side door, and I think that is it.

Every six months I've had to add a little antifreeze, but no leak under the van. Then six months ago it was leaking antifreeze from where the water pump is, so I figured that was problem, so took it in to get it fixed. I thought I got a deal for 200. I was at work so the wife went and pick it up. There was no leak, but when I looked under the hood, it looked like the same water pump was still in there. I was going to bring it back in there, but there has been no leak so I figured they put a rebuilt one in.

Now I smell antifreeze now and again, and the low coolant light has been coming on. It is starting to run a little hot if I leave it running in park or neutral for a while. Hopefully all that doesn't happen to me. It is not sounding good. Good thing we paid cash for it and don't have to make a monthly payment. Maybe it is just low on coolant. I'm scared to go look tonight. I will pray to god tonight for that is all it is, or keep it running until I can trade it in for something better.

29th Apr 2009, 12:03

I must be amongst every other 1999 Pontiac Montana owner. I just bought it last month, right off of a local car dealership, so of course no warranty. Well then when I am trying to figure out why my heater quit working, I stumble across everyone else's comments. Same problems so far:

1. The airbag light stays on all the time when driving, except for it might won't to be off for a ride to the grocery store or something.

2. Gas gauge is always full, and even though I wish that was the case it really isn't... I just fill it up every couple hundred miles or so because I don't want to run out and not know it.

3. A/C - I figured out when it got warm it didn't work, but then when I tried to use it and then last night tried to use the heat, now the heat doesn't work, which did previously before turning to A/C.

4. Driver side window goes real slow about a fourth down, and then drops a few inches, then goes real fast, but after reading these posts, at least it still works.

5. Passenger sliding door works when it wants to, and sometimes goes on a fritz and pops open and closed, even when I am no where around it. What the heck could all of this be?

Well we know we won't get anything from Pontiac; they are done...that's wonderful.

15th May 2009, 12:59

Uggg... we too have issues with our 2001 Pontiac Montana!! Heated seats... great when they work!!! One after the other they quit working.

One of our automatic doors will not work properly even after visiting the shop a few times on the issue!

Rear windows... not working... back window wiper... not working... front windshield wipers stuck in an upward position.

Can't lock the doors, oh wait you can, you just can' unlock them.

What else, the air leveler not working. Uggg Trying to fix the driverside window at the moment. Will go down but not up. Frustrated and will gladly add my name to the class action suit... Someone fill me in on how to do that please!!! One ticked off owner!

7th Jun 2009, 17:16

I am so happy to see I'm not the only one with all kinds of problems. I have a 1999 Pontiac Montana and have had several of the issues listed above. I have had to rebuild the transmission, the radiator and the sensors, the a/c compressor, my driver side slider door does not open unless the front driver door is open, service engine light is on (and mechanics all say "Good Luck" with figuring this one out), radio lights work when they want to and these are just a few problems I've had.

I would love to be included in a class action law suit for all the flaws.

18th Jun 2009, 11:31

I have a 2000 Montana it has a few flaws, bought it when it was two years old or 27,000 miles.

Within the first year and half of owning my head gasket went, (received $400.00 back from the class action lawsuit), now with 146,000 miles on it.

My power locks and window doesn't work on drivers side.

My rocker panels are rotting right out, both sides.

My ABS light and several other warning lights seem to have minds of their own, they come on and off.

My van accelerates for no apparent reason and revs very high, everytime I take it in the shop for this, they say there is nothing wrong, so whatever.

My gas gauge always says I have more gas than I really have.

I know my van is getting old, but it isn't even ten years old. Way to go GM for building a gem, or should I say lemon.