19th Nov 2006, 19:59

I have a 94 Pontiac Sunbird and the biggest problem I have had with it has been the OVERHEATING, I don't understand why this happened, but my Heat Core, was destroyed... I had to buy a new heat core, and have a guy sit outside in the freezing cold for six hours to repair it. It hasn't overheated since, but every once in awhile, the temperature gauge will go up a little more than usual and I get all nervous.

My serpentine belt is loose, which I don't know if that happened because of the previous owner or what, but it squeaks every once in awhile and I'll probably need to replace that soon.

It's a good little car and it gets me around great, but that heat core problem really upset me because I almost blew my head gasket multiple times, which, thank God, I didn't.

1st Aug 2007, 22:50

I have a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE and apparently it's the best built one around. the only thing it ever needed was a new radiator and that was because a bird somehow flew into it (it didn't damage anything else).Also, It is not a low mileage vehicle (272,000 kms) so I must be one of the lucky few that got a good one.

19th Dec 2007, 18:14

My '92 Sunbird is only half lemon; I've had few engine problems (1 head gasket, 1 coil pack and 1 water pump), but the overheating is getting REALLY old. Same exact problem everyone else seems to have - it heats up fast when you're sitting still. The fan does not appear to be capable of cooling it.

And worst yet, everyone I know gives me this advice or that, replace this part or that one, and it NEVER WORKS. It goes back to overheating in a few days.

Quite frustrating to work on as well. I don't even want to look inside it anymore.

I miss my '85 Oldsmobile. A 300 dollar car, like a dummy I sold it after driving it for two years, and now, 7 years after that, its still on the road. I saw it driving around town a few days ago. :P.

25th Feb 2008, 21:09

I have a 93 Sunbird and I have noticed I have been using a lot more gas than normal lately... i have had a gas leak in the past and I got it fixed, maybe its back. now the check oil light is on and I just got my oil changed withing the past two months. also my blinkers are temperamental, some days they work and some days they don't. Finally my car is making a really weird squealing noise... brake pads...help!!!

22nd Dec 2008, 02:01

My 1994 Pontiac Sunbird 4cyl., 2L. had a very bad coolant leak inside and outside of the car. After patching and gluing the car for years I was finally forced to do something more permanent. I assumed that the heater core needed to be replaced. The replacement was fairly simple. I had to first remove the 3 cover panels under the passenger area of the dashboard and the center of the dash with a hex wrench. The cover under the steering wheel just snapped out. The Heater Core is located under and behind the radio a little. There were several screws that had to be removed first from the air distribution manifold and then the cover panel over the core. Look for a screw underneath the manifold and in a pocket near the center, be sure to take this screw out because it is sort of hidden. From here the Core comes out by loosening just two of the screws holding the side straps on. Reassembly is even easier. The plastic tubes that transition from the interior to the engine compartment are normally what has cracked and are leaking, but these tubes can be supper glued and duck tapped or if you by a new Heater Core, as I did you will see that the plastic tubes have been replace with all aluminum tubing in the same way that older cars are made.

17th Jan 2009, 18:13

C'mon guys these aren't bad cars for the price. Our old 94 has given decent service since we bought it in 1998. 1 starter, 1 radiator and 1 timing belt in 10 years - not bad.

Over-heating has never been a problem, but then we live in Canada.

200000 K and it's still running; can't really complain!

8th Jan 2010, 01:39

I have a '94 Sunbird LE with 115,000 on the odometer, but I think they rolled it back 'cause it feels like it's got 215,000. The struts/springs are shot so she rides very hard. The previous owner must have been large. The AC doesn't work, the unit doesn't kick on, either electrical or compressor is dead. The same overheating problem as everyone else. She has a new radiator and hoses but looses coolant pretty fast. None in the oil, but it drips a little from the block somewhere up front center when it's hot. If I keep on top of coolant level, she keeps good temp. The battery drains dead if I don't drive her for maybe 2-3 days. I think it's the voltage regulator. Alternators are a known problem with this car, so I'll change that. The front left wheel bearing is bad, needs repair. I'll do that next.

Last week someone tried to steal her and broke her ignition switch. Luckily the battery was dead so they couldn't start her. But they stole my Dual Radio/CD and nice Infinity Amp. That hurt. I am trying to figure out how to bypass the switch and just "hot wire" and install simple switches under the dash. I got diagrams online, but the colors specified on them don't quite match my wires in my ignition harness. I've got no red or pink wires... strange. I'll try to get a pro's opinion, but I want to do it cheap, free actually.

Finally, the gas mileage is about 21, which is a little low for the 2 liter engine. I'm going to replace the plugs and put in higher octane gas to see what that does. I've had her for 6 months and put 15,000 miles on her, and up till the ignition switch got destroyed last week, she's always been running, not counting dead batteries. So she's not the best used car I've ever owned. Not quite. I had a Subaru wagon that was just incredible. I dove her to a good death at 195,000. She only needed a tranny, alternator and radiator during our 92,000 mile affair. Brakes too, of course.

The thing is, I like the looks of the Sunbird, nice lines and silhouette, and a real pretty emerald blue green color. Silly, huh? If I had the funds I'd put in new struts or shocks or whatever it is she needs and keep her for commuting, but I might need to sell her to cover a new old car. I get attached to cars in a ridiculous way, even quirky, temperamental American cars like her.

19th Mar 2010, 12:45

I disagree with your bad opinion of up to 94 Sunbirds.

My 94 is one of the best cars I have owned. Of the older cars still on the road around here, it's Tempos. Older Cutless Ciras and Cavs and Sunbirds.

220,000ks and it doesn't use a drop of oil. 02 sensor, battery, starter, somebody else must have done the alternator, is all I have done in 3 years. The idle control solenoid needs changing now.

It and the 02 sensor are mother in-law changes on this car.

Have somebody with the touch and a rack do your starter for you.

Put a coolant sealer in right away. That would take care of a heater core leak just as soon as it started. Use the stuff that looks like iron fillings in a little clear tube.

Thermostat housing cap cured my running hot problem. Cooling system has to be under a total complete pressure.