24th Apr 2005, 18:26

80 M/h!!! Poor little car! Give it a break.. unless you really want to break it! I have a Riviera "Super Charged" and I don't drive at that speed! And guess: nothing goes wrong with this car!

13th Nov 2005, 21:53

80mph..Isn't That Speeding? Mabey The Cars Trying To Tell You To Slow Down ;)

7th Aug 2006, 02:47

I am thinking about getting a Pontiac Sun Bird. I have read many of the comments about this car and overall I think that, like any car, if you take care of it, you will be fine. As for the car getting shaky at 80 mph, it was not meant for that. I am a 19 yr old woman and I know that. People should have regular maintenance checks by a trusted and well known mechanic. I wish you all the best of luck with your car.

29th Sep 2007, 19:55

Hi, I own a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2door 3.1L V6 5 speed, it has over 370,000 kms. on the same motor and transmission, the only problems I had are from normal wear, like the clutch at around 325,000 kms. and the battery around 200,000 kms. brakes every 4 years or so, but it never had me stranded anywhere. I maintain it very well as follows. oil change once a month, coolant change once a year, transmission fluid once every 3 years, steering, clutch, and brake fluids every 2 years, gas filter once a year, suspension every 4 years. Sure It looks like a lot of work and money, But it is less work than changing a motor or transmission, and less money than buying them as well. Thanks for reading.

29th May 2010, 00:43

I have a 1994 Sunbird with 183000 kms on the clock. The car is great. But I am looking for some troubleshooting. The car seems to have no power or feels like it is missing or slipping when I am driving between 30-40 Kmph, and again at 80-90 kmph. And only at these speeds does it do this.