16th Mar 2001, 10:59

Same problem with the dash on my 91 LE.

Everyone seems to have the same problem... I visited web-sites devoted to the car and noticed the warped dash in the pics too.

31st Mar 2001, 16:57

I have identified the same dash warp on my car also. A 1993 sunbird 2 dr 3.1 v6.I did recently being a non smoker notice that the lighter component is gone too now... but overall a very reliable car with hardly any expenses other than the normal upkeep...

17th Apr 2001, 12:44

I have a 92 Pontiac Sunbird SE with the same dash problem. I recently put a new engine in it, I have a TV where the factory radio used to be. I LOVE my BIRD and nobody is gonna take it away from me. And another thing, it gets BABIED, and I LOVE the power that's under tha hood.

2nd Jun 2001, 19:23

I have a 1992 Sunbird SE convertible. It has been a headache ever since I drove it off the the car lot, but it's a good looking car and fast. I have replaced just about every major component and it has mysterious electrical problems from time to time, so are any of you in the market to buy a 1992 Sunbird? I have one for sale!

3rd Jul 2001, 13:48

I got both a 1992 GT convertible, and a 1994 LE Sedan... same problem with the dash on both. They're great cars, Sedan is up to 200,000 miles... but on its 2nd engine. The Convert has 40,000 miles, but had to have new waterpump, top, and brakes. Someone keyed the top on it. But the SQUARE radio, I mean, c'mon people, SQUARE?! I put a CD player in the convert, but I can't in the sedan, no box for one. But I still have the OLD radio, and it gets confusing. the A/C is freezing cold, and the heater is blazing hot. Great car.

4th Mar 2003, 14:28

I have a 92' sun bird SE 2dr 3.1 5 speed. When I bought it almost a year ago it had over 300,000 k.m.s on it and the engine does not burn a drop of oil. (I do not NOT drive it easy) I do notice the dash thing, but in my car its not bad and I have changed the alternator and the starter. Besides that it looks and runs great.

P.S. it will give any Honda a run for its money.

6th Mar 2003, 10:44

I have a 93 Bird and just made a 1400 mile trip from Oklahoma to Florida. I noticed starting last year that every once in a while I would leak coolant. I figured it was the water pump about to go out. Turns out it's the heater core. I cannot find a place that can fix it for less than $300 or a person that knows enough to tell me how to do it.

I also have the dash problem!

12th May 2003, 14:46

I bought a 1993 Cavalier Z24 3.1L and it has 117K miles on it. The heater core is leaking coolant. Last week, someone happened to give me a free heater core part from Balk-amp, INC and he said it will replace the one that is already in my car. At that time, it was not leaking coolant, until earlier today. It's pretty strange to get the part for free one week before the problem started. The heater core costs $21.99. Part number is 4603311.

6th Jul 2003, 13:37

Well I bought my 94 Sunbird SE Coupe last summer, and up until now it's had no work needed. A couple weeks ago a water pump gasket blew, but that's what? $4? Not a big deal. The Alternator, however, was a bit of a deal. $250 came out of my pocket on that one. Other than that, no problems. Great power (In fact I beat a 92 BMW with an inline 6 the other day in the quarter mile), great looks (with the add on of American Eagle Racing rims and low profile tires) and the interior hasn't been a problem. This dash warp thing I've been hearing about has been easily avoided, but putting one of those cardboard things up in the windshield in the summer time. Keeps the dash nice and cool. I have a brand new Alpine CD/MP3 deck in it with top of the line Alpine 6x9's and plans to toss in a couple Type R 10"s. Should pump pretty good. Oh, almost forgot. Cold air intake, a new exhaust system and a paint job are in the future. No rust at all. Not even on the door where these beauties seem to have a weakness. And as for the Honda's? They can take a seat. My sister has a 92 Prelude and she can't keep up. Never will. Bottom Line: It's not for sale and I don't see that happening any time soon.

3rd Sep 2003, 14:36

Question to the guy with the cold air intake... how did you install it.. I have a 94 LE and not sure bout the stock intake (big plastic piece that looks like it supports battery and other stuff). reply or send me an email at confusion@wadsnet.com.

19th Nov 2003, 00:27

Got a 93 bird with 2.0L... other than the good gas mileage the engine sucks. Leaked coolent cracked the head, blocked heater core, blows ABS and Heater fuses like crazy, other heating and cooling problems, and of course a warped dash. Fun car. ;p.

5th Dec 2003, 01:49

I can't really complain about my 92 . It is a pretty reliable car and it is in very good condition. It is the second one I have owned. it has 50,000 miles on it. my 87 had 160,000 on it and I still see it around alive and kicking. But unlike the other one this one has a little less power and I smell a light scent of anti-freeze when I turn the heat on. I guess its the heater core. I don't lose a drop of coolant though. The head gasket was done about 9 months ago and knock on wood it has treated me well. Overall I think they are pretty good cars. I'm not very fond of the dash design and the way the radio is designed, but oh well.

15th Jun 2004, 10:39

Just bought a good looking 94 Sunbird LE with 71K miles. on a 3.1 6cyl. Enjoy the way is sets me back in the seat when the gas pedal is mashed. Concur with dash warping above radio. It has just had a heater core replacement - whoever did it plugged the drain for the A/C cooling core drip tray during the fix. After a day or two of A/C use I noticed a swamp, my "new" car had to have the floor mats removed. Found about a quart of anti freeze still under the driver side mat. Sound insulating drier-lint stuff drying out as I write. Anyone changed out a power window motor? All the rivets seem busted somehow. Whats up with that? (I'm guessing same mechanic as fixed the heater core). A/C will freeze you out, but it sounds like something is dragging in the A/C clutch when it is not on, but the engine is running. Looks like some work ahead, but expect to have a fun little car on my hands for a long while.

28th Sep 2004, 22:43

Have a 94 SE convertible, 3.1L V6 auto. I bought it because we needed another car and it came along cheap; now my neighbors are sure that I've gone over the edge with male menopause.

It's a pocket-rocket and I can finally say that driving is fun. Problems have been normal for a somewhat neglected car: New alternator, brakes, exhaust, heater core, cooling fan, rag top, some interior pieces and window motors. Now it looks and runs great (still don't have a ton of money in it), except for the notorious warped dashboard. Engine, tranny and suspension are very tight for 138k miles and I expect to drive it for a long time.

Question: Those of you who have successfully re-glued the dashboard... how did you do it? Please write to me at director-editor@charter.net.